Nuchie Meek Depicts Societal Ills in ‘This is Liberia’ Single

Nuchie Meek: "I know that this is a cover version of an original song, but my message is totally different."

After months of delay, fast-rising Hipco rapper Nuchie Meek has officially dropped his long-awaited ‘This is Liberia’ single.

The song, which is a cover version of Donald Glover’s ‘This is America’, has so far gained 4k plus views, since its release four days ago, and opens with Nuchie rapping shirtless in an underground parking garage about the  societal ills in the country from past governments to the current one, while having a group of young people dancing behind him.

However, the video differs a little from Glover’s, especially when Nuchie takes his rapping to the street and stops being shirtless.

“The song mirrors the ills that have been happening in the country. This is why I took so long to write it. It is a song that speaks volumes and reminds us all of our shortcomings, inspiring us to think of a solution to solve our problem,” he said.

In the song “This is Liberia” Nuchie also blames citizens and religious organizations for the backwardness of the country, speaking of a popular belief among Liberians that Ebola was brought in the country to benefit big pharmaceutical companies who wanted to test their experimental Ebola drug.

“The message is clear. The problem in Liberia is the result of everybody’s failure to do the right thing. And because of this, the country is in extreme poverty. The socio-economic development issues Liberia is experiencing cannot be left alone with the government. Citizens have to make a contribution to solving some of the problems,” Nuchie added.

Throughout his emerging career, Nuchie has released singles filled with conscious and thought-provoking lyrics that have been vocal about the problems facing Liberia, a move that has gained him plaudits for tackling societal ills without fear or favor.

This fast-rising superstar’s ability to speak out against ills in the country has put him on the path of legendary Liberian rappers who use music to criticize government and campaign for change.

“I know that this is a cover version of an original song, but my message is totally different. My intent was to bring to light the numerous political and social ills that we constantly experience in this country and, more importantly, to inspire a reaction in the positive direction,” Nuchie said.

Interestingly, in the four-minute video, the rapper step by step depicts the problem facing the country and the inefficiency of past and present governments to solve it, most especially problems like unemployment. However, unlike Glover, Nuchie fails to proffer a solution. The coming of the video has, however, already started to generate a conversation about change among Liberians both at home and abroad.



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