NTA Resumes Bus Service to Nimba County

NTA bus entering Ganta from Monrovia on Thursday, July 9, 2020, brings instant relief to those who need a more affordable way to travel between the two cities.

As confirmed COVID-19 cases surge past 950 

The National Transit Authority (NTA) has resumed public transportation services to Ganta, Nimba County, despite the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, which are inching toward 1,000, according to the WHO Tuesday situation report.

On Monday, July 6, 2020 the first batch of NTA buses loaded with passengers entered Ganta under a loud applause from the citizens, chanting with jubilation, “Coronavirus is over”.

The entering of the NTA buses brought great relief to the citizens mainly because the cost of transportation from Monrovia to Ganta has dropped.

Presently, the cost of taxi fares are about L$1,800 to L$2,000 and L$1,500 in private commercial buses.

The NTA Buses resumed traffic with the fares of L$450 per person from Monrovia to Ganta, but the conductor could not give the number of passengers on board the bus that has a capacity to seat 60 per trip.

The  NTA stopped operation when the Coronavirus outbreak was announced by President Weah in March this year.

While the resumption of operation brings relief to those who could afford the to pay the high transportation on taxis or private commercial buses, the customers’ response to the renewed freedom of affordable movement and socializing is priceless.

Meanwhile, the Daily Observer was informed last week by the County Health Officer Dr. Philip Sahr that Ganta is a hot-spot of COVID-19 in the county and that, currently, treatment of those with the disease have begun treatment at Esther and Jereline Medical Center in Ganta.

NTA is one leading public transport providers in Liberia, running dozens of buses running between Monrovia and other counties that are accessible by paves road.


  1. Now, this is real good news , and thanks to the people at NTA. LEC , where are you in this progressive development ?

  2. For once, James Davis has used his independent thoughts to give credit to Weah’s government and the people of Liberia. What a guy!

    Who are the people at NTA? Weah’s people!

    • And who are the people as Executive Services Bodyguards killing and brutalizing citizens ? George Weah’s people. Now this is the difference between James Davis and you, Mr. Hney, personality worshipping is not in the philosophy of James Davis. The closest that James Davis can bring your mindset to that difference, is what the notorious Charles Taylor said before leaving Liberia for exile. That Above All Else , Liberia. Above George Weah, Liberia. Not George. Above the people at NTA, Liberia. And for you, Mr. Hney, your philosophy of life centers around the personality of George , and that’s sad.

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