Nwayamah Town Residents Feel Abandoned


Residents of Nwayamah Town, located in Dobli Clan, across the St. Paul River, three hours walk from the Handii Town, Fuamah District, Lower Bong County, say they have been neglected by the central government.

According to the residents, the town, including its surrounding towns and villages, lacks all basic social services that citizens deserve from their leaders and the state.

They said since the formation of the town, past and present leaders of the national government have not made any developmental contribution towards their livelihoods, which they described as unfortunate.

In a recent interview, Nwayamah Town Chief David Coleman said residents do not have access to schools, clinics or health centers, as well as safe drinking water and pit-latrines.

He said residents used creeks and nearby rivers to drink, stressing that the situation is not healthy for them and wants the government’s prompt intervention.

He further acknowledged that residents use the bushes to defecate.

Commenting on education, Mr. Coleman lamented that school going children are growing in the community without formal education, something he termed as a threat to the human resources needs of the clan in particular and Liberia at large.

The community of over one thousand inhabitants, Mr. Coleman said, deserves the assistance of the Liberian government and development partners to help build community schools, clinics, hand pumps, including other basic social services that would enhance the living standards of ordinary citizens.


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