NPA Shelters Subdue GAC Auditors 17-11 in Kickball

NHA kickball team that won their match yesterday

In their first match in the second week of the Inter-Ministerial League, yesterday at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, NHA Shelters defeated their female counterparts from the General Auditing Commission (GAC-Auditors) 17-11 points in the third kickball encounter of the day.

The NHA Shelters’ coach Waddy Kambaboakai told the Daily Observer that the scores could have been more had the weather been more favorable. The downpour of rain caused the pitch to fill with water and it made running to the base and catching air-ball difficult, she said.

NHA Shelters’ victory was celebrated by many

Coach Waddy said despite the poor weather, she was impressed with the performance of her players. “When the match began and I saw Miatta Fahnbulleh and Gmasnoh Tarplah making good with their kicks and running without any challenge to their bases, I knew we would have a good game,” she said.

She added, “Because of the poor nature of the pitch it was difficult to be certain what was the problem with my players as they game proceeded but I can assure you that at a good weather, my girls could do better than what they did.”
Coach Waddy said her next game is on Thursday, June 14 against Currents of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC-Currents) at the BTC field in central Monrovia.

NHA-Shelters kickball players that made certain of victory were Theresa Walker, Gmasnoh Tarplah, Marie Jallah, Facia Tarley and Ellen Decker.

GAC kicball players before the match yesterday

The rest were Charlotte Madison, Grace Doris, Catherine Massaquoi, Sue Charlie and Miatta Fahnbulleh.
In the first two earlier encounters, NEC Voters lost 3-0 to the Marines of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA) and LEC- Currents defeated Ministry of Youth & Sports 6-4.

In the soccer encounters, NEC and LMA settled to 0-0 and MYS defeated LEC 2-1. MYS led 2-0 before LEC secured their consolation goal and later made efforts to cancel their opponents’ lead without success. As usual, both games were negatively affected by the rain.

In the NEC versus LMA’s encounter, the game was stopped midway in the first half because of the rain.
Still, in the soccer game, NHA-Shelters took on their GAC-Auditors in the last game and the Auditors won 3-1 to lead Group F ahead of MYS. NHA-Shelters soccer team had hoped to begin the campaign with a good start but the 3-1 loss offsets their chances in the on-going league.

NHA has LEC to play on Thursday at the BTC field in central Monrovia and their last game will be against MYS. The question that is at the lips of many is whether the NHA soccer team can salvage their image in their last two games.

“It will need a miracle,” said a disappointed employee yesterday at the SKD Complex after the team’s loss. Otherwise, the team’s journey in the league could end in their next match.”


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