‘One Brother and Sisterhood’ Identifies with Orphans

Some of the orphans happily posed with 'One Brother and Sisterhood' shortly after they received the gift items.

The ‘One Brother and Sisterhood’, a local humanitarian organization, recently identified with several less fortunate children from the SuSie Guentur’s Orphanage Home along the Robertsfield Highway with assorted food items and household materials.

A member of the One Brother and Sisterhood, Thelma Duncan Sawyer, who presented the items, said the gesture was the organization’s way of addressing the plights of orphans, adding that helping such a group of people will create a better future for the country.

According to a UNICEF report, it is estimated that more than 50 percent of Liberia’s 4.5 million population resides in urban areas, and that children comprise almost the highest percentage of the total urban population. Monrovia, the report said, is the home to about one-third of the national population. Children and women in urban areas face multiple hardships, because of the unprecedented growth of the urban population in the last decade.

The One Brother and Sisterhood believe that one way of solving the hardships faced by children, especially orphans in urban settlements, is for individuals to identify with orphanages.

“When I interview a lot of people, I notice that orphanages are faced with challenges. The government will not do everything, that is why our organization choose to identify with this group,” Mrs. Sawyer said.

She told the Daily Observer that her organization is able to reach to orphans through funds raised by family members of the organization.

“We do not go out soliciting money from people, because we raise fund through programs held by family members to assist others in need,” Mrs. Sawyer said.

She also promised to provide scholarships for one of the students, whose both legs are nonfunctional as a result of what doctors previously said was caused by polio disease.

Sarah Wallace joined the school during the deadly Ebola epidemic in 2014. She stands in need of further education after completing the Susie Guenter’s Orphanage High School.

Edwina Zeon, a caretaker who received the items, expressed gratitude to One Brother and Sisterhood for blessing the home with the gift items.

“My father once said that when the store room is emptied, God will bring someone to fill in the gap,” Ms. Zeon jokingly remarked.

The orphanage comprises 13 children, some of them, she said, are still in school, while others have completed the 12th grade.

“Our most concern for the children is their education. Thank God that a lot of people are always making donations in that direction,” she said.

“Many of the students were brought in from communities by families who could not provide adequate support for the children,” Ms. Zeon said.


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