‘Only in Unity of Purpose Can Liberians Make A Better Country’

"Remember the lessons of your recent history and maintain a culture of peace and democracy," Sierra Leone President Maada Bio (pictured) told the graduates.

…Sierra Leone Pres. Maada Bio challenges UL’s 100th graduating class

Sierra Leone President, Julius Maada Bio, said there can never be a perfect union or a union of perfect minds unless Liberians learn to always remember that the lies of the wicked and self-seeking that blind are never the ties that bind the citizens together as a nation.

He added, “Only in unity of common cause; purpose; goals can Liberians make the country a better place and Africa a better continent.”

“I have said all of this to put the history of this country into context, and to encourage you graduates, to know and believe that you have a duty of care to tend the future of this your great nation. So always remember that throughout history, good Liberians and good people have made sacrifices for ideals greater than themselves. Sometimes, involuntarily so, but most often believing that their sacrifice was right and fitting for the country they love so dearly,” Maada Bio said thus challenging members of the graduating class to be the latter, that is believing that their sacrifice was right and fitting for the country.

Maada Bio’s statement was contained in a commencement convocation he delivered at the graduation ceremony of the Centennial 100th Convocation of the University of Liberia in Monrovia on Wednesday, December 10, 2019 on the theme of the Centennial Commencement Celebration, “Memory, Preservation, and the Way Forward.”

He recalled how on August 24, 1990, still a young military officer, he disembarked (under fire) from landing vessels at the Freeport of Monrovia as part of the very first wave of ECOMOG Peacekeeping troops.

“Remember the lessons of your recent history and maintain a culture of peace and democracy,” Maada Bio told the graduates.

“Your nation is at an inflection point, and you must now respond to the challenges of nation-building. Your generation must develop strong democratic and governance institutions; provide access to quality healthcare, and food security; make new roads, build hospitals, supply potable water to all Liberians; reduce maternal and child mortality, and stop all forms of sexual and gender-based violence,” he said.

Your generation, Maada Bio told the graduates, “must make education fit for purpose in the twenty-first century, “because Africans slept soundly while the first, second, and third industrial revolutions happened in Europe, and Africa was at the receiving end.”

Therefore, he added, “Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us so your generation must embrace science, technology, and innovation to leapfrog Liberia along the rungs of development.”

“We do not want to become the Athens of West Africa again that is in ruins, while Athens in modern day Greece is aspiring to become Silicon Valley. We want to be a site teeming with talent, educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. So your generation must develop a knowledge-based economy in Liberia, because that is what matters for Liberia to participate fully in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Maada Bio said.

He added, “We can use technology to provide solutions for governance and governance processes, revenue collection, healthcare, quality education, service delivery, small-scale manufacturing, scientific research that benefits ordinary Liberians, and much more. Your generation must embrace entrepreneurship and expand the private sector and create jobs. You need not sit down and wait for a government job and an air-conditioned office.”

“Always remember that you have been educated, not just to run the Liberia that you have, but to remind yourself every day that you have educated yourselves to make Liberia what it should be,” he said.

He then challenged the graduates individually and collectively to seek peace to develop the country, as well as to know and believe that they have a duty of care to tend the future of Liberia.

Bio, having outlined some of Liberia’s historical perspectives, said all of this was to put the history of the country into context, and to encourage the graduates to know and believe that they have a duty of care to tend the future of Liberia.

“So, always remember that throughout history, good Liberians and good people have made sacrifices for ideals above self interest. Sometimes, involuntarily so, but most often believing that their sacrifice was right and fitting for the country they love so dearly. I want to challenge you graduates, to be the latter,” he said.

According to Maada Bio, there can never be a perfect union or a union of perfect minds, therefore Liberians must always remember that the lies of the wicked, and self-seeking that blind are never the ties that bind them together as a nation.

“Only in unity of common cause, because in unity of common purpose; in unity of common goals, can Liberians make the country a better place and Africa a better continent,” he said.

Your nation, he informed the graduates, “is at an inflection point and you must now respond to the challenges of nation-building. Your generation must develop strong democratic and governance institutions; your generation must provide access to quality healthcare and food security; your generation must make new roads, build hospitals, supply potable water to all Liberians.”

Additionally, he challenged the graduates to use their generation to reduce maternal and child mortality, and stop all forms of sexual and gender-based violence.

He added, “Your generation must make education fit for purpose in the 21st century, as one of my friends, an elderly statesman remarked, Africans slept soundly while the first, second, and third industrial revolutions happened in Europe and Africa was at the receiving end.”

University of Liberia

Authorities of the University of Liberia (UL) on Wednesday, December 12, 2019 graduated 3,673, students representing undergraduates and professional studies, including those from the A.M. Dogliotti Medical College.

Yesterday’s graduation ceremony marks the Centenary Commencement Convocation of the University; a record of candidates totaling 3,673 that formed the University’s 39 degree-granting programs, seven undergraduate colleges, eight graduate programs, and three professional schools at the institution marks its Centennial Commencement Convocation on Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

This year’s graduating class surpasses the previous record of 3,349 set in 2016-17 during the 98th Commencement Convocation.

The official ceremony started at 11 a.m. at the Samuel Kanyon Doe (SKD) Sports Stadium in Paynesville, outside.

According to the Chair of the UL’s Centennial Commencement Committee, Dr. Williams Ezra Allen, vice president for Academic Affairs, the Centennial Commencement Convocation is historic, not just for the UL, but also for the Republic of Liberia.

“The first graduation took place in 1866, when the then Liberia College, now the University of Liberia, conferred the Bachelor of Arts degree on a lone candidate, Mr. James Henry Evans,” said Dr. Allen in a speech delivered during the launch of the Centennial Commencement Committee.

“At the next commencement, in 1867, the institution put out two graduates, namely, Anthony T. Ferguson and James Elijah Moore. Afterwards, there were short and long periods when the fledgling Liberia College did not hold graduations, for example, 1868-69, 1874-1902, 1906, 1908, 1909, 1911, and beyond. Thus by 1951 the year that Liberia College was renamed University of Liberia, the institution had missed an estimated total of 46 commencements.”

According to the statistics from the Office of Enrollment Services (OES) at the University, 1,362 candidates were cleared for graduation from the Business College, while 224 students are from the Science College.

Further, 669 candidates from Liberia College; 176 candidates from Engineering College; 218 candidates from Graduate and Professional Studies; and 337 candidates from Teachers College graduated.

Additionally, 532 candidates are from Agriculture College, 65 candidates from Straz-Sinje and 44 candidates from the College of Life and Health Sciences, thus making up a total of 3,627 candidates.

During yesterday’s commencement, five candidates graduated with Summa Cum-Laude; 18 with Magna Cum-laude and 36 with Cum-Laude, while Student Solomon T. Marlee, who majored in Geography, Liberia College, and comes from Nimba County, is the Centenary’s valedictorian with a total cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.830, while graduate student, M. Bedor-Wla Freeman, (Kofi Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation) from Maryland County, has the highest GPA of 3.857 from the graduate and professional schools.

Lofa County has 878 candidates, which is the highest number among all the counties.

Bong County comes second with 463 candidates, and Nimba County is closely behind in third with 448 candidates. The remaining counties were 249, Grand Bassa; 243 Grand Cape Mount; 235 Montserrado; 190 from Maryland; 182 Grand Kru; 162 Sinoe; 139 Bomi; 87 Grand Gedeh; 85 River Gee and 64 River Cess.

The commencement comes barely two weeks after the inauguration of Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., as the 15th President of the University of Liberia.

Also attended the historic commencement, was President George Weah and Visitor of the University, who was the commencement speaker at the 99th Commencement Convocation from where he received an Honorary Doctorate.


  1. Your Excellency Maada Bio,
    Thank you for lecturing the Liberian government and people of their basic civic duties and responsibilities. When we look at the history of the continent, it should have been Liberian intellectuals lecturing and grooming other young nations like Sierra Leone, but it’s now the contrary. We like fair play though, as we are currently a footballing country. Thank you, Your Excellency.
    My only hope is that those strong and powerful words you echoed in that stadium fall on fertile ground, as Jesus taught using the parable of the sower. I am not a pessimist, but I think all those beautiful pieces of advice and exaltations fell on hard grounds and thorny bushes until I can be proven wrong.

    Reading about the commencement history of the University of Liberia, it was interesting to read that 46 commencement ceremonies were never held, surmising it was due to students not obtaining the required grades for graduation. And that there was a lone graduate in 1886 and 2 graduates in 1887.
    I salute the professors of that epoque. They knew the dangers of sending unqualified people on the job market.

    Nowadays, you don’t need to be a Socrates to rule Liberia, you can hold any Doctorate degree to become president of the UL, even in Physical Education or Theology or Islamic Studies.
    You can run technical institutions even if you don’t have any management background; and yet we profess excellence and want to command people who dearly and sincerely sacrificed to earn their degrees.
    It doesn’t work like that my people, let’s learn to uphold excellence and reward merits! I hope those graduates can interact with their counterparts on the international job markets. From what I sometimes read on this blog of people who called themselves UL graduates, it’s deplorable.
    Let’s learn to be competitive, I hope President Bio did not take up his precious time to come and preach in the desert. He even sacrificed his life as a young man to secure our present hard-earned and fragile peace.
    We (Liberians) may miss out on the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” if we do not revamp our educational system from kindergarten to university levels.
    A student considered fit to graduate for passing in 1 subject out of 9 is the greatest scandal in the history of education, stop fooling our children!

    Cummings and apologists are impatiently waiting to start the ball rolling. We need your votes in 2023.
    By the way, don’t forget to come out massively on December 30th to express all your grievances and demand the change they promised you.

    God bless you all!

  2. What His Excellency President J.Maada Bio is saying is that “the lies of the wicked, and self-seeking ( eg.Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Benoni Urey, and their tools and fools Henry Costa, etc) that blind are never the ties that bind them together as a nation”.

    So, inter alia, join FPA, ANC, THE POLITICAL WOMEN (COPWIL), Independent CoP, and the majority of Liberians at home and abroad who are condemning any “step down protest” of the President.

    For history has proven that such actions have only proven to end of in futility, destability, destruction of lives and property to the benefit of only the wicked and the self-seeking as has been proven By the wealth of Benoni Urey and Joseph Boakai as reported By Forbes Magazine.

  3. These blood thirsty Rebels that rape Women and Children, killed 250,000 people in Liberia and damage peaceful citizens of Liberia properties are again calling on people to come out on December 30 to demand the President of Liberia to step down instead of going through the democratic process is not surprising to some of us because destruction and undermining are definitely a major part of their nature once things don’t go their way as though they are the only qualify negro.

    Don’t fool yourself and believe that the supporters of President Weah will sit and allow this to happen. There is no peaceful protest to demand the removal of a President before his turn ends by taking to the streets and staying in the streets until the President steps down. Good Luck, Keep Dreaming.

    Mr. Alexander Cummings, please be careful, there are lots of Rebels from the past civil conflict in Liberia with their own agenda that want to hide behind your name to bring destruction to Liberia, they will undermine you, and even make attempt on your life to get to Presidency which is their goal.

    Excuse all typos.

  4. To our Liberian editors, you need to begin editing history books on the genesis and unraveling of the Liberian conflict for some of our children to read and understand what aspired in Liberia from 1979 to the 2005 elections.
    Some of our children are saying rubbish and digging into the scars of some deep wound pains of recent past.

    Let them know that once in the lifetime of this beautiful nation, a handful of disgruntled young military men seized power in a brutal coup d’état killing many highly educated Liberians, leaving behind their companions and offspring in desolation. Seeing that they could not run the affairs of the state in the face of many criticisms and abandonment, they resulted to tyranny and began tainting every Liberia institution, especially the army and police force, with tribal and clan coloration. Due to their ineptitude and low intellectual quotient, and with the hope to consolidate their grip on power, they endeavored to exterminate all critiques, muscling the intelligentsia thereby resulting into progressive brain drain.
    The peak of their folly was reached when they imbecilically resorted to eliminating a group of people and tribes. I was a victim, my entire family was a victim, my uncle, once a junior senator of Nimba, was a victim.

    Dear editors, tell our children that the most innocuous and benign of us who could not control our emotion became ferocious and resorted to vengeance.
    Tell our children that the fratricide and carnage lasted many years and nearly everyone saw that it was time to call an end to it.

    Dear editors, tell our children that history has begun repeating itself under this leadership; 80% of all appointed positions are from 2 ethnic groups, this not pluralism.
    Appointments to key institutions is now based on how submissive the appointee is to the president, not based on his qualification.
    The police and army have started being commanded by the same 2 ethnic groups who have started silencing press agencies, threatening journalists and innocent citizens from exercising their constitutional rights.

    Dear editors, tell our children to restrain from making idiotic remarks with the name of some respectable Liberians like Alexander B. Cummings. These are true patriots, not stupid passionate and lipped-service messiah.

    Dear editors, beg our children to join us to celebrate a big funeral service for Mr. and Mrs. Tribalism and Nepotism.
    Tell our children it is high time we put the past behind us. Men have proven themselves enough, let’s bygone be bygone.

    However, we invite all peace-loving Liberians to come out on December 30 to demand what was promised.
    Provide good schools, good roads, better healthcare facilities, our people need jobs, curb corruption, pay salaries regularly, stop money laundering, etc.

    You promised to fix things. You said and I quote, “you don’t need to be a Socrates to rule Liberia”. So true, fix it, as you promised in your inaugural speech.

    May all nerves calm down, peace unto all this day.

  5. Petarus,
    You are one of the blood thirsty Rebels I refer to in my post with your own personal agenda, hiding behind Alexander Cummings name to make sure there be no peace in Liberia. Mr. Cummings is not stupid you know,He distance himself from the December 30 protest who’s organizers are on record as saying it’s intent is to stay in the streets of Monrovia till President Weah steps down. Mr. Cummings made it clear that he will not become President in that manner but rather through the democratic process.

    My question to you is how come you been a supporter of Mr. Cummings for the Presidency of Liberia and your leader says his stands on an issue and you are saying the opposite ? Cummings is only good enough when his stands fits your personal agenda which includes yet again the lost of lives, bloodshed, properties damage, rape of women and children ?

    Mr. Cummings understands very well that His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah is also the Commander In Chief Of The Armed Forces Of Liberia and controls all government security agencies so it is not worth it to ask people to get in the street to risk their lives to unseat a democratically elected President before his turn ends but yes, you know better than your leader Cummings so you differ with him. Maybe you should be the leader.

    Yes, let the editors begin to edit history books, That’s why when I come on here to comment, my identity is known, I don’t hide behind another man’s name to promote selfish and destructive agenda. I’m a Man, Kru by tribe, like the Liberia people say, Your head cannot fit in my mouth, Meaning I’m not afraid of you and will never be. When your editors continue their search, They will also find out that My Dad was also Kru, Who was a Member Of The House Of Representatives during The Presidency of The Rev.Dr. William R. Tolbert Jr. The Hon. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson Sr. is his name, Representing a District in Montserrado County.

    Petarus, let me refresh your memory since you believed that a Clergy work is limited to the pulpit and seminary, and should not head a public university, like the University Of Liberia, Well sorry to let you know that The Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert Jr. was also a Baptist Minister and served well as President Of The Republic Of Liberia.

    You will also find in your search that my Dad served J.F.K. hospital after the 1980 coup for 19 years as Housing Director and Most of the 19 years as Administrator for the Hospital, going to capital hill as a former law maker, seeking funding for the hospital to improve the welfare of Doctors and employees. Our track record for work is visible in Liberia than the tribal crap you are spewing, what is your qualification and work history ? We Want To KNOW….

    Go ahead when Mr. Cummings become President, take God out of everything that concern Liberia and fired all the Men and Women of God serving in Civil positions of trust, I can 100% assure you that you will quickly realize that their dependency was never on government or men like you with hidden agenda and hiding behind Alexander Cummings name.

    Excuse all typos.

  6. Mr. Doe,

    You are crossing the red lines.
    Don’t be carried away by passion, lead an intellectual debate. I can imagine how you were going to slap me if I were closer to you. I read vexation and anger in your writing. Calm down brother, let’s talk on our common denominator, Liberia.

    First, I am not a rebel, I was never a rebel, and I will never be a rebel. General Power, your armed death squadron commander, is a notorious rebel element. Yet I did not taint all the Kru people as rebels. I guess you know many of them, needless to continue. They contributed to the 250 000 deaths, don’t exclude them.

    You are in the most powerful country with one of the best educational system in the world, don’t misuse it!
    From the first day I came on this blog (sometimes last month), I have never supported insurrection. I have always ended with the phrase “there will be a peaceful transition in Liberia”. Use your brain and let go of your Kru blood. My Mano blood is cool but resilient to attacks.

    Once again, I invite you to read my letter to Weah in 2005 on the Liberian Forum. We have wanted someone qualified and neutral to lead Liberia out the nightmare it was plunged in. we did not get the support from Weah and so have been looking until we discovered Cummings. He fits in our description for the person to unite Liberia and to start a sustainable development process.
    Yes, Cummings will NEVER ever support any insurrection, that’s why he’s our man. He has continuously distanced himself from all insurrectional movements. His decision to stand as president for Liberia is purely altruistic. We have also thrown our weight behind him out of altruism, with no pecuniary interests but common and shared interests of all Liberians.

    This doesn’t mean Cummings will NOT partake in a peaceful demonstration. The Liberian people need a president that can deliver on his campaign promises. We are tired of listening to rhetoric and then we find out that you do not even know how to run your own home. This is no time for guess games in Liberia. Can’t you see that we who should be spearheading African development processes are greatly lagging in almost everything? Your Weah said he could fix things, put fire behind him to start fixing things instead of looking for scapegoats.
    Would you be happy if you were to work for 5 months and you are not paid? How do you foot your bills?
    Or are you just being tribalistic to vent your anger on peace loving people? Drink something cold to dilute your blood, it’s too hot and may explode on foolishness brother.

    I have seen clergymen hold positions in every professional field, in fact I have worked with some of them. Such clergymen hold degree in such domains. Some well-educated hold 2 or 3 degrees.
    But a guy who spent all his life learning to serve God with degree only in Theology and associated courses finds himself running the RIA or the UL, for example, what innovation and yardstick of merit system would he put in place? Such people are usually soft-hearted and may compromise basic ethics, what society do you want to develop? Did you read that 46 commencement ceremonies were not held in the history of the UL, ceremony with 1 and 2 graduates?
    Can’t you see our BsC holders do not even speak nor write English like Grade 10 students in our days?
    Where in this world have you seen that out of 9 subjects, if you have a pass mark in only one you can graduate from high school?
    Come on brother Doe, Liberia is at the bottom of the ladder in every aspect. Stop being tribalistic and face the reality. Tell Weah to do the right thing, do not support him in abasing Liberia more.

    Your dad
    Hearing you talk about the track record of your dad is interesting. Your dad is not you, set your own track record, don’t boost of his. I will never boost of mine. I would like you to see what I will do for my village, my region and my country at large. Go to Grand Kru or Sinoe, the people out there are suffering. Help them up. Your dad played his part, the ball is now in your court. Leave New Kru Town for us to develop that nice coastal belt with skyscrapers. Tell Weah to develop those counties, it could be a positive discrimination.

    Go back and read your history book. The Ivory economy is a photocopy of the Tolbert’s blueprint for Liberia. Though a pastor, Tolbert was trained as a civil servant, served in the house for many years and was vice president before ascending to the presidency. You see his educational background and experience? And he graduated from UL as a summa cum laude.

    Put some order in your trend of thought. Liberia needs you to occupy key positions and represent it with respect.
    We (Cummings and apologists) will not witch hunt. We will develop Grand Kru and Sinoe for you guys. We will provide decent jobs to care for your family. Our country is rich for all.


  7. Petarus,
    I have said my piece and stand by it. There are no red lines before me and if you did put one there, I have already cross it without fear. I have come to the conclusion that this your full time job to go from article to article in the news papers attacking other people credentials and work but have failed on few occasions when I ask you to tell us your credentials and work history since you are the expert on who should occupy what position in Liberia.

    Again, the organizers of the December 30th protest are on record as saying it’s intent is to stay in the streets of Monrovia and call on President Weah to step down and will not leave till he does that, Again, Good luck, Keep Dreaming. If you don’t support insurrection but call on citizens of Liberia to join in with a group that calling for one, what does that make you ? Please describe your role to others because I have already taken care of that in my post above.

    I couldn’t help it but to laugh when you wrote that I’m been tribalistic when everything you say about those appointed in this government is on tribal lines and don’t expect a response. Is this a joke or what ? You should really be one of the last persons to name someone as a squadron commander knowing the destruction your kinsmen brought to bear on the Liberian people and the potential destruction you now support and calling on others to join.

    I know my father is not me and I only give you a brief history so you can have an idea of my upbringing and to also know that I’m not a coward to hide behind Mr. Alexander Cummings name to foster a hidden agenda where citizens of Liberia could get hurt or even lose their lives. There is no peaceful protest in staying in the streets and demanding the President to step down instead of going to the ballot box and think for a second that his supporters will take it lying down.

    By the way, I’m not Mr. Doe, I’m Mr. Nelson, kru from Sinoe, A man that support peace in Liberia. Presidents come and Presidents go but the lives of innocent Liberians are very very important and precious.

    • Mr. Nelson,

      I hope you are studying in the USA. If not, I will beg you to go back to school because we need you to serve Liberia objectively and intelligently with patriotism and civility.

      What did you say about your dad so much that gave him a good track record? Administering a public hospital for 19 years? Or adding something great to the hospital? By the way, he was paid for the services rendered. Leave your dad alone brother.
      At this stage, it is important to ask what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you. Do not hide behind someone’s glory and please, I am not sure you had the right upbringing, but I am convinced you are making a lot of efforts to be a good citizen. Being born unto wealthy parents is not synonymous to decent grooming.

      Forget about tribalism and nepotism, Mr. Nelson. It will do no good for our country. I can remember the first time I ever reacted to your post was to call your attention to that point, and I still vividly remember how courteously you replied to me then. I commended you and was happy to always exchange with you, but I have noticed from other posts that Mr. and Mrs. Tribalism and Nepotism are ingrained in your bloodstreams.
      I pray you will make some efforts to let go of them.

      Read about the history of Rwanda. There was a genocide because of tribalism. They decided to put it behind them and forge ahead positively hands in hands to rebuild their nation, their common good. Have you seen the strides they have made? Great indeed and we present them as Africa’s pride. In fact, they are the first black African country to go nuclear.

      Let’s learn to do the same brother. We can get there by promoting excellence and rewarding merits, not the opposite. Let go of your passion for your fellow countryman and speak out for what is good for you and your children. Don’t just look at you but your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.
      Weah has no inspirations, no qualification with questionable intelligentsia. Calling him Dr. Weah doesn’t confer the doctorate degree unto him. An honorary degree is not an academic degree brother.

      You are from Sinoe, one of the sparsely populated and least developed counties in Liberia. Are you proud of that?
      Why did you all abandon your county to find yourselves stranded on the coastal plain called New Kru Town? That piece of land can be beautifully lined with skyscrapers to attract tourists, multinationals and international organizations.
      It should be our collective fight, not what you are doing here. You are speaking out follies and supporting folly.

      Back to my kinsmen who brought untold sufferings to Liberia, I don’t know how old you are but go back to history. Once upon a time we (people from Nimba) were once chased and killed indiscriminately like wild animals. We were pitied. Some people (vampires) decided to use the situation for their selfish interests. Evidently, the people from my county gave in to it massively to vent their anger and to seek vengeance.
      Though in majority, every ethnic group in Liberia became part of the war and we are all one way or the other responsible for it. We got there because we had a pigheaded leadership who did not know how to read between the lines.
      We are afraid to get there again because we have similar leadership in power right now in Liberia, repeating the same mistakes and upholding the same mediocrity. Such leadership eventually hides behind tribalism and nepotism for protection. That is exactly what we are witnessing right now with declaration from AWOL US army personnel and former rebel generals.
      Do you think they will shoot and kill people and go free? It must be a dream for you guys. Moreover, the peace we are currently enjoying is borne from great human and financial sacrifices of brave men and women from Africa and the world at large. No one will sit by and see you guys play with it, believe me.

      If you will just open your eyes for a while and be objective, you will notice that Liberia is stagnant and will remain like that for the next 4 years. The IMF and the World Bank will impose stringent measures on the Weah’s government. It will crawl and struggle. The people will bear the heat. It’s just beginning. Watch out!
      The deal Weah entered with the Ellen administration to ascend to power was obscene. It will cause him great pains.

      Don’t worry about the December 30 protest. It will be held, and many other protests will ensue. I hope you were in Liberia to go 5 months without salary and stay happy. Look, we were not all born with all the talents. Learn to follow your calling and develop it. This is the secret to the greatness of the country you live in and the Western world.
      Where on earth have you seen a president still a student; closing his office to go to the classroom? Only in Liberia.
      Where on earth have you seen a potential presidential candidate run away from public debate? Only in Liberia.
      Where on earth have you seen a newly elected president use his first year in office to empty state coffers to demolish his 4 houses and rebuild them into mansions? Only in Liberia you can do that and go by free.
      In this 21st Century, which country have you seen failed to pay workers’ salaries for 5 months? Only in Liberia nowadays.

      My time on this blog
      Don’t worry about that. I run my own company in the Ivory Coast. I have people working for me. I want to do the same in my country, but the atmosphere is not yet conducive. We will get the right atmosphere by voting Cummings in 2023.
      Don’t be scared Mr. Nelson. There will be no witch hunt. We will provide decent jobs for you guys. You will earn your living with happiness and occasionally go on vacation in the USA. We want to begin making Liberia a better place for all its children.

      God bless you!

  8. Petarus,
    To each man his own. You are in no position and will never be in any position to tell me what to do in the States or in Liberia. You again never answer the questions that I posed to you, so it continues to show that you are a nobody that spend your day on here talking about how others are not qualify but can’t come on to say what you have done for Liberia and what is your work history.

    You are nothing but a Blood thirsty Rebel calling on peaceful and innocent Liberians to get in the streets to bring down a democratically elected government while you sit yourself in the Ivory Coast and hide behind Alexander Cummings name to carry out your evil and hidden agenda. It is not surprising to me that you are in the Ivory Coast because that is the usual spot for the planning of insurrection in Liberia for people like you.
    Liberian history can give you the various dates.

    We are watching Rebel like you that are calling on citizens of Liberia to bring down the government and you can take this to the bank, We will hold Rebel like you responsible for the loss of lives, rape of women and children and the loss and damage of properties which are your specialties.

    Since you are so qualify, why can’t you run for President ? Why you have to hide behind another man’s name to foster your evil agenda against Liberia and Liberians ? You considered President Weah to be uneducated but he took the bold and confident step to put his name on the line, ran for the Presidency and won, this seems to me like you are the Coward, not Man enough to put your name out there but to come on here everyday to say Crap about others when you are the Biggest CRAP AND COWARD.

    Saying you have a company in the Ivory Coast and have workers don’t mean a dam thing, anyone can say that. What is the name and address of your company ? Is that your contribution to Liberia when you come on here to say Crap about people that are actually working in Liberia. The President Of Liberia, His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah had already spoken to the Liberian people of the economic hardship that is facing the nation and the remedies that they are trying to put in place with international partners and he called on all Liberians that are abroad that are qualify to come home and help, Did you take advantage of that Mr. I know everything ? The Big Answer is ALWAYS NO, but rather sit in the Ivory Coast and open your Big For Nothing Mouth to talk about everyone but Yourself, Sit away in the Ivory Coast and ask citizens of Liberia to get in the streets to bring down a government that was elected by the people before it turns end makes you a Blood Thirsty Rebel.

    Don’t even bring that nonsense about witch hunt, fear or worries to me because I can assure you none of those are in my DNA. My Dependency is well placed. You don’t have to tell me about the history of Liberia, I lived it especially with the destruction rebel like you brought home from abroad, you don’t have to tell me about how under developed Liberia is, How old Liberia is again ? I know in your books it started 2 years ago under President Weah. I take regular trips to Liberia, as a matter of fact, just got back to the states 2 days ago, helping in anyway I can and not tearing Liberia down or calling on citizens of Liberia to risk been injury or lose their lives because of conditions that are not permanent. I focus my energy and support ideas that unite Liberians more than DIViDE them, I have no kind words for those that engage in it and is not and will never be afraid them and Rebel like you.

    • Go back to school Aaron. We know the kinds of people who support the ineptitude in Liberia. I guess you will tell me you’re UL graduate, true. From the way you write, I know it.
      Make good use of the USA. Go to school.

      Your time will soon be over.

  9. Why when people criticize this George Weah who does not have any presidential personality it angers these Kru people? Can any Kru person tell me Geoge Weah is president that does not deserve to criticize?
    George Weah will go down as a dirt. He can not even speak the common English and he is destroying our country Liberia

  10. excuse my typo, meant injure.

    As a matter of fact, I lost family members as a resort of the civil conflict in Liberia and have forgiven your countryman Sen. Prince Johnson. I will never call for his arrest or for him to be put in jail because that didn’t bring healing to me personally and will not be of significant benefit to me because I know very well that there are a lot more people that play roles in the war that are walking around free. Are we going to jail a third of the country ? So I focus more on the positive. What brought healing to me is the changes he’s making in his own life and the lives of others that I take at face value, whether he’s sincere or not I decided not to be the judge of that.

    By the way, have you said thank you for the Polytechnic he built ? The Big Answer Is Again NO. Have you offer your services to teach there before you go to develop Sinoe County ? Look in your backyard first and know what’s happening there before you put your mouth on another man’s.

  11. I think the Kru people will continue to be hurt to their core and gut because there is more insult and disgrace coming for George Weah. He is destroying Liberia’s good image. We the Liberian people have not seen an illiterate Person likes this to be president. The liberian people are suffering under this George Weah .
    The Liberian people will continue to embarrass him til he steps down with his corrupt empty brain.

    • Please repeat this to Aaron.

      By the way Aaron, the mistakes you make are not typos. Stop writing ” excuse me for typos” . You just resemble Weah, very dull. I thought you could be moulded, but just another nincompoop!

  12. Hahahaha, another Blah Blah Blah again, Join in a conversation with the understanding of what the subject matter is about. LOL…….

  13. Mr. empty brain as well, this is not a kru problem as you might think or been critical of President Weah is the subject here but rather the mentally ill approach of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result by calling it peaceful protest.

    The last time I checked, how many people in Liberia lost their lives ? got injure ? loss and properties damage ? Women raped ? Children killed and displaced ? when a democratically elected President was force out of power in Liberia ? Yes, go ahead and do the same thing and think it will be a kru problem. By the way, can you fully identify yourself because you and others will be held responsible and accountable for your role.

    • Dear God,
      I pray this morning to calm the soul of this troubled Aaron Doe.
      Make him to understand that we mean well for him.
      Touch him to wake up from his slumber to realize that Liberia belongs to people of integrity and moral values.
      You devil of tribalism, leave Aaron
      You devil of nepotism, leave Aaron
      You devil of mediocrity, leave Aaron
      You devil of divisiveness, leave Aaron

      I pray this day set aside to serve our God, Amen!

  14. The subject matter here is peace and Unity is no more in Liberia Silly. Liberian is turning into Kru Defense force Silly Doe. 90% of Liberian do not believe that the head of this government George Weah is educated to lead and he has brought suffering to the Liberian people. Aaron Doe, a Kru man who feel that it is not in the interest of the Liberian people for the COP to protest in calling George Weah to step down even though the Liberian constitution provides it, supports the fail policies of George Weah that is eroding the Liberian economy and the standard of living in our beloved country Liberia silly. How much education you have Aaron Doe which of the recognize University you graduated from. All of your responses and views I have read was about Price Johnson, Dolo and Nimba county. A kru rebel who is corrupt is in power right now and Liberia is going through the worst of its economy Silly

  15. Petarus
    I can’t help it but to laugh, I agree I’m dull like President Weah, LOL… But the dull man is your President. Hahahaha and you the clever man sitting in Ivory Coast asking people to come out to overthrow an elected government, you are a certificated idiot and a Blood thirst Rebel to me.

    I prefer to be dull and peaceful than to claim to be educated at the same time a Coward and Moron like you. You are very shame because you were busted for your evil plans for Liberia and hiding behind Alexander Cummings name. Be a man for once, go ahead and run for the Presidency of Liberia, HaHahaha, even your own people from Nimba will not support you. SMH…..

  16. Dumayal
    You and I have no dealings or exchanges, I have already answer to your post. Your ignorance to what is going on is very visible. You can make it about Nimba or Sinoe all you want, You are on your own.

  17. Under this President, Liberians teenage girls are been rape on a daily bases, ritualistic killing are on the rise because people who do not have the educational equivalency for a position tend to used human blood. People go hungry every day because government is unable to pay its employees, these are the problems for the empty brain George Weah. Where he got the money from to build all these houses silly Aaron Doe?
    People are dying on a daily bases because the majority of the population have been impoverish by the silly policies of George Weah.

  18. Aaron Doe is the only Liberian living Minneapolis USA, I lived here in Houston Texas since 1999 Sir.
    You are very tribalistic and not objective to the truth, ignoring the fact that the standard of life in Liberia is deteriorating under George Weah. So when you live in Minneapolis then everything in your country origin Liberia silly? I have lived here in the united states for 20 years now. Liberia is what every Liberian have, so we will not sit and some empty brain ruin it. We have to talk , when some empty brain comes out with false narrative about the situation in the country we have to talk. I have two double master degrees, one in economics and the other in Finance silly.

  19. you and I have dealing or exchange, You give false narrative about the situation in Liberia that killing people before their time, you lied too much. Tell us about the school you graduated from here in the U. S

    • Dumayal,

      You don’t have to ask for the school Aaron graduated from. Aaron can neither sit the TOEFL nor the GMAT or GRE for a higher degree. He may do some other certificate programs to boost of.
      I guess he’s one of our war time UL graduates, but never mind. We will get the job done for our people. Don’t be angry at people like Aaron, understand them.

      We know we will be hated, demonized, lambasted and accused of perjury but we will not relent in our drive to making Liberia a better place for all Liberians.

      I expect to be slapped, booed, threatened and even shot at but as long as I have breath, the struggle for a better change will continue.

      Have a nice start of the week buddy.

  20. Dumayal
    You are very dump and silly as your writings. I’m not impress by your certificates because you are really not a representative of it. You have no idea about the exchanges that is on going and where it started but decided to involve your stupid self into it. I have nothing to discuss with you fool, stay in your lane, when I decide to discuss directly a conversation with you, I will.

    For the last time Mr. Crazy, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result or asking others to do it tells me you are mentally ill with your certificates. You don’t really know my position on the current state of affairs in Liberia but is coming up with your own conclusion because you don’t read very well. Go back and read my various post on Liberia Mr. Stupid.

  21. If you truly believed you and I have dealings or exchange, why don’t you fly down here from Texas to Minneapolis and let’s handle our business. Stop bullshitting and leave this forum alone and let meet one on one for a meeting in Minneapolis. I will avail myself.

  22. Wow, this exchange amongst us family is an exercise in futility. going back and forth at each other’s throat will not help any of us in any way, shape or form, my brothers. We all have one common denominator and it is Mama Liberia, so let us exert all our energies to making her better and one that we can be proud of.

    Studying in the USA or attending a top university is not all to it nor does it make you an erudite. Far from it. yes it helps to study in a top university but I know people who studied in the USA but are as dull as Kima left foot. i know a lady who studied Nursing at Mother Patten in Liberia and she emigrated to the USA and decided to take the State Board Test for Nursing. They wanted her to go back to school in the States to study certain courses which would enable her pass her test. She flatly refused to do so and when she took the test, she passed with flying colors and today, she is a registered Nurse working in the USA where she never attended school. No, it does not matter where one goes to school.

    My people, i really thought this issue of who is from what tribe is behind us. Please, we can do better. Each and every tribe was a victim of the Liberian civil war, but it certainly does not make any Liberian more Liberian than the other. We, instead need to find solace in that and draw our collective strength for our pain and sufferings and forge ahead to make this country a better place for our children and their children.

    The good thing is that, we can do it.

    Peace on Earth and toward all men, goodwill.

    Uncle Hney, I am still waiting.

  23. To all of you lambasting Aaron here, please understand him and pray for him this day. We need lasting peace in Liberia. We will experience a peaceful transition.
    Forgive my dear brother Aaron. Show him love and understand his ignorance.
    May the peace of God dwell upon you all this day, Amen!

  24. Something that I hear from many Liberians goes like this….”Liberian leaders often forget why Liberia was founded”.

    The pros and cons of the above statement can be argued another time. I raised it this time in order to say that Nelson Sr., Dumayal and Dolo seem to have forgotten what Mr. Bio is all about.

    Gentlemen, you are involved in name-calling. It is completely unnecessary and very shameful. Come on gentlemen. Be respectful of one another. Whether you think you are more educated, wealthier or experienced in everything than your fellow countryman, just be civil. Agree to disagree.

    You’re are cognizant of the fact that the motherland is going through rough times. We the Liberian people have a moral obligation to chart a different course of action. Let’s discuss the issues of the motherland with a civil temperament. Being vituperative as way of blowing out your steam is unhelpful. Yes you can calm yourselves.

    If you could, do what I do sometimes. I avoid someone who argues senselessly. It may be seen as weakness on my part, but I don’t give a hoot what someone thinks about me. Just try to avoid one another irrespective of whether or not someone thinks you’re weak. But you’re not weak. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied.You’re a VIP.

    Remember this:
    Christ gained strength through weakness!


  25. You little Piece of shit call Blood Thirsty Rebel Dolo, there is nothing about you or your blood line that is peaceful. You sit your Stupid, Coward, Moron, Self Pity, Self Centered self in the Ivory Coast and called on innocent Liberians to get in the streets and stay in the streets to unseat a democratically elected government. The days of your Rebel activities in Liberia are over. This generation will not go for that non sense.

    Let me again put this in your stupid little Rebel blood thirst Dump ASS Head, Every Liberian have the right to petition their government for a better life or ask their government to deliver on their promises, I’m Not Against That AssHole Petarus Dolo, Blood Thirsy Rebel. What you and other Rebels are calling for have not produced any fruitful result for Liberia Dump Ass, mentally ill Dolo. It only led to bloodshed, loss of lives that you are very use to, that’s why you sit your Scary Coward ASS in the Ivory Coast to ask others to do your dirty and evil work against Liberia.

    This generation will Resist any form of destruction and loss of lives in Liberia. They are also Liberians and that’s their Right, ASShole Petarus. Sit in the Ivory Coast as a Big Coward and call me ignorant, and be boastful that you are educated but your ignorance is all over the place. For your Dump, Stupid And Broke Ass info, I’m a Man that is head of my household, I lived comfortably in the states for more than 25 years. Just 2 of my kids that are US Military Trained, Army and Navy can teach your Dump Ass and Kick Your Stupid Rebel Ass in less than 10 seconds. I own homes in the States and currently reside in one that cost almost half a million dollars Asshole Dolo. I have sent money to Liberia and educated more than 25 persons to University level for them to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

    You said I’m dull like President Weah, i agreed with you but the dull man is your President. you the Clever Asshole Butt liking Alexander Cummings Coward never enter the Presidential race that President Weah won. Bring your Stupid ASS to the Minneapolis, You will find Degrees in my household that ranges from AAS to Doctorate from the University of Minnesota, Stupid, Bloodthirsty, Self centered, Asshole, Insane Coward Petarus Dolo.

    You and Your fellow Rebels are the ones that need prayers. Every Damn Coup, Insurrection and destruction of Liberia comes from You and Rebels like You, Butt liking Alexander Cummings Asshole Coward, It will not fly this time

    To all peace loving Liberian that might be reading my post, I don’t have any kind words for this fool call Dolo
    but to speak the language he understands well. Liberia and Liberians have gone through a lot for the past 20 years to just watch this fool Dolo claiming to be educated and calling for the citizens to overthrow an elected government as if to say that’s the only way their petition and demands will be met remind me of how the war started in Liberia and some of us will speak us against it. Even the man Alexander Cummings that this Rebel Dolo supports for the Liberian Presidency Distance himself from this Protest. Rebel Dolo, before you come on here to call another name ignorant, maybe you should put your stinking self together and listen to your leader Cummings, I know this will be very difficult for you because you are Blood thirsty and a Rebel but we are the ones that will pray for you and your Rebel friends.

  26. Bro. Hney,
    No disrespect to you and others that are reading. I had already posted my response before I saw your post.

    I’m willing to let this be if they do the same. If one claimed to be so educated and clever, than Respect the Office of the President Of Liberia, whether or Not you like the individual that sits in it, than some of us that are so call dull people will know that you are educated and can get your point across without insulting the President or those that support him.

    If you Insult another man, You just open up yourself to be Insulted, that’t fair to me.

  27. Uncle Aaron

    thank you for agreeing to let it go. I am sure that Uncle Dolo has also agreed to let it go as well. We are all from the same mother Liberia and that makes us family. Were you and Uncle Dolo to converse, you both will find that you have more in common.

    this is the birth month of the Prince of Peace and let us honor and respect him and be at peace with one another.


  28. Brother Aaron,
    I agree. It’s hard to not respond to verbal shots in the heat of adversity. But you’ve taken the first step already. You’ve promised to refrain from further verbal attacks. It’s all good. Let’s wait and see how Dumayal and Dolo act and react by the terms of this cease fire.

    I consider my call for restraint a cease fire, although no live bullets are flying. Thanks be to God for that!

    Joy To The World.

    • I declare cease fire. My white flag is up. I hope Aaron will accept it.

      However, know that I belong to opposition against Weah. I love country so much that I would like to see things done write. And from recent history, I know Weah can do nothing right.

      Get ready with more profanities Aaron, Dolo won’t rest until Weah leaves office, I promise you that.

      We are used to CDC supporters’ indecent grooming. They used to use dirty profanities on Ellen even on public radios as if they were not born by women. They all have that in common and lead intellectual debates. Weah ran away from all of them since 2005 to date. It won’t surprise me that Aaron would follow suit.

      Liberia needs us in unison of positive ideals. Let’s exchange intellectually Aaron, as I have done with Hney and others here.

  29. Brother Hney,

    Hahahaha, As you can see, I’m keeping my part of the agreement intact LOL…..
    It’s ok to call it a cease fire, I hope it last more than 48 hours… LOL LOL….. I believed you are doing a great job to hold this thing together….Hahahaha

  30. The cease fire is doing great! Our fellow Texas compatriot, Dumayal is probably unloading his salvos. Dumayal is unlike the North Korean rocket guy who says what he doesn’t mean.

    The Liberian situation is troubling. Since 1847, things have not been going too well. So as we go through the hoops of difficulties, there really isn’t any reason why we should curse one another.

    I am not driven by naivety. I know there’s always going to be disagreements. It’s unfortunate, but by golly, it’s the absolute truth. The question is this…by insulting someone, does it settle one’s internal conflict?

    Nelson, I have a sister in Minnesota. Her last name is different than mine. When I come over there to see her, I will get in touch with you. We will speak Kru, God willing.

    Na fueh deh. Na fueh nu sion.

  31. Bro. Hney,
    Na fueh nu sion Babi. Yes, anytime you get to the twin cities, please get in touch, I will gladly welcome you to my home, meet my family and we can have some good conversation.

    All I can say is that I’m keeping my side of this agreement and one thing I do know is that, It doesn’t matter how much lipstick you put on a Pig, it is still a Pig. No one is going to insult their way to the Presidency Of Liberia either. Learn from your Leader, follow his lead, be a representative of him. If you chose to do otherwise, come forth as a man on your own. Your leader has never insulted the President of Liberia or his supporters by calling them dumb, stupid or ignorant because he doesn’t need to do that to get his message across to the voting population of Liberia.

    If you insult another man you better believed you just open up yourself to be insulted, fair to me. This don’t particularly have to do with President Weah or CDC. You insult me, my family members will come after you, my children will come after you, you insult my family, I will come after you hard, this is just a natural reflex.

    I love Liberia and want the best for Liberia and Liberians. I paid regular visits to Liberia as a matter of fact, just got back 5 days ago and is very aware of the economic conditions in the country, thats why I help out on a small skill as much as I can. This situation is not permanent, the solution is not chaos, bloodshed, displaced people, injuries and insulting everyone that disagree with you as been ignorant or stupid.

  32. Thanks Dolo. Continue to keep your end of the bargain. You’re really doing well. Let’s move on without getting into the blood veins of people with whom we’ve got a difference.

    • Good morning Aaron,

      This morning I just read the 2020 budget of an African country. Guess how much? 10 billion USD.
      Let’s argue on these topics for our country. Cummings is admonishing you guys to raise the budget to just 2 billion. This should be some of the points of intellectual exchange.
      I tried reading some of your blablah without getting any logic from them. Stop the procrastination, let’s talk intelligentsia. You can not hold a debate with me on a stage, you will be a subject of mockery.

      The ceasefire will hold on one thing; I will not take at the Kru tribe in general again because I know some very good Kru people. By the way, know that part of my family is Kru (I have a Kru brother and sister), one of my best friends and former classmate, a very intelligent guy who irritably despises the Weah’s government, is Kru. During my edginess on this blog, which he too is following, he called my attention. I had to apologize.

      As I said yesterday, you are CDC. We remember how you insulted Ellen on many occasions, yet you cannot pay salaries.
      Let’s argue on our common welfare, shared interests and specific differences in strategies. Stop still being a “gronna” or street boy. We are used to your vulgar or obscene languages. We understand you; we will put you to work to earn your life decently. We will not relent in our strides, come what may. And believe me, we will not allow you guys to go without critiques.

      We want to have military personnel who would later become politicians and eventually president to speak like Bio, that’s why I commend Ellen for the army we have now. We are admonishing you to not transform it into another tribal army.

      Lead debate that you will be proud to share with your own children. I sometimes share my exchanges with Hney on this platform with my children. It sometimes serves as English lessons for them. I would love to do the same with you.

      I wish you a cold head this week, brother man!

  33. uncle Hney,

    I always knew you had it in you to broker peace and you never prove me wrong. But big thank you to all involved in the manner issues were handled. we have more to unite us than divide us.

    but I see a bigger problem looming on the horizon between my uncle and myself and that is, if I don’t see him before I return home to Liberia 29 December. like yekeh kolubah said of his uncle Thomas fallah, “we will throw blow” and I know my uncle will knock me down.


  34. Petarus Dolo,

    I’m well capable of having a debate with you. This is exactly why I’m not going to have one with you because it will escalate into exchanges that the reading public don’t deserved. I’m going to keep to my word and won’t insult you but you have already started to insult me in your post above. This is after we agreed to be civil to one another.

    I’m a man and not a “gronna or street boy” as you stated in your post above. You clearly don’t know or understand my views on the current state of affairs in Liberia. You stated in your post above that I insulted President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on many occasions, can you please provide proof. You are also going down the tribal route of telling me not to transform the army President Sirleaf left into a tribal one and you consider this intellectual remarks of someone you don’t know.
    I don’t have to keep any agreements with you. I’m ready this second for everything to go back to status quo.
    You have already determined that in a debate with you, I will be the center of mockery, Good for you.

    I’m not even going to mention the other fictions in your post because I think my warning is loud and clear.

    Again and Again, As I stated before, Liberia belongs to every Liberian. Every Liberian have the right to petition their government for a better life and to ask their government to deliver on their promises, I’ M NOT AGAINST THAT. Other Liberians also have the right to disagree with the manner in which such petition is carried out and the duration because some of these people earned their living through their various businesses and that’s their right. It should also be respected and they don’t need to be called names or supporter of the government without any proof because they disagree.

  35. Petarus Dolo

    If you can’t give proof of the many occasion that I insulted President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and provide information of me turning or not turning the Liberian Army in a Kru Army, I will go after every post that make on any article that is published with any choice of words that I have to describe you for that day.

  36. Come on Uncle Aaron, do we really have to go down that route? Let us let bygones be bygones. This is a place of healthy debate and exchange of ideas among Mama Liberia’s children. So, please, my good sirs, for the sake of peace and for us who are frequent visitors to this wonderful site, please, easy on the tongue.

    Easy on the swear.


  37. JM,
    Let’s quickly distance ourselves from Kolubah’s man talk. Please, let’s not throw blows.

    I urged you to send the address of the house, motel or hotel in which you’re lodged. Up to date, you have been unable to respond. Even if I don’t see you, I would like to send something to your dad.

    Please respond.

  38. Bro. Moses,

    I’m well capable of having an intellectual debate or conversations. There are lot of prominent people that can testify to it. What I won’t go for is when we decide to let bygone be bygone and in that same breath I’m called a gronna and street boy, saying that I called President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf names after we decided to be civil to one another shows me who I’m dealing with. This is not someone that is interested in peace as I said before. If you and Bro. Hney had not come in, I would have care less because I also have the capacity not be peaceful in many dimensions , not only in words but in deeds if I chose to. I’m a prepared Man in any way any how.

  39. Good morning Aaron,

    Congratulations for once! Congratulations for coming back with some intellectual exchange tones. That’s what we need to do; argue on ideals for the common objective of improving the livelihood of ourselves and fellow countrymen. Let go of passion and anger to critically analyze things. In this way, your family and country would be proud to have you as a leader, not the opposite. Congratulations!
    By the way before I forget, I invite you to watch the upcoming democratic primary debate this week. I love watching American politics.

    Physically, for me, I am not able to fight yaaaaaaaah!. That’s why I spent all my life in exile and still live in exile. So, if you are ready in any capacities to face me, I am not ready to face you physically but intellectually. We have law enforcement officers to defend me physically and if you have that strength, I have many people to face you on my behalf.

    Having said the above, I am compelled to respond to some points you made in your posts.

    Insults to Ellen
    I said and I will repeat here again that CDC and partisans used to be very vocal on Ellen. They used to use profanities on the old woman as if they were not born unto women. We have your insults on tapes and videos.
    The personnel pronoun ‘You” was not referring to only Aaron Doe but to all CDC agitated partisans and sympathizers.
    I am not a member of her party and will never be a member, but she was my president in the first place, and she is a mother. Our African tradition compelled us to respect the “gray hair”. Just recently when old man Boakai issued his statements, did you read the idiotic remarks and profanities used by CDC partisans? Deplorable! Why?

    Look, Liberia will once again become a decent country. People will once again be judged on the contents of their characters. Everyone will be accountable for their public pronouncements, beware!

    The Army
    I have personally been acquainted with some of our officers who have passed through the Ivory Coast en route to either China or Europe for training. They are great people with the resolve to upholding the constitution of the Republic of Liberia.
    Since the chain of command is highly respected in the army, with the professional army established by Ellen with the help of Nigeria, Ghana, the USA and friendly governments, given the incendiary and sarcastic remarks from the US AWOL officer Davis (probably a Mano of Gio) and General Power NAGBE (also probably a Mano or Gio), we are afraid for such army to fall under the commands of the individuals herein as we witnessed with the Doe’s government. From experience around Africa, we know that ineptitude and insipidity usually take refuge under tribalism and nepotism.
    I was therefore pleading that the CDC and partisans to not corrupt our beautiful army under construction by their ego and mundanity.

    Do not be afraid of the December 30 protest. In fact, there are many protests to come. This protest and all other protests will NEVER be insurrectional. The people have the right to demand what CDC promised, even for you the partisans.
    Be reminded that I have a sibling who is a staunched supporter of CDC. He is not Kru, by the way, let’s bury Tribalism and Nepotism in our debate as children with a common destiny, this I plead Mr. Aaron Doe.
    Men have proven themselves enough and found out that all the destruction of lives and properties were follies. It went on from 1979 to 2005, with 7 warring factions, including LPC (which is probably a Mano or Gio defense force).
    Where did it take us? Nowhere!

    I may interact and continue to interact with you again provided you heed to my pieces of advice.

    I pray for God’s healings and protection over your life, Amen!

    This may be my last comment on Daily Observer. It seems to be my comments are hurting many people and so I’m constantly blocked.

  40. Petarus Dolo

    I’m not an illiterate. You can pivot as much as you want and provide sarcasms as much as you can but can you provide proof or information of my membership to any political party in Liberia especially the CDC that you have drawn a false conclusion that I’m a partisan or agitated supporter ?

    I need not to be told about been afraid of protests or protests to come, I don’t have the spirit of fear for man in my DNA, as a matter of fact, you can protest every minute but when others that are also Liberians whose rights are also protected under the law disagree with you for whatever the reasons are in a democracy or is concerned because of Liberia’s not too long ago conflict shouldn’t be called names/ insulted or be associated with any group without proof and when you get a response, you want to preach the levels of vulgarity. Vulgarity is Vulgarity.

    It is also distasteful to others when you insult the current President of Liberia which is a poor representation of the Man, Alexander Cummings that you support for the Presidency of Liberia unless you can give a time that he did and you are also following suit. Some Liberians that also have rights that are protected under the law respects the office of the President, it doesn’t matter who sits in it because obviously the majority put him there, so some will also feel insulted. Your leader is getting his message across without insulting the current President, follow the lead of your leader, tell the voting public why it is important to vote Cummings in without insulting them, maybe, just maybe they might listen to you.

  41. Uncle Hney,

    My sincerest apologies for saying that I will throw blow with you. I am sure you know that I said that in Jest. I have the highest respect for you just because of the manner in which you have always treated me and for that I thank you. I will be leaving for Rhode Island on the morrow to visit family members and will be there until I fly back to Liberia on the 29th of this month. So Will text you the address when i get there. Again, thank you.

    Uncle Aaron, you are have demonstrated quite well that you are capable of holding your own in a debate and you strike at salient points in your discourse. i was not in any way, shape or form suggesting otherwise and if I implied that, sorry sir.

    Uncle Dolo, you seem to be a leader among men, so we are waiting to see it.

    Peace to all.

  42. Bro. Moses,


    No worries. You are a fine man who step in to bring some calm to the not so good exchanges between Dolo and myself.

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Rhode Island and safe trip to the motherland. I also have family members all over the States and in Rhode Island a younger sister there who is a Doctor Jurist and practicing Law there, just throwing that out there because you never know when a legal matter could arise and a lawyer fee per hour is no joke in the states, at least I can make a qualify Nelson available with a Doctorate in Law.

    You know our people say, the one that ask questions never get lost, it’s a good virtue.

  43. Uncle Aaron

    Thank you Sir, I will keep in your suggestion in my heart and who knows, I might be in need of her services on fine day. Sorry I could not come to the Twin State, or City? to visit. Time is not on my side. Perhaps the next time I visit, I will plan to come that side.

    You see, Uncle Aaron, the problems that we as a face is mind boggling. We can trace it from JJ Roberts time to Doe to Taylor and to Ellen and even to George Weah, and all we will be doing will just be talking and talking and not finding solutions to our many problems. The problems are many.

    I heard today that The Civil Servants may call off their strike because of a deal reached with the government. Why should workers strike before they can be paid what is justly owed them? People are feeling the pinch and Christmas is here with many people not knowing if they and their family will eat on that day.

    The government is not saying at all to address the situation and we are left in limbo. Where are we heading. I spoke with my dad yesterday from SF and he’s has not taken pay for almost 6 months. What a country. The higher ups, or some at least, think that there is nothing wrong at all.

    So, we all need to pitch in to find a workable solution or we will sink together. We already sinking. We had to find ways to swim.


  44. Bro. Moses,

    I totally agree with you. I just got back from Monrovia about 6 days ago. I saw and recognized the hardship people are faced with, even the President of Liberia, Dr. Weah, admitted to the economic hardship facing the nation and he said he’s working with international partners and he asked qualify Liberians when he came to the states to attend the UN meetings at home and abroad to come in and help with the situation to bring relief to the people of Liberia. No Liberian that is true to himself or herself will be happy under those conditions.

    On the other hand, some of our brothers and sisters are saying that they will protest and stay in the streets of Monrovia as long as it takes to ask the President to step down. Other Liberians who also have rights under the law disagrees with the manner in which the protest is carried out, for whatever the reasons are, their rights should also be respected under the law. Liberia is for all Liberians If it was the majority that put him there, let it be the majority to get him out not the minority.

    Been concerned doesn’t make one fearful of protests but at this crossroad, any wrong move on the part of state security, the president supporters or the protesters have the propensity to create chaos. With Liberia recent past, we can ask ourselves the question, is it worth it ? Presidents come, Presidents go, this condition is not permanent.

    I will tell you the biggest mistake so called educated politicians always make is insulting the voting population in Liberia and at the same time expecting those very people to vote them into office. I will use my county as an example, Don’t go to Sinoe if you need their votes and tell the people there how under developed their county is and how no one had done anything for them but here you are the messiah that have the answer to all their problems. I can assure you, they won’t be impress. You don’t even have to say anything about the current leadership, just lay out your plans, show your capacities and stress the importance why they should considered you, you will stand a better chance, just speaking from experience.

    Most of the surrogates of those that want state power are not helping their candidates either because something is definitely wrong with their messages when the people are voting or voted the opposite. We love Liberia and want the best for Liberia.

  45. JM,
    In all honesty, I would like to get in touch with you before you return. I hope you are well and may God bless you as you travel from California to Rhode Island.
    I am unwilling to put my information out there. So, I will not disclose my phone number and address. But, if you send the address of your relatives in Rhode Island, I will get in touch. I would like to send a gift for your dad.

    I eagerly await your response.

    • Can I now say we are 4 buddies: Aaron, Hney, Joe and I?
      The first 2 have given me some real punches while Joe is just the fairplay guy. Congratulations for that Joe. I would love to see you on a campaign trail with me.

      Aaron, I may need the assistance of your sister. There should be no legal fees upon your recommendation, I guess?

      Good morning Hney, know that I love you dearly. Cummings and apologists need you on board.

      Gentlemen , we have one thing in common: sincere love for Liberia. Let’s learn to argue condtructively to see how we get something done. I have my conviction and would like you to buy it. Persuade me on yours if you disagree with mine.
      I pray and hope that CDC and partisans will refrain from profanities forever .

      I love you all, with the love of God. Be blessed!

  46. Uncle Aaron,

    I was in Sinoe to conduct a Young Leadership Workshop and the superintendent of the county was very kind to us and he hosted us for the time that we were there. We toured your wonderful county. beautiful scenery we saw.

    As a young adult, we try to educate our peers to be leaders and to know their rights under the law, which most them do not. hence my trip to your county. i think that the biggest problem we face as a people and nation is the high illiteracy rate. According to statistics, 63-65% of the nation’s population is made up of the youths and that roughly sums up to over two million people and of that over two million people, about 60% are illiterate or semi-literate.That amount is staggering, Uncle Aaron.

    illiteracy almost always means unemployment or under-employment and here comes the tricky politicians to ply is falsehood and you and I know what happens. The lies are bought and the cycle continues.

    Think about where our country will be in 10-20 years time. How will we be able to compete on the world’s stage when the people who are suppose to lead us are not prepared to do so. Little wonder then that we will remain where we are. Like my sister always say, “we will stay long insah”

    Enjoy the holidays with your family and stay safe, uncle Aaron.


  47. Bro. Moses,

    All I can say is, mind, mind, mind…. You just hit the nail right on the head. That stats you gave is the voting population right there in Liberia and look at that percentage. They are the ones who determine who holds state power in Liberia and if they don’t get the message the way they understands it, your sister will be right again “we will stay long insah’.

    Politicians who tells them how ignorant they are or tearing someone they believed in down for whatever reason will make them not even listen to any good or the best plans for their future. Unfortunately that’s the case and some of those not all of them that are interested in state power and their surrogates continues to make the same mistakes over and over and expect a different result. They spend time that is suppose to be valuable on the negativity of others instead of marketing well their ideas, vision, capabilities to the voting population and giving them every reason to give their candidates or candidacy a chance.

    If this circle is not broken, we will just be wasting water on dog back as our people say. It will repeat itself over and over and we will continue to talk this same thing over and over.

    Hope you enjoy your holidays as well. I will find a way to get my contact to you and put you in touch with people that are in Liberia working in youth and young adult ministry.

    One of my lil brothers came to represent Liberia twice at the world youth congress, I believed was held in New York. He’s in the graduate program at LU, you guys can talk about young people business, he will love that.

  48. Dolo,
    Funny, but unquestionably true….a long time ago, I dated a beautiful woman whose last name is Cummings! She could have been a relative of your boss, Alexander Cummings. But frankly, that’s the closest I have come to the orbit of Cummings your boss.

    My opposition to Cummings is sacrosanct, no monkey business! Despite our political difference, I consider you and many commenters on this blog as genuine patriots, of course not all of them are. You’ve got some weak-minded commenters who don’t value patriotism. They come on this blog to insult anyone who disagrees with them. In the words of one politician, “we are better than that”.

    On a personal level, you have the right to spread your boss’s political and economic agenda anyway, anywhere. That’s good. It doesn’t bother me one inch. But I will say this…..quit asking me to join the Cummings political machine. I am a never Cummings! I mean it.

    I do agree that our beloved country is going through hard times. But we Liberians have the ability to overcome our difficulties if we genuinely commit ourselves to a good house-cleaning job. There’s a deep-seated chicanery in the ranks of politicians and government officials. Nothing good can those crooks do in our country without mischief. But, despite all of that, Liberia is our motherland. We will prevail. It will come to pass.

    • So true!
      Well, expect to work with Cummings as of January 2024.
      We will get the job done for Liberians of all walks of life.
      We will clean the cluster gradually. Respect and pride will once again prevail in Liberia

  49. Dolo,
    Stop messing with me. If you come back with your Cummings foolishness like that anymore, I will respond in a way you’ve never expected.

  50. I don’t want to think that you’ve got a mental desease as it relates to Cummings. You read what I said. My opposition to your Cummings is unimpeachable. Now what the hell do you mean by saying I should expect “to work with Cummings in 2024”? Are you delusional?

    Look, I have always controlled myself regardless of how I have been insulted on this blog. I think sometimes, some people visualize me as being weak or probably afraid to get nasty. I wasn’t brought up like that. That’s precisely why I warn commenters to chill when their tempers flare. Example, I intervened civily when you and Aaron Nelson got into name-calling last week. I felt than and now that there’s no need to abuse one another just because of a disagreement.

    Don’t get wrong man. I can get nasty if I am pushed to the brink. Once again, I warn you. Get your Cummings foolishness off my space. Don’t test me.


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