NOBEL Liberia, FABRAR to Export Liberian Country Rice

(From left:) Kesselly and Lavelanet display a pack of country rice ready for export

In its bid to help promote Liberian businesses locally and internationally, and to empower farmers throughout the country, the management of NOBEL Liberia recently formed a partnership with Fabrar Liberia Incorporated, exporters of the red Liberian country rice to the United States, according to a press release yesterday.

Two Fabrar executives, Mrs. Jeanine Cooper, founder, and the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Fabio E. Lavelanet, who met with the Chief Executive Officer of NOBEL Liberia, Mr. Jallah Kesselly, for the business deal, said they were excited to begin the exportation of the Liberian country rice, branded the “Lone Star Rice”, to the United States for supply to Liberians, other Africans, as well as Americans, and encouraging them to have a taste for Liberian home-produced rice.

Mrs. Cooper said a 40-foot container of red Liberian country rice is expected to be exported to the United States through the management of NOBEL Liberia for Liberians in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and other Liberian communities in the United States.

For his part, the CEO of NOBEL Liberia, Mr. Kesselly, expressed appreciation to the management of Fabrar for the initiative to promote Liberia abroad by making the first attempt to export homemade Liberian rice for consumption by Liberians and others in the US. The slogan for the exercise is “Helping Liberia to rise again.”

Also speaking, the CEO of Fabrar, Mr. Lavelanet, said every five bags of the Lone Star rice being shipped to the United States is the contribution to the livelihood of one farmer, and further noted that the shipment of 4,000 bags has contributed to the livelihood of 800 farm families.

“Every bag purchased puts $3 in the hands of a farmer,” Mr. Lavelanet said.

Observers believe the exportation of home-grown Liberian rice to the United States will help in the promotion of Liberia’s locally produced commodities, and will also dignify the work of Liberian farmers.

Since its establishment, NOBEL Liberia has always made its support and services available to Liberian owned institutions by providing guidance and other means that will help Liberians sustain themselves and their families.


  1. Export the country rice and eat imported rice? Should United states send rice? Liberians got enough rice to eat and export? The United states got enough food.
    Election coming. Gone to my 57% majority in silence. Answer the voters.

  2. Take United States $3 and put in your farmers mouths to eat and my grand children will use my 300 Liberian dollars wisely for Liberian people to buy Liberian goods and service. My children will not exchange their American dollars with you for your country rice to feed your farmers with American rice. My family has its own country rice farm not for export but to eat with okra, potato greens, palm butter and plenty other soups. (healthy meat, seafood, up-river crabs plus others). Eat your own native rice and grow enough to feed yourselves (the Liberian population) before you export rice. I will only pay Liberian dollars for Liberian rice.
    Time to elect. Not time to export country rice.
    Gone in silence to my head. Tell the ballot box.

    • JTiggs, in case you didn’t realize, both Nobel and Fabrar are private entities and as such they can do as they please. Moreover, the idea that Liberian country rice is being taken to the global market is good news for our farmers. This means our farmers will have a greater market to sell their products and not only live by means of hand to mouth production. Having a bigger market such as the US can also possibly help our farmers grow bigger than they may have ever imagined. Local consumption is good, but being able to export is even better from an economic stand point. I hope you see the logic in my posting and do not consider this a personal attack. God bless.

      • Concerned Liberian, besides a few Liberian in the Liberian community in America, no other citizen is going to buy that rice. I would be surprised if a thousand bags of that country rice sells in the states, more especially if the final finish is not up to USDA standard.

        This little rice processor (Fabrar Liberia Incorporated) claims not to be capable of providing the school feeding program (Mary’s Meal) in Liberia with the entire quantity of rice it needs. Now he’s a rice exporter?

        Laughable! Only in Liberia.

        Just My Opinion!

    • Do you understand what the exportation of Liberian Rice will do for the economy of our country. Do you know how many benefits our local rice farmers will accrue from this venture? Do you also know that exporting our home made Country Rice will empower our farmers in giving them financial resources to grow more food with a larger market thereby making them wealthy in the process? We need to stop politicizing every thing in this country. This has nothing to do with politics and got everything to do with creating a larger market for our local rice producers here in Liberia. For once, let us export our country rice. Do you know how many Liberians in the US that would want to eat their local rice from Liberia but cannot find it on the American Market? Let us open our mind mehn.

  3. Thanks to NOBEL Liberia and FABRAR for the initiative, however, I would like to advise FABRAR to promote the consumption of our sweet locally produced red rice in Liberia. You can do that through advertisements via the electronic and print media. I strongly believe Liberians love the red country rice, but, they don’t eat same because of the rudimentary way it’s being processed by farmers. With your company now improving the quality of the country rice through mechanised processing, Liberians need to know so they can buy and eat.

  4. NOBEL Liberia imports American Long Grain that’s too expensive for the Liberian people, and Fabrar Liberia Incorporated (small rice processor) decides to exports so-called country rice because their rice is too expensive for Liberian residents. So it makes perfect sense, the Liberian way.

    How could you export rice when the country imports 85% of what consumed?

    Just My Opinion!

  5. I guess you mean “JTiggs” is also a Liberian. Are you an American or a Liberian? Learn how to spell names. Learn also how to talk to the Liberian voters. This is not a chat room. Tell the Liberian Voters. We see you are concerned. But Learn how to feed yourself first before you feed Liberians in the United States. American wives and Liberian Children have enough Liberian Dollars to buy Liberian rice. Private businesses in Liberia trying to depend on American dollars to use in Liberia and cannot work for their own soil money to exchange to American money. God does not bless blood diamonds and corrupt money.
    Answer the Liberian Voters, the media, or the ballot box. Not my son.

  6. This is not the first time exporting Liberian country rice has been attempted. Forgot the rice riot? We need Liberian Dollars to turn over to American Dollars to purchase machinery, and We must work for Liberian money we produce ourselves. We should stop depending on free American dollars to exchange to deficits. Work = Force X Distance. If professional Liberian agricultural engineers can grow rice in Liberia enough to feed Liberians and export abroad, why have they not invented yet machines to produce agricultural products? Not speaking about only rice. Conversely, why have medical researchers not yet developed and/ or invented Liberian medical instruments. Why did these career workers allow lack of food, sanitation and good health cause so many deaths on the west coast of Africa? They all forget that most Liberians are illiterate yet the few so called literate that say they are professionals come home to seek power and revenge on Politics for wealth. No longer will this work.
    I am gone to 54% majority. Do not call me back. Talk to the voters. The nation. The ballot box.

  7. Well, is a good news for the producer because of business purposes but, I’ll tell you people for free that if you people mean business why you take it to your door steps, how many Liberians having access on your production in Liberian market? Today in our country we’re purchasing half bags of rice 25kg $1,950.00 LD per bag in our capital city. How do Liberians know they are exporting rice and they don’t know the taste of their product????? Hmmm!! OK OOOOOO! Well done.

  8. Is something wrong with our country Liberia?
    Let Liberia feed herself before she feed the great United States. Is this stupidity or foolishness. Our country does not have food to eat. Liberia is starving, begging other countries to feed her. What in the hell are we going to allow these goats to do this to our country

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