Oniyama Dimisses ‘Rape’ Allegations


Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama, one of Liberia’s business business heavyweights, says he has become a victim of one woman’s desire to compel him to provide material and financial support to her to help her two children.

In doing so, he said, the woman is using social media to bring his good reputation to public ridicule. Though Dr. Oniyama has denied having any relationship with Ms. Jallah, he has meanwhile called on his accuser to seek redress in the court of law because her actions are ‘criminal in nature.’

Oniyama, who is the general manager at the Monrovia Breweries and several other businesses, said in a release over the weekend that he never ever ‘raped’ Ms. Almaz Kiadiatu Jalloh as she claimed on social media and he has threatened to seek redress in the court of competent jurisdiction to save his good reputation.

“Records have shown time and time again here in Liberia and elsewhere, that men have been subjected to illegal crimes such as rape, improper paternity, uncontrollable and extortive child support, owing to the fact that issues of women and children have become a very national and international critical issue.

“Hence, I seek to debunk and refute every and all misleading comments, myths, and claims of rape and child attachment in relation to allegations made by Ms. Almaz Jalloh,” Oniyama said in his statement.

He added that he is compelled to set the record straight in the wake of the mounting social media smear campaign against him led by the mother of two purported children of his.

In a statement released over the weekend in Monrovia, Dr. Oniyama said the smear campaign is intended to blackmail him and injure his good name and business reputation thereby bringing him into public ridicule and disgrace.

He denied that he had any relationship with Ms. Jalloh and never had children with her, as DNA tests in Nigeria, Liberia and the United States of America have shown.

He said Ms. Jalloh’s frustration might have stemmed from the fact he had stopped providing her support, following the results of the DNA that proved that he is not the father of her two children.

Dr. Oniyama encouraged Ms. Jalloh to take her grievances against him to court rather than engaging in a smear campaign on social media to seek public sympathy.

Information gathered by the Daily Observer indicated that Ms. Jalloh gave birth to a girl child and Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama decided to take unto himself the full responsibility to care for the child, because of the mother’s claim that she had no help from the father of the child. So when lately information started to get to him that he was the father of the child, Dr. Oniyama decided to do the legal thing to ensure that he was not entangled by any claim of being the father of the child.

Upon her consent, Dr. Oniyama submitted to five DNA tests in Nigeria, the United States and Liberia that reported that he was not the father of Ms. Jalloh’s two children. However, Ms. Jalloh has kept the campaign against the man who became a benefactor and provided for her out of his own good sense of humanity, people with knowledge of the story, told this newspaper on Monday.

In an open letter written to the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Williametta Pisoe Saydee-Tarr on Facebook, Ms. Almaz Jalloh alleged that she was drugged and raped by Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama and lamented that as a consequence, she visited a hospital several weeks after the incident and was told that she was in fact pregnant.

Meanwhile, Jessica Ann Wagoner, Ph.D., Laboratory Director at the DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), (DNA Technology Park, One DDC Way, Fairfield, OH 45014) on May 10, 2018, signed a notarized DNA Test Report and wrote: “The alleged father is EXCLUDED as the biological father of the tested child. This conclusion is based on the non-matching alleles observed at the loci listed above with the PI equals to 0 (zero).

“The alleged father LACKS the genetic markers that must be contributed to the child by the biological father. The probability of paternity is 0% (Zero percent).” The report was corroborated by Charles M. Kelly, Ph.D. and Laura G. Barrientos, Ph.D. of IntelliGenetics LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on June 10, 2018, in an independent DNA test.

In a letter furnished the Minister of gender and Child protection and posted on facebook, Ms. Jalloh said it was in 2013 when Dr. Oniyama allegedly asked her to be his mistress. “I reneged as I had a boyfriend who stayed in Europe, he consented and said he respects my decision but we could be friends. I however accepted with serious apprehension.

“On a fateful date Dr. Oniyama asked me out at his car rental office (Avis) adjacent the LEC (Bushrod Island) in Liberia, due to its public location, I accepted not knowing he had a plan. The professed decent man now an Ambassador of a Foreign Government (Ukraine) drugged my drink, put me to uncontrollable sleep and raped me, such despicable act indeed! Gosh!”

She said when she woke “I did not notice what had happened, went home and few weeks later began seeing signs of pregnancy then I first went to the hospital and was told I was pregnant. I was outraged and went to Dr. Oniyama and asked what had he done to me? He consented he had something to do with me but used condom. He also went on to say he is impotent and was not possible to even have sex with me. His stories did not corroborate so I decided to carry the baby, have a DNA when I give birth and use the situation to pursue justice for bastards like his kind who will use wealth and power to mistreat people.”

She explained further that Mr. Oniyama asked “me to abort the pregnancy but I refused and used one Henry Moore, a police officer to continuously intimidate me that even if I took up the issue with the International Police abroad nothing would come out of it as the matter happened in Liberia. Today Moore is a Security Consultant in Nelson’s company.”

“When I had the kid I asked for the DNA, one was done in Liberia and another done in Nigeria, all tampered with and compromised by the filthy rich good for nothing Oniyama,” she claimed.

She added: “When I moved to Europe I then did a verification of all the tests with kits sent from labs in Europe where previous tests were sent, Alpha Biolab Clinic that ran the DNA verification in Belgium told me all the tests initially done were tampered with and that Oniyama had lied. The DNA markers of all the test done where all different from the child and that all human has one DNA and not two as shown by the results they sent. When I raised the issue in 2018, Nelson said it was a mistake done by the lab but my question was why didn’t he see the mistake but rather denied me of justice 4 years ago?

“Madam Minister I pray Dr. Oniyama is brought to justice for all these physiological situations he had put me through all these years and his consistent comments that all government officials are in his pocket is worrisome.”

“I will be attaching the DNA results as done by him and the one I personally did to authenticate what was sent me and will be open for questions where possible. The DNA done in Europe proved 99.99% positive. While the DNA remains an issue the most cardinal issue is the rape and humiliation Oniyama put me through.”


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