NPA MD, Others Honored for Humanitarian Services


The First Presbyterian Church in Monrovia has honored a number of its members, including the Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA), Madam Matilda Parker, for what the church termed as their numerous humanitarian services to the church in particular and the Liberian nation.

Madam Parker and others were honored with a title of Elder and Deaconess in the First Presbyterian Church.

The moderator of the Presbytery of Liberia and pastor the First Training Church of Monrovia, Rev. Sando Townsend, said that what led to Madam Parker being selected for the honor is her numerous contributions to church and society and her active roles in the activities of the church and her country.

He made the statement yesterday at a grand reception hosted by Madam Parker at the Monrovia City Hall.

Rev. Townsend said that the charming NPA boss has contributed immensely to humanitarian activities, with specific mention of the fight against the killer disease Ebola in the country.

Several other Presbyterians were also honored at yesterday’s church service at the corner of Broad and Johnson Streets.

Those ordained deacon were Sister Catherine A. Cooper, Sister Celestine S. Johnson, Sister Matilda Parker, Brother Clarence B. Townsend and Brother Henry Harris.

The moderator and pastor, Rev. Sando Townsend, also ordained several as elders of the church.  Among them were Sister Edith Yancy, Sister Charessetta V. Nimmo and   Sister Matilda Parker.

“It was due to the commitment of these people that the church board agreed to honor them for their services to the church and the country,” said Rev. Townsend.

He asserted that the honoring of Madam Parker is not just seen from her being the NPA Director but it was based on the sacrifices she is making to her country and God’s kingdom.

In remarks, the NPA Director said it was important to serve humanity rather self. It was  good for one to avail oneself to the service of mankind through the church as an institution and the country whether or not you are in leadership.

She urged her fellow Liberians to exert more efforts to live a purposeful life that others can count on for the future.

“I live a life with purpose so that people can count on me for the future and I strive to do the very best I can do.”

“I was selected to be an   ordained elder of my church because I choose to live a purposeful live.”

She used the occasion to call on Christians to provide more support to their churches in order to build the kingdom of God.

The NPA MD promised to work with the pastors and her ordained sisters to implement any project the church decides on to carry out.

“If women work together, they can do something by bringing about change,” she said.

The honoring program was followed by a grand reception held at the Monrovia City Hall.


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