NTA Workers Union Installs New Leadership

NTA Workers Union Newly inducted officers

Togba R. Croyee Porte, Assistant Minister of Labor has described the induction ceremony of the Workers Union of the National Transit Authority NTA as essential for the forward march of that entity.

The Workers Union of NTA recently inducted into office corps of officials to steer the affairs of the union. The event was held in the compound of the National Transit Authority in Gardnersville. It was also graced by some government officials from the Ministry of labor, the Liberia Labor Congress among others.

During the induction, Minster Porte said it is everyone’s responsibility to make a workplace better, he said when the workers at various work places become friendly, it gives good image to the institution in terms of development.

“Being inducted today into various offices has given you huge  responsibility, therefore it is falling to you, to collectively work together to make the National Transit Authority a vibrant entity among the rest in Liberia,” he said.

Porte added that one of the best ways that workers can make their  institution vibrant is to see that entity as a personal dwelling place, which he said can only happen when all of the employees work as a team to put forth issues through to dialogue that will resolve issues.

He reminded the new leadership of the past where some institution’s workers union took to the streets in demand of what they claimed to be rights, and that he said was not the way to resolve their problems. “The only way the workers and the management can move ahead is to dialogue,” Porte stated.

According to him, before any institution becomes vibrant in society, the workforce or its employees must be disciplined and respect the rule of law and those rules and regulations that which govern them at that institution, in fact when the workers understand their role,  that alone gives the management the ability to know how to address situations. He admonished the management of NTA to also befriend the workers as the institution will not succeed in the absence of the employees.

Porte further urged the new leadership to show love for the entity they work for and conduct themselves constructively to ensure that there exist a smooth working environment at the NTA.

He stressed the importance of understanding the decent work act of 2015, section 2.1 which establish a legal framework to ensure respect for all. The purpose of the act is to also attain a decent work environment at all institutions and the protection and fulfillment of fundamental rights at workplaces in Liberia.

He told the audience that many managers do not know and understand the decent work act, as such he encouraged managers at NTA and other instructions to take advantage of the documents to ensure a good work environment. He said the management should also see the union as a movement that make workers better and the work place clear of disrespect.

Porte added that when there is a good workers representative, then the management   will not have difficult times to work with workers because he/she is the voice of the employees to the management through which their plight can be addressed easily.

The outgoing chairman of the union, Fornatee Koffa, used the occasion to encourage the new leadership to work with the management of NTA to achieve the aim and objective of the institution.

Mr. Koffa said during his term at the National Transit Authority (NTA), despite numerous challenges encountered with managers, the union remain absolutely focus because they believe that in the midst of misunderstanding there can be no development. He noted that if the NTA Workers Union must be effective in its operations, the leadership must also be able to consider dialogue as its major priority.



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