‘Notorious Kubah’s Operation is Funded by Foreign Investors, Drug Dealer’

Varney Kiazulu, alias Azonto

Gang leader Kiazulu alias Azonto alleges

Immediately after Varney Kiazulu, alias Azonto and six of his members including a female were on their way back to jail,  this time at the Monrovia Central Prison, Azonto told journalists at the Temple of Justice that his gang is being funded by Foreign Investors and drug dealers operating in the country.

The gang leader in an interview said his group intention is not bad, making specific reference to fundraise on their behalf by foreign businesspeople especially Nigerians who smuggle narcotic substance in the country without any hindrance.
Azonto and some of his group members were remanded in prison on Tuesday, January 19, by Magistrate Jomah Jallah of the Monrovia City Court. 

They were charged with the commission of the crimes that include criminal attempt to commit murder, criminal conspiracy, criminal facilitation, aggravated assault, criminal mischief and armed robbery.

The charges were brought against the notorious group by the Liberia National Police. They were arrested on January 7, 2021 by the Anti Robbery Unit of the LNP.

Azonto did not explain or name any business person giving them financial support, but he said, “Whenever I go to them they give me money and it is the same money I use to keep my men up,” Azonto boastfully claimed.
On the recruitment of his gang members, Azonto said, almost all of his men are recruited, while in prison.”Our intent is not bad, rather it is to provide protection to our people and the business community against those evil guys who have been harassing them,” Azonto alleged.

In an apologetic mood, Azonto said if his gang is seen as people who have caused hardship to the citizery, then, “I say sorry.”

Azonto disclosed that keeping him in prison would make him to recruit more people there to support his intent to make the country free of bad guys. In the court documents, the police claimed that one Bobby Johnson informed them that on Wednesday, December 16, 2020, he went at Seny Bar situated at Duport Road junction to entertain himself and while there, Azonto attacked him with a knife. 

Johnson, the police also claimed, instructed his men to damage and deflate his Black Range Rover Tiers and threatened to kill him and his families.

Johnson added that on Thursday, he went to the same entertainment center to entertain himself, and again Azonto attacked him with a knife, assaulted him and took away one gent wallet, a cash amount of US$1,800, as well as his vehicle’s windshield.

Another victim of Azonto gang is Daniel Davis, who police claimed explained that on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, around 12 a.m., he went to Suthal  Margarita to entertain himself and while sitting, Azonto walked over to him.
Victim Davis further explained that after Azonto walked to him, he complained that one of Azonto friends, identified as Fayiah hit him in the presence of a police officer, whose name he could not identify.

Davis further explained that while he was trying to calm down the situation, Azonto allegedly took up a knife in the presence of the police officer and subsequently stabbed him on his neck. And, while attempting to escape the scene, Azonto and his men chased him and threw stones and broken bottles at him, thereby damaging his vehicle’s back windshield causing damages in the amount of US$695.


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