Nurses Strike Action Leaves G. W. Harley Hospital Deserted

Some of the patients still at the hospital; A disappointed parent_web.jpg

The nationwide health workers strike is said to have left the G. W. Harley Hospital in Sanniquellie deserted with nearly all the patients on the walls discharged.

During the visit of this reporter on the 17th February 2014, the entire hospital was very quiet.

Patients that were believed to be still being in bed at the hospital were those under very critical condition.

“We have not been well taken care of like before since this morning,” said a young baby mother.

A frustrated mother told this paper, “See my pregnant daughter, I brought her this morning to give deliver but we cannot find any midwife or nurse here to cater to her.”

“What is this happening in our country and where can we go from here,” she wondered.

Nimba County Health Officer Collin Saa Bowah refused to admit that there was strike going on at the hospital, but explained that when he got to work this morning, he saw the entire hospital deserted with no nurses around and nearly all the patients discharged.

He said based on the nurses’ absence, the administration immediately sets up a skeleton team to look after the critical patients who were still at the hospital.

Even though, he said there was a skeleton team presently in place, but only those in uniforms were interned from Esther Baker Nursing School.

Effort to get the view of the health workers who are striking to give a reason for deserting the hospital remains futile as neither of them were around to be contacted.

Early Monday Morning on local radio station, the Secretary General of the health worker association of Liberia was heard calling on his colleagues to boycott jobs today.


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