NOBEL Financial Service in More Liberian Banks

Jallah Kesselly of Nobel Liberia and GT Bank Executive Director, Prince Saye

Due to its reliable money transfer services since its inception a few years ago, and in continuation of forming a partnership with financial institutions within Liberia and beyond, two more banking institutions, the Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia Limited (GT Bank) and AccessBank Liberia, have joined in partnership with Nobel Liberia in its Money Transfer Service.

The colorful ceremonies, which were held concomitantly in Monrovia, brought together executives of both banking institutions who overwhelmingly expressed gratitude to the management of Nobel Liberia for this new partnership, and further assured the Chief Executive Officer of Nobel Liberia, Mr. Jallah Kesselly, of their commitment in furthering the success of the partnership.

The Mr. Jonas K. Nyaye, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of AccessBank Liberia Limited, said the partnership with Nobel Liberia in the money transfer business will go a long way due to the explicit confidence being created over the years by the management team of Mr. Jallah Kesselly at the helm of Nobel Liberia.

“We are happy to be a part of this partnership, aimed at making this initiative serviceable to the Liberian people,” Nyaye said during the program.

Mr. Nyaye further disclosed that all the seven branches of AccessBank in the country will be accessible to all Nobel Liberia customers in their bid to receiving or sending money to wherever they wished.

Earlier, the Executive Director of GT Bank, Mr. Prince Saye who appeared excited over this latest partnership with Nobel Liberia said he was pleased about the new partnership, which he said will enable Nobel Liberia customers to transact with all GT Banking institutions in the country.

“We are glad to be form part of this innovative initiative of Noble Liberia to serve the Liberian people both home and abroad,” the GT Bank executive speaking during the meeting with Noble CEO said.

Also speaking at these separate occasions, the CEO of Nobel Liberia, Mr. Jallah Kesselly, further emphasized the importance of the partnership, noting with a keen interest in the growth and development of the Liberian economy and also welcomed both banks for partnering with his institution in serving the Liberian people professionally.

Concluding, Mr. Kesselly noted that his institution is the only Money Transfer Company that sends money to Liberia, but does not send money out of Liberia, adding, “We will like to keep money in Liberia, rather than sending money out of Liberia,” Mr. Kesselly told reporters.


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