Office Distribution in Capitol Annex Angers Opposition Lawmakers

Rep. Lawrence Morris expressed disappointments as colleagues look on

-Accuse Speaker Chambers of ‘Bad Leadership’

At least 10 opposition members of the House of Representatives have expressed their disappointment and frustration over the distribution of offices in the state-of-the-art Capitol Building Annex of the House of Representatives, and have accused Speaker Bhofal Chambers of “bad leadership.”

The enraged lawmakers said Speaker Chambers has convinced them that those lawmakers who did not illegally break into offices to acquire office spaces into the main building of the Capitol Building in January, 2018 upon their induction as Member of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature, would be prioritized in the distribution of office spaces in the new Capitol Building Annex.

They argued that the Speaker further persuaded them to temporarily acquire offices on the ground floor of the Capitol Building where the bathrooms are closely opposite or adjacent their offices, something which is not only annoying but also offensive.

The new annex of the House of Representatives

Speaking on behalf of the “angry lawmakers,” Montserrado County District # 1 Representative Lawrence Morris (Independent) told journalists in his office yesterday that the situation was discussed and the Speaker announced that besides prioritizing lawmakers who are on the ground floor, the leadership will also be prioritized.

“Unfortunately, gentlemen of the press, those of us whose names were on the list to be transferred in the new Capitol Building Annex were scratched out.

“The Speaker later told us that all the female lawmakers should be prioritized… but there were some female lawmakers who broke into offices to acquire office spaces into the main building of the Capitol Building. Does that mean those who were involved should be considered?” he asked rhetorically.

“Also, there were some male lawmakers who broke into offices to acquire office spaces in the main building of the Capitol Building but are still being transferred to the new Capitol Building Annex,” he said.

He added: “So, it means we will remain in the tight ground floor offices but we don’t have problem with that but we just want to register our extreme dissatisfaction in the Speaker for not being a man of his words.”

Rep. Morris is the Chairman on the Standing Committee on Resettlement, Repatriation, Relief and Re-adjustment (RRRR) and former Ambassador of the Mano River Union (MRU) to Liberia.

Rep.  Morris indicated that they are “done” because the offices at the Capitol Building Annex have already been distributed.

Partial of the inside of the Capitol Annex offices

A member of the House’s Leadership, who preferred anonymity, told the Daily Observer that  the decision of the House’s Leadership to allow their colleagues to remain on the ground floor after being promised  better and very spacious office spaces, is tantamount to instigating a coup over the removal of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

Sources said the Chairman of the House’s Rules, Order and Administration, Rep. Mariamu Fofana, has already distributed the keys of 42 offices to 42 Representatives, but when our reporters visited the office of Rep. Fofana, requesting the list of the names of the 42 offices distributed, a male staff, who declined to call his name, said “the list is still being compiled because some of the lawmakers who were assigned keys in the new Capitol Building Annex have declined to move in.”

It may be recalled that the construction of the state-of-the-art annexes at the Capitol Building at the cost of US$12.9m, which was funded by the People’s Republic of China (PRC), were dedicated on Thursday, July 19, 2018.

The new Capitol Building Annexes were constructed under the project titled, “The Grant Assistance Project.” The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China was the owner responsible for the Project.

Chinese firm Jiangsu Jiangsu Construction Company constructed the Annexes, while another Chinese company, the China International Engineering Design and Consultant Company Limited, supervised the engineering component.


  1. What a childish display by these so-called representatives! Any group of sensible adults would firstly devise a formula upon which the distribution of these offices could be carried out. Whether based on seniority, or casting lots, or whatever the agreed upon formula would be the most practical, fair and impartial way to do this thing. Better yet, how about these do-nothing representatives cutting their needless gasoline allotments in halves, in order to raise the needed funding for the renovation of the remaining sections of the capitol? But most importantly, this incident should serve as a big lesson and eye opener for the rest of these representatives, that the CDC intends to usurp or arrogate control of the house into its orbit, for more self-serving and tyrannical reasons. The opposition better therefore get with this program, or we are all “F for G,” as some would say.

  2. There we go again!!!

    Liberian lawmakers are fighting over newly Chinese constructed office annexes. Some lawmakers even have the audacity to break into the newly constructed annexes.

    Such uncivilized behavior is a national embarrassment. It is disgraceful to read on the internet about Liberian Lawmakers allegedly fighting over new office space.

    This is a classic 3rd world uncivilized behavior exhibited by these Liberian lawmakers allegedly involved in fighting over new office space. Why act as though some of you Lawmakers have never worked in a decent facility before? This published news article is on the internet for the whole wide world to read.

    Liberian Lawmakers (House of Representatives), please govern yourselves and exemplify the so-called “Honorable” title you all usually crave for to be attached to your name.

    Instead of brainstorming to come up with innovative ways in creating jobs for the countless unemployed youths, and thousands of unemployed graduates that Liberia colleges and universities produced yearly, our lawmakers allegedly have the audacity to lower their standards by fighting over new office space.

    These lawmakers forget to take into consideration the same unemployed people they are neglecting elected them to these self-high paying positions they now occupied.

    Remember Lawmakers, you work for these same unemployed people. If you don’t conduct yourselves professionally and put these unemployed people interest first, who elected you into office, you too can be voted out of office in the next election.

    “Caveat emptor” (Let the buyer beware)!

  3. Beware Liberian Law Makers, instead of fighting for office spaces that were built by an EMERGING third world country (China),we could trained our own engineers to build our own. The office spaces been fought over today will be useless if not maintain. If it is damage in the feature, as is always in the case if not maintain, our grand children will go running back to the Chinese, begging them to come back for renovation.

    The Republic of Liberia was 84 years old when Modern China was first been invaded by Japan in 1931. It took a brutal 7 years of anarchy and mayhem orchestrated by imperial Japan on the “SICK MAN OF ASIA”, as China was once called, to endure these humiliations. However; they (the Chinese), did not give up. The Japanese came again in 1938-1945, another 7 years of brutal occupation.

    Can our law makers look at the world today and see what the Chinese are doing, so they can learn from them. Can our lawmakers push for better education funding for the coming generations, instead of fighting for office spaces. A classical disgrace to the nation.
    Just my taught.

  4. Isn’t that what the lawmakers are all about, taking home fabulous salaries and getting the best for themselves? It has come down to in-house fighting for office spaces. Are they concerned about the trash crisis in the city that is a health hazard? No. They are waiting for a disease outbreak so they can ask and benefit from international aides. What a joke these people are?

  5. Damned!!! The Honorable members of the House of Representatives breaking in and fighting for office space.
    These are the real shit holes in reference.
    Shame, Shame, Shame!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How in the world can Liberians talk about Law and order, when their Representatives in Congress are behaving worst then some street gangsters? This is a disgrace of the highest order.

  7. How long? soon the dirtiness of these so call honorables will make that place a trash heap. Dirty senators and representatives peepeeing all over, cannot wash their hands and can’t flush. Fighting for space like they working a real job. I hope we get a leader soon that will abolish the senate

  8. John Varney: I have never seen such damn greedy people like these so-called representatives and senators in my life. They don’t give a damn about the poor people that they represent, but just concerned about the high salary they are enjoying and doing nothing for it. How can they sleep at night knowing that the common person in Liberia can not even afford two us dollars a day? And they still have the nerve to ask for more money. The almighty will punish all of you greedy bitches.


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