‘Only Petty Corruption at Judiciary’

Associate Justice Wolokollie.jpg
Associate Justice Jamesetta Howard Wolokollie

— Justice Wolokollie says, blames media ‘for defaming Judiciary without evidence’

A confession made by Associate Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie on Monday, August 10, at the opening of the August 2020 Term of Criminal Courts, A, B, C, D, and E, that corruption exists in the Judiciary but at a minimal level, clearly points to the fact that public mistrust in the Judicial Branch of the government has a backing. Justice Wolokollie, who spoke on behalf of Chief Justice Francis Korkpor, told a gathering of lawyers and judges that though there are reports about corruption in the judiciary, “It is just petty corruption and not on a larger scale.”

Justice Wolokollie’s statement alludes to the prevalence of corruption in the Judiciary, something which has been widely perceived by the public. And contrary to the her understated view, several international and local institutions have documented more egregious levels of corruption at the Judiciary.

But Justice Wolokollie told the gathering that “We, who work with the Judiciary, are not perfect.  We know there are issues and we are aware that there are issues of corruption.”

Justice Wolokollie did not mention any action being taken against those judicial workers being implicated in acts of petty corruption. Instead, she shifted the blame on the media. “This goes to the media people who, for some reason, are going out there defaming the judiciary without any evidence,” Justice Wolokollie claimed. She added that “Any story, which you report without any evidence and anything goes wrong, we Liberians will form a part of it because Liberia is what we all have.”

President Geroge Weah has repeatedly said that his administration will continue to intensify the fight against corruption, which remains prevalent in the country and continues to negatively impact the growth and development of Liberia. One of the times the President made the statement was on January 27 this year, during his Annual Address to the Joint Session of the Legislature.  President Weah also vowed that his CDC-led government will succeed in the fight against corruption. “Many believe this to be an unchangeable way of life here in Liberia. I think otherwise. I believe that we will succeed in our fight against corruption and will bring to justice relevant individuals and corporations who have and continue to defraud Liberia.”

Additionally, President Weah promised that “We will continue to show a political will in the fight against waste and abuse of our national resources as we have shown in recent times when a managing director and other high profile officials were dismissed, arrested and sent to court to vindicate themselves from accusations of corruption. There will be no sacred cows as we take stronger measures to end this societal menace,” the president said.

Even though the President has made these public speeches, which have been applauded by his admirers, the opposition community has always criticized him actions and decisions that run contrary to the anti-corruption that he professes.


  1. You say WHAT?? “Only Petty Corruption at Judiciary”??? I wonder what planet has Justice Wolokollie been living on?? Jupiter?? According to a U.S State Department report, “the Liberian Judiciary is the weak link in the corruption food fight. Some Judges request bribes to try cases, release detainees from prison, or find defendants not guilty in criminal cases.” (Re “Liberia 2010 & 2014 Human Right Report)

    This same report states that, “On April 30, 2009 a unanimous jury found former transitional government chairman Born Rogue Gyude Bryant, Rep. Edwin Stole, Senator Roguish Devine, and two other officials innocent of economic sabotage and theft.” Wow, do you believe that??

    To paraphrase Groucho Marx “Who are you going to believe, the jury (who found Snowe, Devine and Bryant innocent) or your own two eyes???” BTW, Rep. Snowe started stealing when he was only 4years old!..And Senator Devine is a born rogue, according to his birth certificate! As for Chairman Bryant, let’s just say he’d be a double amputee, if he had lived in Saudi Arabia !! According to Islamic law, thieves usually get their hands cut off.

    But look, the only regret I have about Gyude Bryant theft case is, after the jury acquitted Bryant, Snowe and Devine of stealing, we didn’t get to look in back pockets of those sleazebags (judge and jury) sitting on the bench!!

  2. Wow! What a fancy way to admit that our judicial system is corrupt, but ” only petty “, and to try to blame the media for the rampant corruption in the judiciary is laughable. Corruption is corruption, Madam justice Wolokolie, no matter how you may try to dress it, and to try to blame the media for reporting on the corruption in the judiciary is like the carpenter who blames his tools for doing a shady job.
    Some of us have always argued that there are still some respectable, brilliant level heads in the judiciary, who would be incorruptible in the pursuit of justice, and would stand tall in the defense of justice, no matter the circumstance are baffled by that flimsy analogy of corruption.
    Was it the same ” petty corruption” that admitted the corrupt Nigerian, Nwabudiki to practice law in our country? No matter why this corrupt individual would dare done a lawyer’s robe and show up at the recent opening of the courts, after being expelled by the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA); he heads the Liberian Anti Corruption Commission (LACC). Our people say that the fish begins to rot from the head, and so is the case of Liberia, the executive is corrupt, and so are the other branches of the government, the legislature and the judiciary.
    As the chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Cummings said recently, “our country is sinking” and sinking fast, no matter why there are lots of Liberians here in the diaspora that have completely given up on Liberia, but some of us still believe that one day soon, Liberia’s beautiful sons and daughters will assume power, and will begin the real work of resurrecting our wretched country from the shackles of of corruption, and misgovernance.

    • Tolo, for you own, after Tipoteh, Dew Mayson, and those other rascals made you to walk from Capital By Pass to LPMC from Monday to Friday to print out their propaganda for their selfish interests; and then you allowed yourself to be used by little rats like George Klay Kieh, Alaric Tokpa, etc., it seems you are on your way of making this BUTT-BOY Alex Cummings and those two rogues Boakai and Urey use you in your old age.

      Now get educated that it was haters of this timely young generation governing dispensation as opposed to their bygone era of dinosaurs who MISLED THE SENATE IN NOT MAKING APPLICABLE THE LEGAL PRINCIPLES OF FAIRNESS AND JUSTIC ETC. ETC,viz date of birth, exact dates, added names etc, during the confirmation process of a fellow negro viz the fact that seasoned jurists are aware of errors in whatever documentations!

      Tolo, especially in immigration matters, such errors, or even deliberate acts therein, are by courts and judges, GENERALLY OR USUALLY OVERRIDDEN based on the legal principles and dictates of FAIRNESS, RELEVANCE, CONTRA LEGEM, FORCE MAJEURE, SUBSTANTIAL PERFORMANCE, ETC. ETC.!

      So, Mr. Corfah, the fundamental problems with most of you in this Nwabudikeś citizenship are your chronic xenophobic mentalities, and your mentally illiterate inability to DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN AUTOMATIC NATURALIZATION AND NATURALIZATION BY PETITION of the Aliens and Nationality Act of the Republic of Liberia!

      Nwabudikeś citizenship was inter alia acquired based on automatic naturalization as a result of his fatherś Liberian citizenship. It is not based on naturalization by petition. This is what “these very stupid people” around here and at the LNBA do not know in their insanity. But of course, they have now gotten the indicia (the signal and message) of the Supreme Court of Liberia!

  3. Tolo Bona Corfah, your comment is the result of your IDIOCY AND YOUR IGNORANCE. If you were not stupid and ignorant of the law, you would not make such silly statement on the bona fide Liberian citizenship of Cllr. Nwabudike!

    Idiots like you should stay away from matters ligated to jurisprudence. You are ignorant of the law; and this is why you are spewing such stupidity. As for your reference to that BUTT-BOY Alex Cummings, you should know that the fag is not fit for anything near national governance.

  4. For the time being, let’s forget the words “petty corruption”. Corruption is corruption whether it is gigantic or petty. For instance, the stealing of pennies at a candy store is equal to stealing nickels and dimes at a bank. What I think we should be focused on is the fact that a top member of the Judiciary admits that corruption exists at the Judiciary. It is unusual if not unheard of for an admission of corruption at any Ministry to be made so courageously. Someone has to have guts, machismo and adroitness to do as AJ Wolokolie has done. Corruption can only be wiped out if it is called out. Hopefully as we move on, AJ Wolokolie’s act of calling out corruption at the Judiciary will inspire others to do the same.


  5. Tolo Bona Corfah, my brother, you are not doing well to expose yourself to insults. On this site, there are highly churlish and uncouthed individual who see insults as a way of elevating their opinions.

    Someone will call your opinion idiocy and ignorance without reading through your reasonings–all in the spur of raining insults. If I were you, get some our Lofa name to shield your real self from those insults riders who are mostly George Weah sympathizers and followers.

  6. The first step to solve a problem is to identify the problem. To even acknowledge that the problem exists is the first real step towards finding a solution. As Confucius says, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names.”

  7. People with low level education will resort to insults in an educational discourse, because that is all in their warped vocabulary. For they lack the intellectual ability to put out a counter argument, so they resort to insults, and innuendo.
    It is this class that has taken over our Liberia, but we are not perturbed in our argument that our judiciary is corrupt.
    Justice should be blind, but in Liberia, justice’s blindness has been compromised by “petty corruption”, but insults and innuendo will not stop us from expressing our opinions in a civilized, and intellectual manner in this forum.

  8. You are right, but I advise you put on a thick skin to withstand their bullets of insults. On this site which is provided for comments, you have the likes of True Nationalist, Hney, Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah, Kou Gontee, Jackson Neal and scores of other ghost names—will do all to insult, disparage you and say the worst things to attack your personally rather than your ideas. Sad to say: the majority of them are George Weah supporters whose action simply reflect the nature of the system they lead back home.

    For someone who recently returned to Liberia after few years working at the Liberian legislature, you are going to be their easy target for insults and untamed vituperation. They have an insatiable love for Weah; even if he were to stand on Broad Street and kill Liberians in their numbers, those fanatics and myrmidon foot-soldiers will still support him at all cost.

    Some of them simply copy and paste vulgar words from Merriam Webster online edition to feign knowledge while attacking anyone who will criticizes the current system under the auspice of George Weah.

    They are afraid to put up their own names because their actions would not validate their standing in society. So, they use the fake names to spew insults…

  9. How did charles sirleaf and milton weeks go scott free in the 16 billion case? hmmmmmm. where is the 25 million hmmmmmm. why did nancy doe have to go higher than the Liberians judiciary system to get a judgment against the Liberian government hmmmmmmm SHOW ME ONE ROGUE THAT IS IN JAIL FOR STEALING MILLIONS. I BLAME THE JUDGES.

  10. Mr. Selma Mulbah,
    I am very disappointed in you. That’s because you have made false statements about me. Frankly, I don’t think it’s the right thing to do.

    First of all, I have made it a practice to abstain from insulting anyone who disagrees with me. Somehow, you’ve accused me of insulting people. Can you tell me where in my comments I have insulted anyone? You’ve also made the ridiculous charge that I use a fake name. My name is not fake, but rather genuine. I challenge you to do this……Make my day. Locate and pull up an area where I have insulted people with whom I have had a disagreement. The ball rolls in your court. I appeal to you to act swiftly. Show your readers where I have insulted the enemies I don’t have!

    Lastly, the Weah issue you’ve mentioned is incorrect. I am a Weah sympathizer. I try my level best to respond to scurrilous statements and accusations that are leveled against him. Example, there was a time when Weah’s critics said that he bought a private yatch. That specific accusation was false than and now! On the other hand, I have said repeatedly that he is as imperfect as anyone. In other words, I am not a blind defender of his. For example, consider the idea of creating jobs. Almost two years after he became elected, his critics lambasted him because he wasn’t creating 100,000 jobs per month. I am not suggesting that he shouldn’t have involved himself in creating jobs at all. My rebuttal to that argument was this…. people have a right to demand jobs. But because of a weak economy which he inherited from madam EJS, job creation wouldn’t be an overnight deal. I got blamed for having said that.

    Some critics of Weah harbor grouch of unimaginable proportions against some of us who try to set the record straight. Weah’s critics do not want some of us to agree with Weah from A to Z. That’s highly unfair. Selma, as you know darn well, president Trump is not too popular. But irrespective of how unpopular he is, Trump has got his share of supporters or sympathizers. Why is it different in Liberia?

    With all due respect Sir, you’ve told a falsehood about me. You owe me an apology, Selma.


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