‘No Time to Wait’, Says Cummings

ANC Standard Bearer, Alexander Cummings

Liberia’s rebuilding process must start now

The momentum at which the standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings, is moving on the campaign trail is a clear indication that excellent performance in a contest is not primarily dependent upon how long one has been contesting, but how well the contestant is prepared to face the challenge.

Some had harbored the thought that Cummings, being a newcomer to the Liberian political terrain, might be unknown and therefore not appeal to the electorates, but his late arrival seems to be the very impetus of attraction that is driving support to his base across the country. And being new to the political environment creates a much coveted advantage of a clean record, or so it seems.

In a relatively short time, Cummings has made  himself known and apparently accepted, not necessarily as a possible president, to the Liberian people—many of whom seem to be bored with and cynical about the better known politicians and their old tricks of politicking that are replete with lies and deception that result in unfulfilled campaign promises.

Though his platform, experience and education are appealing to many Liberians, many still feel that Cummings is actually a future president and that 2017 might have just come for him too soon.

Speaking with the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview on Friday, September 8, Cummings noted that Liberia is too far behind its neighbors. “This is the time that we get started on a robust development agenda.”

The former Coca-Cola executive noted that it is no secret that Liberia is decades if not half a century behind its neighbors in the Mano River Union and ECOWAS regions in terms of infrastructure development and economy and therefore to waste an additional six years would just put the country in a more precarious position.

In a passionate appeal, Cummings  told our reporters: “This is the reason Liberians must elect Cummings now and not tomorrow. We must start the robust development of our country immediately. We need to start this process right away. No time to waste and no time to wait. Let us not wait another six years,” he said, adding that too many Liberians are struggling and suffering and need to be attended to.”

He continued, “We don’t have the luxury of waiting another six years. I may not be around and I may not run in six years,” he said, noting that the idea of waiting another six years is completely unappealing, and “I think most Liberians don’t feel that way. What I can say is I’m running for president in 2017 and I’m focusing on winning the elections this year.”

Providing an analogy to back his argument, Cummings said, “If you have an old car that keeps breaking down, and someone offers you a new car –a new technology that is reliable, will you refuse such offer? It is definitely a resounding no. This is the same scenario with Cummings and this is what we offer our people. We are focused on 2017, and we will focus on winning in 2017. I strongly believe that we will win these elections,” he said with confidence.

“It is a fact that nobody controls the future. I hope to live a long time but I may not be around.”

Cummings’ message on the campaign trail seems to be resonating with the Liberian people across the country as he has currently put himself in a comfortable position as one of the front runners of the presidential polls.

From what is observed in the campaign process, it is clear that Mr. Cummings, could a favorite underdog in the October elections. His support has apparently soared since the first presidential debate where he faced off with more entrenched counterparts — VP Boakai of Unity Party, Benoni Urey of All Liberia Party and Charles Brumskine of Liberty Party .

Analyses and opinions of individuals on the radio, social media, and political centers across the country and in the Diaspora rated Cummings as the top performer of the debate. Also, many neutrals and undecided voters tend to gravitate to Cummings as a safe choice.

“The campaign has been going very well and we are gaining more momentum since it started. We have traveled all over the place making our case to the Liberian people. We are walking through the many districts,” he said.

He said the team will be in Margibi, Bong, and several other counties this week to engage the electorates about the plans of the ANC.

The source of the ANC standard bearer’s  optimism and confidence of winning in October is being built in recent months from his campaign tours in the Southeast, and from the fact that many of the voters are undecided, which could be in his favor.

“We are appealing to the minds and consciences of the new voters who are happy with what we’ve got to offer. We are confident in our campaign and the strategies we are employing in this process to win votes,” he said.

He added that the ANC will surprise conventional wisdom on October 10, when the party wins the first round.

Cummings said he is the best of all the candidates because he brings integrity, strong intellect and a lot of experience. “We come with a good amount of work ethics. I’m a person who focuses on results and not activities. One can be very busy but doing nothing. This is not the kind of workers we need.”

So far Cummings, among many other things, has been praised for being succinct on how to get the economy running, and how the country can expand its revenue base. He emphasized expanding the national budget by cutting waste and reducing the salaries of a few elites and reducing poverty through infrastructure development, thereby creating wealth for Liberians.


  1. Man Cummings, you just get aside! Nothing whatsoever you got to show that you have done for the nation and its people in the whole entirety of your life. THEN all of a sudden, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf contracts Kwame Clement to organize a party called ANC for her selfish political interest with you gallopping to become president. President for Coco Cola Factory, you bet and NOT EVER LIBERIA.

  2. Cummings has leadership qualities that attracts many Liberians, no matter which area of Liberia one comes from. He’s one of the few presidential candidates that has the credential to change Liberia around for the better. He doesn’t have tainted character, but enter the presidential race with clean hands and tested leadership corporate skills. Liberia needs technocrats, not just mere politicians!

  3. It’s amusing and yet sadly disappointing how we helplessly cry out for a leader; one that is different from leaders we are accustom to; a new leader with different qualities that we’ve rarely seen in our politicians for many years; and yet when one shows up we are quick to devour that leader with the hope of concealing their true qualities and potential not just to the public but to ourselves. What a disservice!

    Mr. Cummings is not the solution to our problems by any stretch of the imagination, but we are. However, we do need a leader who can lead us. By electing Mr. Cummings as our next president tells us and the world that we are ready for a change; a new dispensation from the old order, but we must also change for Mr. Cummings’s leadership to be effective with results.

    Of the presidential candidates Mr. Cummings’ track records stand out the most and it is on this basis that Liberians should vote him in as the next commander-in-chief. I believe he is a result-oriented leader; otherwise he wouldn’t have made it up the corporate ladder at Coco-cola. And because he is a new and different kind of leader from the rest, and because he is accustom to transparency, accountability, and a result-driven leader, I am sure he will do away with the status quo but only if we remain active and hold his feet to the fire.

    For those who curious to know what has he done I would say check his foundation at http://www.cummingsfdn.org and do some research on him. The records are there with clarity and if you care to check them out you will be amazed what he’s done for the education, health, and other sectors.

  4. I have never been the kind carried away by Liberia’s want to be leaders and what they claim to offer. They often speak from their lips and not from the heart.
    It was or is the honestly about Cummings that got me believing that some good species are still around.
    I hear some ask “what Mr. Cummings have done”?
    Can we ask the so-called popular politians the same question if we want to bring level headiness to this debate?

    With all due respect to all those running, I have earnestly been examining them all. Cummings has made a genuie case to the Liberian people. We can either decide to put our(already wasted) future on hold for another 6 yrs or elect Cummings to set a platform for a new Liberia.

    • If Cummings meant well his motive would not be to enrich himself and his friends at the expense of the country and its poor. What proves this is his policy to privatize state assets. Privatizing state assets in a country as Liberia is simply an intent to enrich oneself and cronies as the majority who are the poor live as refugees in their own homeland. No wonder he Cummings says he does not want salary. Why would anyone want salary when you own and have shares in stat assets which have been privatized?

  5. Some Liberians do not nor they have the ability to remember their past sorrow. If they do,
    they will not ask H.E. Cummings, what has he done? The same of almost similar question can
    be posed to those politicians other Alexander. And it goes like this; With all your claims that
    you have been in the Liberian politics for long, what do you achieved to show you also have
    done? So, to some Liberians, looking at the clean records of a candidate with any dent is
    enough to try him and, indeed, he is a very good alternative to bring much reliefs to the
    country that claims seniority to all African country. You missed Alexander Cummings comes
    October elections, I am sorry but it is true that Liberians will live to pay for it regrettably.

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