“Old” Lawmakers Want Speaker Post

Rep. Samuel Kogar

With less than 13 days remaining before the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature convenes, the contest for the posts of Speaker and Deputy Speaker intensifies between the 31 incumbents and the 42 newly elected Representatives.

A former member of the leadership in the 53rd Legislature and also an incumbent Nimba County District #5 Representative, said that there is consultation for both Speaker posts to fall on the laps of the reelected lawmakers.

Rep. Samuel Kogar, on Tuesday, January 2, told newsmen in his Capitol Building office that the consultations include the consideration of incumbents to occupy the top post, as well as (maybe) the Deputy Speaker, “because in politics, incumbency always provides crucial boosts.”

The Nimba lawmaker said a newly elected lawmaker might probably be considered if he or she has the necessary and requisite experience. Kogar, however, did not mention the position.

Prior to the Rep. Kogar’s press conference, the Daily Observer had gathered that seven incumbents, including Representatives Prince Moye, Byron Zahnwea and Franklin Nyumalin were seen holding secret meetings in his office.

“Experience is a good teacher, and in order to have an institutional knowledge, one must have served that body,” Kogar said.

The lawmaker’s wish is that the consultations would be successful for the good of the Legislature, the first branch of government.

It can be recalled that in 2014, similar campaign between the ‘old’ and ‘new’ lawmakers was seriously overwrought; but at last, an ‘old’ Senator, Armah Z. Jallah of Gbarpolu County, won the President Pro Tempore post.

Unconfirmed reports said there is passionate lobbying ongoing for the two top posts to be filled by a member of the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) and the Unity Party.

This means, CDC Representatives Dr. Bhofal Chambers and Thomas Fallah are in for a fight, while UP lawmakers Prince Moye and Clarence Massaquoi might go for the challenge to settle for the deputy Speaker post.

Fonati Koffa of the Liberty Party (LP) and the Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue are still claiming to be formidable forces. Both men are also collaborating with the CDC and the UP.

Also, Lawrence Morris and Johnson Gwaikolo, both ‘new’ Representatives-elect, are also determined to occupy the top seat.

Meanwhile, Rep. Kogar has formally congratulated President-elect George M. Weah and Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, Vice President-elect.

“I write on behalf of the people of electoral district #5 in Nimba County and in my own name, to extend our congratulations to you (President-elect George M. Weah) and your Vice President, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor…,” he said.


  1. How could Fonati Koffa, even desire to be considered for speakership of the House, as a newly elected representative? This is typical arrogance and an exhibition of self-importance! Even in any class election the students will not elect a new student as their senator or representative to the student council. That would be an outright insult and self-condemnation of the other students. Indicating they don’t know “fusa,” so a newbie should represent them. Fonati Koffa needs to take his seat first and learn the ropes of the House, before hanging his coat to whichever height. But we’ll see what substance the “older” representatives are made of in this instance-envelopes or principles.

  2. The speaker position is not a birthright of any old lawmakers nor is it reserved for them. Any lawmaker can become the speaker of the house provided they meet define qualifications. To your point Hilary Snyder,there is nothing wrong with Mr. Koffa desire to contest for the speaker set. In-fact, I could prefers a new person with fresh new ideas to change the old way of doing business at the Capitol over the old guys.
    Majority of the old guys have not done well for us the people as evident by their 4G passage of several bill that were not in the interest of us all. It’s time to change and it has to come from the new guys,we can not hope on the other for any real change.

    #Liberia first#Liberia last# we all win#

  3. While some are fighting for good seats at the table of the government feast, the avareage Liberian will continue to eat scraps. Until a sustainable economic program, that offers jobs and training for the youth, only the rich and powerful will eat.

  4. When it is time to die, God does not look at young or old. Get a speaker on the rule of law of the house of representative of the nation, before you see the silent majority. We do not want to hear your pallet politics until the matrimonial President of Liberia elected is inaugurated. In addition all funs for legislative operation allotted for inauguration 2017-2018 should be encumbered before and after ceremonial activities otherwise we will hold this body accountable to the nation and vote those fiasco lawmakers out as we go. Remember the silent majority is still in control, especially where this President elect got democratically elected without a boycott. His opponent conceded in the run-off. Yet similarly like the incumbent he got 34% register voters, leaving the rest of aspirants votes to silence for the people, of the people and by the people of Liberia. Thus, you have present a speaker to the Liberian people within the confines of the House of Representative as stated in rules of this house. Until you find some one who will be talking for the Liberians in house, the Executive branch has nothing to do with your speaker gimmicks until you announce result to the public. In the meantime, this nation is move ahead with the preparation of a smooth and peaceful inauguration. Our Liberian Government will be visible after inauguration and we will handle all events ourselves. The Liberian people will know when it is God’s time. Do not reply my box.
    Gone in silence.

  5. They all should work together as Liberian in the interest of peace to elect on who will best deliver on their behalf.


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