“No Split in AFL”

Defense Minister J. Brownie Samukai and AFL Chief of Staff Daniel D. Ziankahn

Defense authorities reject report of top Army Chiefs compromising AFL’s neutrality

The attention of authorities of the Ministry of National Defense has been drawn to the Daily Guide’s Vol. 8, No. 43, Friday, December 1 edition with a banner headline, “AFL Splits.”

A Ministry of Defense press release has said that “the Daily Guide newspaper insinuates” that the stalemate in the unfolding political drama continues unabated, triggering news of two top Army chiefs reportedly compromising their neutrality in the lingering dogmatic tussle.

According to the Daily Guide story: “The situation in which Armed forces of Liberia (AFL) Chief of Staff General Daniel Dee Ziakahn and his corps of officers are reported to have jumped into the camp of George Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) while Defense Minister Brownie Samukai remains with Vice President Joseph Boakai’s Unity Party (UP) has raised the question of the AFL’s neutrality in the unfolding political imbroglio.”

The release, signed by the Assistant Minister for Public Affairs at the Ministry of National Defense, David K. Dahn, said the story is a glaring  falsehood based on mere speculation and by all accounts, lacks an iota of truth.

“Authorities of the Ministry reaffirm that the AFL remains a professional and non-partisan institution,” he said, and noted that the AFL, as a “force for good,” remains very regimented, cohesive and neutral in discharging its constitutional responsibility.

Contrary to the Daily Guide newspaper’s report, Minister Dahn said the AFL is not a split security institution, “neither is it caught in any political imbroglio,” and pointed out that the AFL will jealously maintain the attributes of political neutrality, professionalism, and commitment to upholding the constitution of the Republic, “now and hereafter.”


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