ODLIB Educates Adolescent Girls on Teenage Pregnancy, Others

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A local Non-governmental Organization, One Dream Liberia Incorporated (ODLIB) has conducted a one day Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop for adolescent girls on the danger of teenage pregnancy, negative peer pressure and rape as well as teen prostitution and drugs abuse.

The event took place in the slum community of New Kru Town where many of the young people of the area are highly affected by those negative vices that eventually destroy the future. The workshop, which was held recently in the Township, brought together over 30 adolescent girls and young women from 12 communities in the area.

In her keynote address, Naomi Falika, who proxy on behalf of the president of the Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC), Estella Nelson; said the program is an awarding one which young people (girl) need to take advantage of.

According to her, teen age pregnancy, peer pressure and drug abuse are affecting Liberian gradually and it is now time that young people be educated on these things.

Ms. Falika also noted that these things are gradually destroying Liberia and its leading young girls to have babies at an early age.

However, Ms. Falika said that the government and other international partners need to create more awareness for these young people, adding that if prompt action is not taking Liberia will left vulnerable without future leader of this country.

She then expressed her gratitude to the organizer for such a brilliant program which was meant to spotlight these issues to them.

Speaking earlier, the founder and executive director of One Dream Liberia, Emmanuel B. Lavelah, who gives the overview of the program, said the organization first started operating in 2001, Accra, Ghana, was known as Liberia dance troupe

According him, the aimed of the organizational is to create awareness of the richness of the Liberia cultural heritage and to educate young people on issues that are undermining their development.

Mr. Lavaleh said that they first started with the culture awareness and later on they added another component of the program, including the health sector, peace and as well as computer educations.


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