Women Protest against Nude picture in Maryland County

The protesters in Maryland County said the nude picture circulating on the internet has brought total disgrace and shame to womanhood, therefore tough action needs to be taken to prevent it.

— As women in Maryland take to the street

Several women in Harper, Maryland County have taken to the street in protest against 23-year old, Raymond P.K. Badio Jr., for allegedly posting a nude photo of a girl on Facebook. They are now calling on the government and civil society organizations (CSOs) to take stronger actions against the suspect to save women and girls from public shame.

The victim is a student of Tubman University and a friend to Raymond on social media; something that might have led him asking her for her nude photo.

The women were seen holding placards along the streets and later moved to the Harper Police Station chanting slogans, “Women deserve better; we want justice, stop disgracing us.” The protesters said the picture circulating on the internet has brought total disgrace and shame to womanhood, therefore tough action needs to be taken to prevent it.

 According to the women, Raymond is a son of a praying woman in Pleebo Sodoken District, and a well-known Facebook user with a group page called ‘Deng Be Bos’, Pretty- boy, HOPE Bardio’ a platform he used to communicate to the victim.

However, the women are calling the attention of the Gender Minister, Wilemitta Piso Tarr, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, First Lady Clar Marie Weah and other women rights groups to ensure justice is served.

It can be recalled last month a nude video was posted on social media of a woman whom a guy was asking to undress herself and to do different things relating to sex. The guy requested for a video call and turn his camera off.

The victim explaining her ordeal on the famous Prophet Key show commonly known as ‘The World Stage,’ said since the video leaked the suspect had called her on an Orange number to send him some money to take the video down.

 The victim narrated that seeing the video has put her in a traumatic mood, adding that her landlord has given her notice to move out of her house.  “My landlord gave me notice and I don’t have money to pay my rent and I am also to ask people for help.

The victim biggest worry is whether any man will ever marry her “I am thinking if any man will ever marry me”

Mr. Alex Nelson, Administrative Assistant of the Tubman University of Management and Administration said it is so disgusting and damaging to post a girl or woman nude picture on social media and it is time that government and partners put strong laws that will give speedy justice to victims.

“We shouldn’t be wicked to women because they are our mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters; how do people feel if they sent nude pictures of women on social media?” Mr. Nelson asked.

Tina S. Mehnpaine is a graduate of the Peter Qua qua School of Journalism. She came as an intern in January 2020, after several months of hard work and dedication; she is now a full working reporter at the daily observer newspaper. She has interest in environment, women and children, health, politic. Contact reporter, tmehnpaine@gmail.com WhatsApp, 0886425103, and 0770774641


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