On the Issue of Same Sex Marriage, Where Does Gov’t Stand?


The resident priest of the St Kizito Catholic Church in Paynesville outside Monrovia has called on the government of Liberia to take stance on the issue of same sex marriage which is generating much debate throughout the world with Liberia being no exception.

Priest Ambrose Kroma said Gov’t needs to make a definite position on the controversial global debate of same sex marriage as other African countries including Nigeria and Uganda have done.

Speaking at the Easter vigil night on Saturday, April 19,2014, Priest Kroma indicated that Liberia prides itself on being built and guided by Christian principles and if this is to be true, government must therefore make anti same sex laws despite the human consequences that may be incurred.

He said it is so unfortunate that the issue of same sex relationship is now openly discussed in the country and had even gain the support of certain segment of the Liberian public.

It could recalled the Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Liberia, Lewis Ziegler, strongly spoke against the act of homosexuality when he delivered a touching and national spirit awaking sermon at the Providence Baptist Church. The occasion was the climax of the national fast and prayer day.

Prelate Kroma also used the Easter Vigil to strongly speak against a number of critical national issues. He called on Liberians not to vote for politicians believed to be connected to ritualistic killings.

He noted that such politicians used human blood and body parts for rituals, believing that they would gain power from them.

Priest Kroma wondered, “When some politicians will realize that power comes from God and not from the sacrificing of human life.”

He said during elections in Liberia there are usually growing speculations that some politicians practice ritualistic killings in an effort to attain power.

“Mysterious dead bodies sometimes with extracted parts are also found without a determination made as to the cause of the deaths.”

In another development, the Catholic prelate had called on lawmakers to make their earnings and benefits public as they are being paid by taxpayers’ money.

According to him, there are growing unanswered questions and controversies surrounding lawmakers’ income as the gap between the rich and poor grows wider.

He wondered why the legislature has not been audited despite the calls for more transparency and accountability from government.

The Catholic priest also expressed disagreement over the proposed 73 million dollars for Direct District Impact Projects as proposed by the House of Representatives, calling on the lawmakers to first exercise responsible oversight on the County Development Funds.

He described the House’s proposal as not logical, claiming that Liberians will be more skeptical of said proposal given the history surrounding the County Development Funds.

Meanwhile it seems that the Liberian Churches have now resolved to get themselves engage some of the critical national issues that are impeding the progress of the country.

The recent national fast and prayer day ceremony the issues of poverty and hunger, as well as immorality were highly spoken about by religious stakeholders


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