Notorious Maryland Drug Lord Nabbed in Ganta

Suspect Jasper Hne, who is also known as “Justice”, was arrested on October 13, 2019 in Ganta, during a police raid.

Suspect Jasper Hne was candidate for House of Representatives seat in Maryland District #2 during 2017 elections

Ganta Police Detail has nabbed a man identified as one of the notorious drug lords and a fugitive from Maryland County and several others during a raid in Ganta.

The man, Jasper Hne, who is also known as “Justice” was arrested on October 13, 2019 around the LMPC Bypass/Bangla Road in Ganta, during a police raid.

According to the Commander Adolphus Zorh, he and some other men were arrested with 30 pieces or parcels of heroin, which is also known as “Italian white.”

He explained that Mr. Jasper Hne is a wanted man in Maryland, where he resisted arrest from the Detachment of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency by the use of firearms in June 2019.

When contacted, the Maryland LDEA confirmed it and described him as the main supplier of narcotic substances to gangs around the Cavalla Rubber Plantation and the entire Maryland County.

The LDEA Maryland detachment also described Hne as notorious, who controlled a gang armed with single barrel guns with no regard for any law enforcement officers, especially the LDEA in County.

In June 2019, he and his gang allegedly forcefully released their colleagues from the LDEA cell, leaving several LDEA officers wounded.

According to the document in the possession of this paper, Pleebo Magisterial Court ordered a warrant under headline “Open Order of Arrest”, dated June 19, 2019 for Jasper Hne, a lady only identified as Oldlady and Amma, a Nigerian. But Oldlady and Amma were arrested, tried and sentenced to prison.

“He is a notorious criminal in Maryland and the brain behind the illegal tapping of rubber belonging to the Cavalla Rubber Plantation,” said a LDEA officer, who spoke on condition anonymity, because he is not clothed with the authority to speak to press.

“It was from his illegal activities that got him wealthy to contest the 2017 election,” the officer added.

Mr. Jasper Hne contested for the representative post in Maryland County District #2 in 2017 and came third to The Rep. Bhofal Chambers on the ticket of the Liberia People’s Party.

Ganta Police Commander Zorh explained that he was once arrested around the Ganta Main Street, selling drugs in late June and forwarded to LDEA for prosecution, where he was taken to Monrovia, but he was freed on bail allegedly because the road to Maryland was bad for his transfer.

Recently, the police began an operation, where several criminal hideouts, including the Methodist Rubber Farm on the Sanniquellie-Ganta highway, as well as LPMC Market, among others, were raided.

It was during the raid that fugitive Jasper Hne was arrested again, with some quantities of high profile drugs.

The LNP turned over Mr. Hne and the four others to LDEA, where they have been charged and sent to the Ganta Magisterial Court undergoing trial. They are presented in the court by former Nimba Circuit Judge, Cllr. Emery Paye. 


  1. Criminals like this will continue to be shielded by people placed in authority who benefit from the trade. It will not be a surprise if Hne is set free again.

  2. The New ‘Silk Road’.

    Liberia is becoming “the El Paso” of West Africa. The some of our citizens have mastered the drug trade, more than the cartels that are supplying the West African Coastal belt.
    It is important noticing since the Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, has instituted a ‘zero tolerance for drug cartels and thier foot soldiers; West Africa has seen a spike in drug trafficking. Libera and other African Countries, are now being used as a conduit to bigger markets. Our citizens are picking up the pieces left behind by the King Kongs of the drug trades.
    Liberia, once regarded as a quiet and peaceful enviromment, is now regarded a hub for drug trafficking. Cartels and Lords are “having a field day” with impunity.
    We are living on the highway of a new silk road for illicit traffickers.



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