On GAC Report of Ebola Fund



Nimba County Superintendent, Fong Zuagele, has begun rebuilding his image following reports published by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) implicating him in not providing sufficient evidence on the use of LD300,000 meant for the fight against Ebola.

Reacting to the report in Nimba, while participating in a program marking the declaration of Liberia as Ebola transmission- free, Supt. Zuagele said the report published by the GAC was “inconsistent and unreal” in the situation it is seeking evidence for.

According to him, he received LD300,000 to be given to local authorities for the Ebola fight and the fund was distributed to the concerned individuals with their names and signatures compiled on a list.

He said the GAC’s problem with him is that each of the recipients could not provide three invoices to substantiate that he/she received the money which he (Zuagele) said was not possible.

He wondered why GAC would receive names of recipients with their contacts and could not inquire from them whether they truly received the money, but preferred seeking invoices when the money was not used to purchase materials.

He described the report as “erroneous” and told Nimbaians attending the program that he can be caught in a different act, but not “transparency and accountability.”

He also told participants in the gathering that the amount in question is a “very minimum amount” that could taint his character having worked in various places including the Ganta Hospital as an Accountant and leaving from there with a clean record.

Moreover, Mr. Zuagele stressed that the report was contradicting confession by national government that Nimba was doing well in expending resources, noting, “How will the government be praising Nimba for doing well in terms of transparency and accountability in working with funds received, and GAC comes out with such an unfounded report?”

He also used the occasion to clarify that he was not ambitious of contesting in Nimba for a political position, and that politicians should therefore avoid politicizing the issue to allow him to do the work he needs to do for the people.

He stressed that many politically ambitious persons were using community radios to take the issue out of context with the belief that he may use his current office to build popularity for elected position in 2017.

Mr. Zuagele emphasized in an interview that, “I am doing for the people what I must do and I do not have any intention to run for political position in Nimba.  You people please leave me alone.” 


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