Nov. 7 Runoff “Does Not Look Possible,” Says Korkoyah

NEC chairman, Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has accepted to abide by the Supreme Court’s order calling for a stay order on all ongoing elections processes pending the announcement of final rulings into the case between the Commission and the Liberty Party of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine.

Addressing journalists today at during a press conference held at the Commission’s headquarters in Monrovia, the chairman of NEC, Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya said his office has ordered the Coalition for Democratic Change and the Unity Party to put halt to all their campaign activities for the runoff pending a ruling from the Supreme Court in the October 10th alleged electoral frauds case filed by LP.

On request of the LP, the Supreme Court has issued a Writ of Prohibition ordering the NEC to stop all preparations for the November 7, 2017 presidential runoff election. “The NEC, in line with this order, will follow the Court’s instructions. This means all activities in preparation for the presidential runoff election are suspended will not be resumed until the Court orders otherwise,” Korkoya said.

He noted further that from the loss of Wednesday, Nov.1, 2017 as one of the NEC’s working days, means that the November 7, 2017 date set for the runoff presidential election does not look possible.

On status update, he said “Prior to the Supreme Court Order, election preparations were on track. Ballot papers arrived as scheduled on October 28 and packing has been ongoing and ballot papers and other sensitive materials were being prepared and dispatched to centers across the country,” he noted, adding that parts of the shipments of materials had already arrived in Maryland, Grand Kru, River Gee and Grand Gedeh at the time of the order.

“Today shipments were scheduled for the remaining materials to Maryland and River Gee as well as Lower Nimba, Margibi and Upper and Lower Bong but these are suspended, and in some cases, they were recalled back to the warehouses as they were en route,” he said. He added that today’s deliveries were scheduled for Bomi, Grand Bassa, Cape Mount, Grand Gedeh and Sinoe as well as parts of Montserrado but they are also suspended.

Considering claims regarding the integrity of the October 10 representative and presidential polls, Korkoya said inasmuch as there were challenges, the Commission is in no way guilty of any fraudulent electoral practice.

On Magistrates and Board of Commissioners alleged secret meeting with President Sileaf on September 17, he reiterated that it was not in any way a secret meeting to speak of it being evil. “As head of State, the President has supported the NEC strongly in its mandate to hold free and fair elections. The Government, including the other branches of the state are stakeholders and the NEC has a duty to engage all stake in its work.”

Concerning the alleged discovered ballot papers in Grand Gedeh, he said they were not official ballot papers but sample ballot papers. “After a thorough investigation and examination of the papers brought forward we have got to know that they were not official ballot papers. They were sample ballots which were intended to help voters know their candidates as they headed to the polls to vote,” Korkoya said.

He said the ballots discovered had no security feature as the official ballots and appealed to all political parties to use the appropriate channels to air grievances and complaints. “The NEC recognizes their right to freedom of speech,” Korkoya said, “but announcing unsupported claims in the media risks inflaming the situation and dividing people. The legal framework clearly outlines a legal process  for complaints and the NEC follows this framework, including taking appeals to the Supreme Court.”

On the possibility of elections rerun should the Supreme Court decide, he said let it not be imagined because what the political parties termed as frauds are not evidences to nullify the October 10 polls. “International and local observers have all submitted their reports and those reports speak to our expectations which say that the elections were credibly and transparently conducted. There is no reason for us to think that the Supreme Court will ignore the facts and follow complaints emanating from sentiments or orchestrated plans intended to cause trouble or backwardness to our political system,” he noted.

The Supreme Court is meanwhile expected to hear arguments with evidences from the LP and the NEC on November 2, in spite of the date being Thanksgiving Day, a public holiday in Liberia.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia will do a very good job to help restore the
    respect and honor due the Liberian people by ruling to cancel the just ended October
    10, 2017 elections because of the numerous irregularities and frauds admitted to by the
    Chairman of NEC. The Supreme Court must also know that well matured, experienced
    and educated were turned away from voting even though they were legally registered
    to vote.

  2. I don’t see how Ellen has suddenly become a strong fan of CDC and the party really believes in the sincerity of that support? Something does not sound right!

  3. Slowly, but surely Charley Brumskine is becoming a “Human Rights” Lawyer. Thanks Charles, that’s one way to build your RESUME for a future Presidential ambition. You are defending the rights of those deserving Liberian Citizens who were denied their birth rights to VOTE on in Liberia’s Primary Election on Oct. 10, 2017. That’s good! Very Good!! Our highest esteem…

  4. It is unfortunate for some Liberians to advocate the abortion of the result of a process that the international community sees as credible. In addition to the financial cost of redoing the election, we cannot consider the people who did not participate in the process as a tangible cause for canceling the election results. Educate them and help them participate in the second round. I believe that the propagated ballot paper discovery would have been a good ground for seeing the process as illegitimate but since the clarification by the NEC proves that the ballot paper were educative samples, there is no ground for canceling the election results.
    IF THE FEAR IS THAT CDC WILL WIN AND SHE SHOULD AGAIN BE DEPRIVED OF VICTORY, we are doing ill to our country. Let me clearly indicate here that Democracy or the will of the people is greater than anyone’s dislike or ill-wish. In America, many people knew that president Donald Trump did not have the maturity and the experience to lead the world’s only super power but the will of the people brought him to power. My fellow Liberians, let us not rub a true born son of our country his legitimate and constitutional right because someone is not satisfy with his credential, No! The country becomes better when its citizens can bury their feelings to allow the will of the majority of our citizens to prevail.

  5. A Divided House- after accepting the October 10 2017 election results and revamping its team for the runoff I see the Unity Party caught in a double standard dilemma- Vice President of the country though been a standard bearer who should be in the vanguard of protecting and maintaining the peace and stability that his government emphasized is caught in the Web. But greed for power causes some people to forget their own importance in the society giving relevance to ego. Moreover, that is what happens when an individual forgets his or her role in society and go after their personal interest which creates misunderstanding-conflict of interest. However, the so called educated people does not see any problem with this behavior of the ruling Unity Party which is a recipe to stir conflict to go after its own institution, NEC and “Nicodemusly” joined the Liberty Party to go to court. Then what will the ordinary people affected by their decisions do. But thank God that Liberians are not playing by their cunning games that have the propensity to tamper with our nation’s peace. I continue to urge all Liberians to continue to preserve and maintain the peace that we have enjoyed for over twelve years. Let them (power Seekers) play the mind game and you (Liberians) play the wisdom game; lets peace reign in Jesus name.

  6. We, Liberians, can’t be serious about “change” while not letting go old habits that have divided the country from JJ Robert’s time: Belief of of self – absorbed, self – entitled, self – centered few that the voices of the country’s Country – Congua poor don’t matter even in a govenment of the people by the people for the people.

    God and Brumskine know that he didn’t have a chance of winning the presidency in elections characterized by ethnic identity politics, which he triggered ironically while lambasting Vice President Boakai. All he hoped for and rightfully got is a third place finish that would’ve given him a seat at the bargaining table for plum jobs for partisan proteges, including maintaining proximity to power which guaranteed very lucrative concessionary contracts for his law firm, and loans from banks etc. without him losing sleep. Meanwhile, the Country and Congua populace would undergo life – denying poverty, what a blessed elite!

    So, never mind how much we pretend, this alleged conspiracy between the Supreme Court and Code of Conduct destroyer Brumskine is reminiscent of the supposedly Justice Banks – Dr Foday Koroma understanding to delay and thus preventing Counselor Varney Sherman from throwing his hat in the Senate Pro Temp race after clearly winning the Cape Mount Senate election. That’s why many are perplexed that since PYJ declared for the Weah – Jewel ticket, UP made common cause with Brumskine who had abused and belittled its standard bearer VP Boakai.

    What is happening in Liberia are dramatic ironies piled under pillars of paradox. Smooth and peaceful democratic transfer of power – a historic moment – was meant to be a signature achievement of EJS’s domestic policy, adding to exemplary foreign policy successes. And guess who is denying her that legacy: Junior cousin Charles who benefitted most among the extended family.

    Talking about failure, EJS’s was to mistake self – serving flattery for loyalty: A habit of most African politicos and public “servants”!

  7. Mambo Momo, you’re way off base man. I can’t sit idly by and not respond to you on this one. No, no.
    Momo, are you really blaming the educated people of Liberia or are you pretty much upset at the system.
    The system that I speak of, is the thick corruption that exists in all of Liberia. Go anywhere in Liberia and you’ll see corruption at its height. There’s a Greek adage that says a fish rots from the head down. That adage is 101% correct! The direct implication is that in all societies, corruption starts at the top officials and all the way down to the plebians.

    So let’s get this thing straight man. All societies need people who are erudite! It’s an unavoidable fact of life. Being educated is not an act of corruption. Don’t say because an educated leader came in and didn’t create jobs so, “we don’t care about educated leaders”.
    You and hundreds of Liberians are very disconsolate because of what’s been happening in a corrupt system. I understand.
    Momo, some people do not know a darn thing about management. Example, some of the minister that were appointmented by the President did not study management. All they did throughout the past 1w years was to drive big cars, smoke cigars, mess with young girls, eat cow meat and stuff up their guts without doing the their jobs professionally.
    Still, that shouldn’t discourage you Momo. Just because this educated person or leader didn’t do this or that does not mean that all educated leaders will do the same darn thing


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