One injured over Court Re-Possession Order


One person was serious injured and the windshield of a vehicle was badly damaged last Friday during the execution of court order.

One of the parties had gone to take possession of a building situated on Ashmun Street in Monrovia due to a court order.

The structure is believed to be a portion of the Intestate Estate of the Late John W. Taylor that is being managed by one William A. Cisco, who is serving as its administrator.

Magistrate Nelson Chineh, then Stipendiary Magistrate of the Monrovia City Court in 2009, heard the matter of the fake administrator title between William Cisco and one Koko Mayors, known as “Koko Cisco,’ where the magistrate established that the original administrator was William Cisco.

His decision came after Koko was arrested and charged with theft of property and forgery by the Liberia National Police (LNP) in February 2010.

It was however based on the 2009 decision of the court that the Cisco family last Friday decided to take possession of the building on Ashmun Street when the scuffle broke out.

Speaking to the Daily Observer yesterday, Charles Cassell, one of the children, alleged that before he was attacked, he took two carpenters to the area to take off the roof of the building based on the court’s 2009 decision.

According to Cassell, when they got to the location of the building, he met a group of men believed to have been hired by Koko Mayors, who reportedly prevented them from entering the compound.

When he would not comply, Cassell said the other men allegedly jumped on him, started to beat him and broke the windshield of his father’s vehicle. Thereafter, he ran to safety at the Slipway Police Station.

He further alleged that Koko’s men ran behind him until they all entered the station.

“What shocked me was that the police detained me after Koko went to the station, ignoring my earlier complaint. I don’t know what is happening that if a man takes his complaint to police and without any investigation, the police detained him,” he said.

He said it was based on his father’s lawyer’s intervention that he was released from detention.

“We are afraid and we don’t know where to go for help, so we are calling on the government to intervene to allow us to get our legitimate properties,” he appealed.

Prior to the incident, the Magistrate’s decision for Cassell to reclaim the property was made after the court withdrew the ‘power of attorney’ from Koko Cisco and he was charged by the LNP for theft of property and forgery.


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