‘Not Easy Getting Liberians to Embrace Digital Banking’

first from left, UBA Liberia outgoing MD Olalekan Balogun and his successor, Madam Nkechi Joyce Arizor at the introductory press conference held in Monrovia.

— Says UBA Liberia’s outgoing MD

Olalekan Balogun, outgoing Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Liberia, has called on Liberians to see the need to muster the courage and move forward with the new age of digital banking.

Balogun said it is about time for Liberians to embrace technology, especially in the banking sector, which he noted will reduce inefficiency and help rapidly drive the sector to a higher and improved height.

He spoke on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, at an introductory press conference in Monrovia, marking the arrival of Madam Nkechi Joyce Arizor as UBA Liberia’s new incoming managing director.

Balogun, who is expected to take up a new assignment in Accra, Ghana, termed his three-and-a-half years of service at UBA Liberia as a remarkable journey, which he is very proud of.

According to him, the UBA brand is very unique to meet the direct and indirect taste of clients nationally, regionally and globally and, as such, he is optimistic that his successor, with her level of experience in the banking sector and achievements over the years, will even double it up from where he left it.

He named the bank’s latest product, the ‘Push and Pull’ promotion, as a major achievement under his tenure which, he noted, took over a year to achieve but is now making banking easier for Liberians.

Balogun also named the strengthening of financial inclusion policy in UBA, modernization of payments and other transactions as well as services during his term as some achievements that will not go unnoticed in the sector.

He, however, used the occasion to urge Liberians to accept change, which he noted, was one of his greatest challenges in the country. According to him, getting people in the country to accept new ways of doing things is so challenging, adding that such attitude needs to change for the better.

“For the people to accept digital or mobile banking in Liberia was not an easy task and, even up till now, more people are not making use of it, in spite of its many advantages,” Balogun said. “They have to embrace technology in order for Liberia to get faster on par with their regional as well as their international counterparts.”

Balogun then called on the media and the workers of UBA-Liberia to work as a team with their new boss and support her initiative for the betterment of the sector.

In brief remarks, the incoming Managing Director of UBA Liberia, Madam Nkechi Joyce Arizor, thanked her predecessor (Balogun) for the immense contribution to the UBA family and the sector in general.

UBA Liberia’s new managing director, Madam Nkechi Joyce Arizor, and her predecessor, Olalekan Balogun

“Wearing a big shoe like Balogun’s is not an easy task but I will strive to do more and take over from where he stopped,” Madam Arizor pointed out.

She indicated that financial inclusion for everyone, despite their remote or urban locations, will be part of her many objectives.

“I am glad that I was appointed to a country where there are so many opportunities and, fortunately, we have all the products to match the market we are in,” Madam Arizor said.

The incoming UBA Liberia MD is a certified ISO auditor, who began her Banking career in August of 1991 and has risen through the ranks of the Banking sector, occupying several positions in both operations and marketing.

Arizor has an MBA in Management from the University of Nigeria, an M.Ed (Educational Management and Planning) from the University of Port Harcourt and a B:Ed certificate from the University of Ibadan.

According to Melody Mezay Ketter, UBA Liberia’s Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Madam Arizor came to the new position with a wealth of experience in Banking and is hoping to deliver the necessary goods for the company and the sector in general.

On January 15, 2020, she was appointed alongside Abiola Bawuah, who now heads the West Africa Operations of UBA as regional CEO.

Their appointments represent the bank’s mission of gender diversity and women empowerment at all levels.

UBA’s mission, among other things, is to be the undisputed leading and dominant financial services institution in Africa, with excellent service delivery at the core of its values.

In Liberia, UBA is said to be leading the digital banking space with several digital products being rolled out to her many customers for easy and convenient banking.

Currently it is operating in twenty Africa Countries and also in New York, the United Kingdom and France, respectively.


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