NPP Endorses Samson Wiah to Succeed Late Rep. Sloh

Samson Wiah

The National Patriotic Party (NPP), Sinoe County Chapter, has endorsed Samson Wiah as a possible replacement for fallen Sinoe county District #2 Lawmaker, Jay Nagbe Sloh in the by-election to fill that gap.

Speaking during the endorsement program, the Chairman of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), Chris Quarthy, described Mr. Wiah as a long term asset to the county and philanthropist, who must serve his people at the Legislature.

Even though the potential to advocate, make law, represent and demonstrate oversight is the main quality expected of a lawmaker, Chris Quarthy’s view about philanthropy is driven from the background of expectations voters have about a candidate to always share money and provide other forms of assistance; something politicians have used to ascend to legislative positions in many quarters.

The NPP Sinoe County Chapter’s Chairman also called on all members of NPP and the Coalition For Democratic Change (CDC) to fully support the representative bid of Mr. Wiah.

“This is about time that the NPP makes news of the slot within this district. So, based upon that, we have looked among partisans and God has made it possible and we have found the possible replacement in that district. We are calling on the people of Sinoe and members of the National Patriotic Party to get on their feet and pledge their political support to their son, Hon. Samson Wiah, who has served the county for over 22 years,” Mr. Quarthy said.

Mr. Wiah has served in several positions in the health sector in Sinoe County, including Community Health Department Director (CHDD) until his transfer to the Ministry of Health as an Assistant Director.

“We as partisans and citizens of District #2 believe that this is the time to pay Samson back for all of the good services he has rendered to our county,” Quarthy added.

Mr. Wiah accepted the endorsement and lauded the party for its decision to consider him as the best choice, adding that he is prepared to transform the lives of the people and continue with the dreams and aspirations of the late Hon. Sloh.

“I wholeheartedly welcome this endorsement and we are prepared to get the people in District#2 making sure that we preach unity, and continue with the developmental drive of the district.

“We appreciate the partisans, the party chairman, Hon. Chris Quarthy for being so farsighted of understanding that the Jedepo People have confidence in me to replace our fallen hero,” Mr. Wiah said.


  1. I don’t know Mr. Samson Wiah neither do I know of him. However, I wish him well. If or when Wiah gets elected, I sincerely hope and pray that his constituents as well the people of Liberia will be professionally served.

    What do I mean?
    The compensation of Liberia’s legislators is way up the charts. Liberians will be professionally served if the lawmakers could debate on ways in which their yearly salaries could be slashed. A 10% pay cut will be considered a good start.



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