‘Only Liberians Have Solutions to Their Country’s Problems’


“Liberians can look up to other countries and even consider quick fix solutions from others who are determined to help them, but any lasting solution rests on Liberians.”

That statement was made by Brazilian Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Andre Luiz Azevedo dos Santos, during a press conference at a local resort in Monrovia.

He said in contrast to Brazil, Liberia has a plantation style of agriculture which did not work for Brazil because the concentration was not on producing food to feed the people but to develop commodities that are eventually exported abroad.

“We therefore changed our focus since we realized that we had a huge population to feed and as a result Brazil concentrated on helping the poor to learn how to do business in their various localities,” he said.

Liberia can learn from Brazil, by examining its mistakes in developing its agriculture or any other venture, but he said that Liberians must understand that they need to examine that experience and take only what benefits Liberia.

Ambassador dos Santos said Liberians should be cautious of ‘ready-made solutions’ from abroad, under the direction of individuals chosen by their governments.

Meanwhile, Ambassador dos Santos said he is inviting a Brazilian artist to visit Liberia to share his experiences with his Liberian counterparts.

“It is intended to help Liberian artists to focus on their artistic development,” he said, “because more often, the Liberian artist is tempted to direct his energy to become a businessman, instead of concentrating on his talents.”

Ambassador dos Santos said for the last two and a half years he has been in Liberia, he has discovered that promising Liberian artists suffer stagnation in their growth because once their drawings are bought by some expatriates they concentrate on drawing to sell, as businessmen.

He noted that such artists become businessmen in their focus and they weaken the part of them that wants to develop and find a pathway to grow.

The Brazilian artist’s visit, he said, will help to refocus Liberian artists to the most essential elements in their development in order to continue to grow as artists in pursuit of their dreams.


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