Odell’s Mother Wants Speedy Investigation in Daughter’s Death


— Veronica Kollie allegedly receives death threat to stay clear of niece’s Murder case

Mrs. Cynthia Rivercess Sherman, mother of the deceased Odell Sherman, a high school student whose near-dead body was discovered early Tuesday, May 22, 2019, at the home of Reverend Dr. Emmanuel Giddings in Duazohn, Margibi County, has called on the government, through the Liberia National Police to do everything humanly possible to speedily bring to book the murderer  of her 21 year old daughter. Odell was expected to turn 22 this November 14.

In an interview with Daily Observer on June 3, 2019, Mrs. Sherman said it is frustrating to have the spokesperson of the LNP publicly pronounce that Odell’s unconscious body was taken to the hospital by the LNP in consultation with the family.

She said Moses Cater’s statement that was published in the Inquirer newspaper May 27, 2019 edition alluding that the girl’s unconscious body was taken to the ELWA hospital with the consent of family members where she was later pronounced dead is not true and it proves that the LNP is protecting Rev. Giddings family.

“With such a statement from the police spokesperson it only tells me that I am not in a safe state because even Emmanuel Giddings in all of his press conferences and interviews did not say that. So where has Moses Carter come from and lying on us like that?,” Mrs. Sherman said.

“Why is my family treated like this in my own country? Are we not citizens too? Don’t we need justice? Is the Giddings family more Liberian than us,” she asked with tears running down her face.

Mrs. Sherman said up to now the family does not know the whereabouts of Odell’s phone’s battery and Sim card as the phone minus the battery and sim card is still in the possession of the police.

“I need justice for my first and only daughter because I did not wish for her to die like this. I have two little boys; Odell got much older before I had another child.”

Mrs. Sherman explained that, “I don’t bear children like other people when I bore one child, ten years passed before I had another child and it is very impossible that I get Odell back. Odell was almost like a mother to those little boys, but now she has gone away from me like this; I have not gone through this before, at least my mother death was peaceful, I knew how she died in the hospital and I buried her but just to wake up early that morning to the death news of my daughter is too difficult for me.”

She continued, “I struggled with Odell from the day she was born up to this day but all I got in return is such saddening news that I am fighting hard to overcome… this is a difficult time but I am only asking for God’s grace to carry me through.”

“I have never experienced such a pain as I am going through right now. It is giving my heart trouble; this is why I decided to remain mute until God can help me wake up from my sleep before talking anything because it is not easy for me to talk right now,” Mrs. Sherman said.

Mrs. Sherman said Odell’s death news was something she least expected to hear, adding “I have been praying all along that my daughter will come up good to help my family but, surprisingly, I heard that she had been killed early Tuesday morning.”

She said the death of her daughter has caused depression for her because she worked day and night and even had to forego her career for her children to survive and go to good schools.

“After graduation, I chose not to go to school but work for my children to have a brighter future… it is not easy for me mehn!” she cried.

Mrs. Sherman said Odell lived with her in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County until 2014 when the deceased had to come to town and live with her father because of the new job she (Mrs. Sherman) took with a company to take care of the family.

She said Odell was born in Grand Bassa on November 14, 1997.

Mrs. Sherman recalled attending classes with her daughter at the Seventh Day Adventist, at which time friends mocked at her because of their family living condition.

“I did not care because I knew my tomorrow was going to be brighter but it has ended with what I least expected,” she said.

She said it is scary to hear Rev. Giddings say that he does not know that Odell, who benefited from his Liberia Ghana Mission Scholarship (L-GM), was attending a Methodist school where he is a pastor, and living in the same community and a friend to his daughter.

Mrs, Sherman said up to now she does not know the status of her daughter’s case as Rev. Giddings is going about his business freely and he currently has security officers assigned with him following mass protest action by community members after Odell was discovered nearly dead in his fenced compound.

Mrs. Sherman said those who said on a local radio show that Odell drank three cans of 10% beer are all making up stories because her daughter was never a drunkard but a friendly child.

“Can Odell drink a whole cane of 10% before she will drink three? Let’s agree that she drank three 10%; how did she get to your house without falling along the road? Why are they creating all of those stories? Why are they doing this kind of thing to my family?” she questioned.

She said Odell’s last post on Facebook was 11:00 PM Monday night with some friends celebrating after the WASSE.

“I pray and ask to let justice prevail, even though Odell is gone and all of my tireless effort gone in vain, but let her perpetrator(s) face justice. I call upon the government of Liberia, the international community and every good parent that wishes well for their children to help us seek justice,” Mrs. Sherman said.

Veronica Kollie, aunt and guardian to Odell, told the Daily Observer via mobile phone that she has been receiving calls on private numbers requesting her to stay clear of her niece’s murder case or else she will lose her life along with other children.

Veronica said she has observed at times, black jeeps parked in her yard at midnight which, according to her, is not secure for the family.


  1. Well everyone knows what the situation is , somebody got bribe , corruption is the order of the day even if it has to do with an innocent little girl life , smh, it is sad to know that people that took an oath to protect and serve all Liberians regardless of thier financial situation are selling thier authority to the highest baiter , therefore what’s the difference between a Liberian police officer and a common criminal on the street , i really don’t c any difference , this lady can not even get justice for the murder of her daughter cause the so called police got pay of to turn a blind eye .

  2. Let her take her case to the VP or the President?


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