‘No Secure Peace without Economic Freedom’


The President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate contends that the country’s peace cannot be secured and sustained in the absence of economic freedom for the citizenry.

Senator Armah Jallah said to achieve that lofty and herculean goal, the government must shoulder the responsibility of putting in place favorable economic policies and a robust educational system to ensure that the peace is sustained.
The Gbarpolu County Lawmaker warned that when residents of communities cannot find jobs to sustain their families, their freedom remains incomplete and this creates a threat to national peace.

The Senator made the statement Saturday at the induction ceremony of officials of the Garr Kadoo Development Association in Ganta, Nimba County.
The lack of will power by state actors to implement some of the laws in the country’s Constitution, are among the issues responsible for Liberia’s underdevelopment, he declared.

Senator Jallah then called for the full implementation of Article 7 of the Constitution of Liberia which stipulates that Liberians are entitled to participate in national decision-making with emphasis on discussions relating to national resources. He added that the economy of the country should be managed on the basis of equity which could reduce poverty and sustain the peace.

Pro-Tempore Jallah disclosed that his office is working with the Governance Commission to propose a policy to enforce Article 7 through legislation.

On the drawdown of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), which is expected to one year hence, Pro-Tempore Jallah called on Liberians to get involved in the sustenance of the peace that will be left in the hands of the government.
He urged Liberians to seek peaceful and legal means for resolving conflicts, noting that many Liberians do not want to return to another period of political strife.


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