NUBA Undertakes 20 Acres Swamp Project

Partial View of the 20 acres of swampland for rice

In the mist of COVID – 19, the group of blind people under the banner, the “Nimba United Blind Association,” is cultivating 20 acres of swampland for rice within the vicinity of Ganta.

Speaking to the Daily Observer at the project site, the head, Mr. Geleplay Botoe Botoe said the project began last year, but they could not meet their target because of limited resources and support.

He explained that if the get the necessary support and resources are available, they are sure of completing the cultivation very soon.

“We are blind, but our minds are not blind. We follow instructions and we are able to doing many things that those who are not blind can do,” he said.

“Last years we cultivated four plots, but we did not get enough harvest because we started late.  So we are starting soon this year to get something good this time around,” he added.

When this reporter visited the farm, the blind were seen carrying on transplanting of rice; something that surprises many.

“We did all the layout and the tilling of the soil, so we need help to enhance the work,” he said.

Botoe is an agriculturist and was involved with agricultural activities prior to becoming blind, and with the skills he still possesses, he believes he can use that to sustain his family instead of begging in the street.

Meanwhile, the group is appealing to the government and humanitarian groups to come to their aid with basic supplies like tools and food items so as to enable them complete the work.

“Our membership is huge, but because we do not have enough food, most of us still go around to beg for food; something I don’t want them to do, but nothing we can do because we do not have the means,” he said.


  1. Madam Minister,

    This organization, NUBA, deserves your attention. These people automatically qualify for government subsidy and incentives. They are willing to work, and not beg in the streets. Help them feed themselves and probably a portion of the population.

    I hope and pray that my plea will be heard and heeded.


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