NOCAL, ExxonMobil Donate to Phebe Lab Expansion

(L-R) Gaeduo Stewart, Jerry Daboi, Marilyn Logan, Dr. Sibley, Charlotte Dennis-Samukai, Sharon George, Saturday Quellie, Mrs. Bass, Ambulai Mamey, Clarine Simpson Vaughn and Kerson Sakor

Many people crossing borders from neighboring countries and counties to seek medical services at Phebe Hospital in Bong County, central Liberia, speaks of the dedicated staff at the hospital, a release from the hospital has said.

Under the leadership of Jefferson Sibley, M.D., Phebe Hospital and School of Nursing builds upon a reputation of long-standing dependability. As past leaders ensured Phebe’s continuity through Liberia’s ups and downs, Dr. Sibley is taking it a step further to ensure proper diagnostics can positively impact the vast catchment population the hospital serves.

Part of its strategy to ensure better patient outcomes is engaging in partnerships that will enhance this core focus.

According to the release, one of the areas that is changing positively to ensure quality patient care is in the area of laboratory strengthening.

Phebe was chosen among peers within this field during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2017, to win the Outstanding Service Award for Laboratory Management.

This award recognizes outstanding service based on overall growth, development and implementation of institutional programs focused on quality management and leadership development, the released stated.

As a host sponsor for the annual Africabio Enterprises, Incorporated conference, the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) saw the opportunity to support Phebe diagnostic capacity through its Corporate Social Responsibility.

NOCAL provided chemistry and coagulation analysis equipment to boost the medical technology in the Phebe Laboratory bringing innovative diagnostics that fit into this environment where growth and development is occurring.

(L-R) Dr. Sibley and Mr. Quellie

Phebe has begun to integrate quality management systems (QMS) to ensure adequate attention is given to the entire diagnostic environment, according to the release.

It is a plus to see that in this environment, Phebe is putting its own mechanisms in place to sustain the laboratory and not relying on its partners, the release stated.

On August 29, representatives from NOCAL, ExxonMobil and Africabio were present to handover the equipment to Dr. Sibley and his lab team, led by Saturday Quellie. Doctor Sibley thanked Africabio for organizing Lab Week, which created the opportunity for Phebe Hospital to receive the award and equipment.

“The lab is usually considered an almost forgotten arm of the health system but, as we saw with Ebola in 2014, they are in the forefront and facing the same dangers.

“Healthcare cannot be properly managed without proper diagnosis. Therefore, in order to strengthen our healthcare, the lab should be a priority.

“Thank you to NOCAL as these items of equipment you provided will serve multiple curative purposes and additional practical training for the students as well as provide additional knowledge for rotating interns and specialists.

“Phebe promises that these equipment will be used for their intended purposes. Thank you to Mr. Quellie and his lab team for the hard work. This award was not a surprise,” said Doctor Sibley.


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