NTAL President Calls On Gov’t to Place Supplementary Teachers on MoE Payroll

NTAL President Mary Mulbah Nyumah.

The president of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL), Mary Mulbah Nyumah, says getting the names of supplementary teachers on the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) regular payroll is crucial and needs government’s urgent attention to address the issue.

She said majority of the teachers across the counties have their names still on supplementary payroll and are yet to be placed on the Ministry of Education’s regular payroll.

Mrs. Nyumah said this situation was creating problems for them and, as a result, majority of them have been underpaid; they fear that their names could be dropped any time by the MoE.

She believes that if these teachers are placed on the Ministry of Education’s regular payroll, they will be motivated to render more services in molding the minds of the young people.

According to her, some of these teachers have been on the supplementary payroll for the past four to five years, because much attention has not been given to make sure that their status is regularized on the Ministry of Education’s regular payroll.

She said if the goal of the government’s pro-poor agenda must be achieved, especially in the educational sector, the issue of supplementary teachers should be a priority.

Mrs. Nyumah made the call over the weekend in Kakata, Margibi County, at programs marking the observance of World Teachers Day, organized by the Margibi County branch of the NTAL.

The celebration was held under the theme, “The right to education means the right to a qualified teacher.”

Nyumah said the observance of the World Teachers Day reminds all teachers worldwide that the right to education cannot be realized without trained and qualified teachers.

The NTAL president also used the occasion to caution female teachers in the country to advance themselves academically by taking advantage of the University of Liberia Teachers college where they will be able to acquire higher education.

She said they should not be satisfied with the little knowledge they have acquired at the teachers training institutes or the B and C certificates they have achieved. Rather, they should do all they can to obtain a degree that will enable them to be on par with their colleagues on the international scene.

The guest speaker, former Booker Washington Institute (BWI) principal Mulbah Jackollie, said the molding of the minds of the youth needs the collective effort of both teachers and parents. When such cordial relations are built between parents and the school authorities, he noted, the students stand to acquire the requisite knowledge they deserve.

Jackollie commended the NTAL leadership of Margibi County for organizing the World Teachers Day program to give special recognition to the teachers of Margibi county and Liberia as a whole.

The World Teachers Day program was attended by several teachers, including the leadership of NTAL from its head office in Monrovia, as well as the presidents of Bong and Nimba Teachers’ Associations and an array of teachers and education workers from the four educational districts of Margibi county.


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