Observer Publisher Continues Ebola Fight in Bong County


In support of the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, the publisher and managing director of the Daily Observer newspaper, Kenneth Y. Best, Sr., has turned over a refurbished hand-pump to one of the affected towns in Bong County to ensure the people’s access to safe drinking water.

Speaking last Friday at the official turning over of the hand-pump in the affected town of Gbolokaita, Sanoyea District, Lower Bong County, Yarkpai Keller, who proxied for the publisher, said the refurbishing of the hand pump, which had been in disrepair for several years, was Mr. Best’s way of identifying with the town and surrounding villages affected by the deadly virus.

Mr. Best was concerned about the unfolding situation in the area, including increase in the death rate, and hoped that the community would speedily recover from such a terrible health crisis.  The crisis has so far claimed 35 lives in that small town alone.

Mr. Keller disclosed that, the Observer publisher spent over 500 United States dollars in ensuring that safe drinking water and others anti-Ebola materials, including rice are provided for the town.

“I am pleased, on behalf of Dr. Best, to turn over this refurbished hand-pump to the community for use by the town and  surrounding villages,” Mr. Keller said.  

According to him,  the publisher has pledged his continued  commitment and support to working with the affected town and villages as well as individuals in combating the deadly Ebola virus.

Mr. Best, Keller said,

has pledged to contact some organizations, such as UNICEF and Save the Children, to help install more wells in  in Gbolokaita, the surrounding villages and other major towns in the Salala and Sanoyea Districts.

Dr. Best, Mr. Keller said, has provided anti Ebola materials, including hand-gloves, chlorine and others for the town and villages in the areas.

He explained that, Dr. Best has also promised to reach out to other people in ensuring that other anti Ebola materials are provided for the affected community and the county at large.

Mr. Keller at the same time advice the people to continue to practice and observed the preventive measures described by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and partners, including washing-hands, avoid bodily contact and reporting of people suspected of the virus for early treatment.  

In response, the Town Chief, Saigbe Yuku, expressed thanks and appreciation to the Liberian Observer cooperation family for their timely intervention and supports to the town as well as family members in combating the deadly Ebola virus.

He added that, “We prayed that what so ever place this money has come from will be replaced double. “We are very pleased for the level of supports given by the Observer’s family, including the safe drinking water for our town.” 


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