NTAL Credit Union Members Urged to Remain Focused, United

NTAL President, Mrs. Mary W.M. Nyumah, makes remarks at the assembly.

Erik B. Vincent, Sr. former Deputy Registrar General of the Cooperative Development Agency (CDA), has urged members of the National Teachers Association of Liberia Credit Union Cooperative Society (NTALCUCS) to remain focus and united, if the institution must achieve its agenda.

Mr. Vincent made the call last Saturday, January 26, at the Union’s second Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Monrovia, which brought together participants from the 15 counties, including representatives from the CDA and Liberia Credit Union National Association (LCUNA), respectively.

In his keynote address on the theme, “The role of cooperatives in our socio-economy with employment opportunities and intensive investment strategy for community development cooperatives in Liberia,” Vincent said teachers, who are members of the NTALCUCS but have no interest in the cooperative movement should now begin to rethink positively based on the huge task that lies ahead of them.

“Forget about undermining each other within the organization. Everybody cannot occupy one position at the same time. Today, we can all boast of the tremendous gain made by the NTALCUCS in job creation capacity and investment efficiency of all teachers,” he said.

Participants at the just ended NTACUCS Assembly held in Monrovia.

According to him, “This has been a timely intervention which has also provided wealth and reduced poverty among professional teachers. As we leave from here, let us not perceive each other as trouble builders but rather peace builders.”

Vincent noted that, over the years, the Liberia Credit Union National Association (LCUNA) has played a commendable role in integrating smaller groupings like Susu, VSLA and community clubs into a viable financial cooperative.

He said to keep up such tasks, all affiliate members must be able to pay their dues on time, to enable LCUNA to pay its dues to the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) and take care of operational purposes that help improve its services to members.

He explained further that credit unions should be formed with the ability to provide direct employment, which applies to the collective type of cooperatives in which members are, at the same time, workers.

“And that is what we see in the NTALCUCS because they are providing services and support to members for what they cannot do or handle on their own as individuals,” he said.

Mr. Joeson B. Whisnant, Board Chairman of the NTALCUCS, extended appreciation to the great men and women who stood the test of time when some of their colleagues were playing the wait-and-see attitude to be part of the credit union. “We want to say to you, bravo for leaving your busy schedules in your various counties to turn out for this occasion which marks the second AGM of the NTALCUCS. Your presence here today served as a living testimony that you are prepared to move the NTAL credit union cooperative society forward.”

In his annual report to the AGM, Mr. Whisnant disclosed that the total registered members of the NTALCUCS is 1,318, including registrations with the CDA and LCUNA.

He said about 1,295 members benefited from the NTALCUCS loan scheme in 2018. Explaining the impact of the credit union, Whisnant said from the loans, they were able to engage in businesses and their lives have improved. According to him, the loans also assisted some members to purchase acres of land while others completed the construction of their houses.

Mary W. M. Nyumah, president of the NTAL, expressed gratitude to CDA and LCUNA for helping them to reach where they are today as an association.

Mrs. Nyumah assured members that the NTAL will do everything possible with their cooperation and support to become a shining example for workers’ credit union in the country.

She recommended to all branches of NTAL to register and save with the credit union which can also qualify a branch to take a loan for development projects.

“We will ensure that this is done as a way of showing our confidence in the cooperative as an organization,” she said.

The NTALCUCS was established in 2013 during the 64th Convention of the NTAL in Kakata, Margibi County with the intent of providing fair, honest and proactive leadership with the requisite skills and knowledge to steer the affairs of the credit union.


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