Observer Certificates ‘Person of the Year 2016’


The management of the Daily Observer newspaper last Friday officially certificated its Person of the Year 2016, Mr. Tomah-Seh Floyd, in a brief ceremony at the newspaper’s offices at ELWA Junction in Paynesville.

Mr. Floyd is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sanniquellie-based Jungle Water Group of Investment.

The newspaper’s consultant, Mrs. Mae Gene Best, who presented the certificate of honor to Mr. Floyd, expressed how gratified she was to award the certificate to a “most outstanding Liberian businessman that the paper selected as its Person of the Year 2016,” following a vetting process involving the paper’s reporters.

“It is the management’s pride to honor you as our Person of the Year 2016 for your outstanding business initiatives, love and humanitarian assistance to many people and empowering other Liberians to take the country’s economy into their own hands,” Mrs. Best told Mr. Floyd as she presented him the framed certificate.

Mr. Floyd was accompanied to the honoring ceremony by his wife, Jackie Lydia Floyd, the proprietress of the Jackie’s Guest House in Ganta, Nimba County.

Before the certification ceremony, the honoree and his wife were taken on a tour of the newspaper’s facilities, including the newsroom, the layout department, the printing press and the Stanton B. Peabody Library.

Mr. Floyd was selected as Person of the Year based on his numerous contributions to the Liberian business community and his commitment to “take the country out of Monrovia.”

In response, Mr. Floyd recalled how excited he was when he first heard that the Daily Observer management had selected him as their Person of the Year 2016. “I have followed the trend of events since this newspaper was established in the 80s. And to select me as its person of the year, I remain gratified and therefore promise to open a new chapter in my personal love and relationship with the newspaper.”

Mr. Floyd said he has turned down several requests to honor him in the past, because those who organized the ‘awards’ attached costs to the honoree, which he could not comprehend. For this reason he considers being honored an intention to solicit money and a wrong approach.

“But for the Daily Observer’s honor, it became genuine to me when the person who informed me said I was selected based on a popular vote the staff had conducted on several individuals and institutions over the year in review process,” Mr. Floyd said to the appreciation of the newspaper’s management.

Floyd added: “My wife and I have love and respect for the Observer; and from here today, we will see what to do in our new relationship with the newspaper to improving your business, vis-a-vis spreading your readership across the country. I am certainly convinced that this honor is sincere for which I remain grateful and appreciative.”

Also accompanied Mr. & Mrs. Floyd was his foster son Mr. Ralph Sonkorlay who thanked the LOC management for the honoring his father. “It’s one thing if we, the children say good things about our father; but for it to come from other people, that confirms what we have said,” he explained.

Mr. and Mrs. Best thanked Mr. Floyd for accepting the Daily Observer’s decision to honor him. Meanwhile, the Bests called on fellow Liberians to follow Mr. Floyd’s example and establish businesses, including retail and wholesale, across the country.

Mr. Floyd’s certificate was signed by Mr. Kenneth Y. Best (Publisher and Managing Director) and approved by the Liberian Observer Corporation’s (LOC) Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. C.T.O. King.


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