NOBEL Liberia’s CSR Benefits Liberia Marketing Association

NOBEL Liberia’s CEO Jallah Kesselly and LMA’s President Alice Gorlu Yeebahn.

NOBEL Liberia, a Liberian owned money transfer company that only sends money within, and not without, Liberia yesterday identified with the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) and presented a US$5,000 check as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Making the presentation, the President and chief executive officer of NOBEL Liberia, Jallah Kesselly, said his company is pleased to be associated with the LMA in its efforts to provide academic scholarships to some of its members.

“We believe that all well-meaning Liberians who are capable of contributing should do so. We can’t always look to the government to solve our problems. We, Liberians, must all work together to make our country better. Making Liberia better is not only the responsibility of the government or the politicians. I’m a businessman and not a politician. However, I do realize the fact that the Liberia we wish to see requires our collective efforts,” he said.

Kesselly stated that he trusts that the funds would be used for the intended purpose, and hoped that the relationship between the LMA and NOBEL will continue to grow as they are both members of the Liberian business community.

For her part, Madame Alice Gorlu Yeebahn, president of the LMA, expressed appreciation to NOBEL Liberia’s management for the donation and further assured the company that the amount will be used for the intended purpose.

“Words are inadequate to express our appreciation for such a significant donation, as the administration of the LMA is striving to enhance the education of our members’ children. We say thanks to NOBEL Liberia for this kind gesture,” she said.

Meanwhile, the LMA said it is planning an official program to introduce the management of NOBEL Liberia to other LMA executive members.

It may be recalled that NOBEL Liberia has provided thousands of United States’ dollars as a relief to several charitable organizations such as MISS LIBERIA, Chicago Bright Foundation, and the Monrovia Football Academy, among others.


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