On Its 60th Anniversary AFL Reminded that God Exists

Bishop Benda- “God exists everywhere, and therefore one must repent and worship Him in truth and spirit.”.jpg

Bishop Stephen Benda of the Sinkor United Pentecostal Church on Sunday called on soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to worship God, “because the God we serve does not differentiate the military from any other individual.”

This year’s activities for the celebration of the 60th Armed Forces Day began on Sunday with Bishop Benda preaching on the theme, “The Existence of God.”

The bishop said those “in the military or any other individual will give an account of their life on the Day of Judgment” observing that “so many people doubt the existence of God and instead worship mountains and creatures without referencing their creator.”

Armed Forces Day falls on Saturday, February 11. Activities marking the day will be held at the Barclay Training Center on UN Drive in Monrovia, under the theme: “AFL Contributing to Peace, Stability and Development.”

Bishop Benda told the congregation that the denial of God is the root of all kinds of evil and encouraged his listeners to follow the great examples of Jesus Christ.

“Individuals who failed to recognize the existence of God made fools of themselves, because it is only fools who don’t believe that God exists,” he declared, adding, “I have stopped by to let you know that God does exist and He is responsible for you.”

AFL Chief of Staff Brigadier General Daniel Dee Ziankhan thanked the Bishop and members of the church for allowing the soldiers to use the facility to thank God for all He has done for them over the years.

“The message you preached has fallen on fertile soil,” Ziankhan told Bishop Benda.

Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai appreciated the many prayers offered by citizens for the guidance of the Army in their daily activities as they defend the country.

“As we provide protection for our citizens, we ourselves need spiritual protection from God above,” Minister Samukai said.

Other activities for this year’s observance are a symposium scheduled for today February 7 followed by a massive cleanup campaign and medical outreach in Kakata, Margibi County by the AFL on February 9, preceding the main day of the celebration this Saturday.


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