‘No Room for Joy, Complacency in Ebola Virus Fight’

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The secretary general of the Liberia Immunization Platform (LIP) has cautioned Liberians and partners that there is no room for premature joy and complacency in the ongoing Ebola fight nationwide.

Mr. James B. Ballah, LIP’s chief scribe, gave the warning Tuesday on the Old Road in Monrovia during a one day stakeholders seminar held at the civil society group’s headquarters.

The meeting attended by Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) and policy formulation partners was geared towards the implementation of the MOHSW and the LIP’s ‘Community Mapping Project.’

According to the seminar organizers, 30 participants were drawn from several Monrovia-based organizations.

S.G. Ballah called on Liberians to work as a collective force in order to kick Ebola out of Liberia.

It is not for Liberians and partners to sit idle, but rather to intensify efforts aimed at beating back the deadly Ebola virus from the country.

Secretary General Ballah intimated that Liberians and their foreign partners should be aware that the Ebola virus could re-emerge and kill many more Liberians.

Mr. Ballah also underscored the need to triple the efforts aimed at enhancing and intensifying the preventive health measures prescribed by medical authorities.

Secretary General Ballah further recalled that in 2013, Liberians were given the opportunity to get together and form a collective work force as a civil society group for sustained advocacy in the country.

He explained that the intention was to join the Liberian Government in the provision of sustained immunization initiative for all children and women in the country.

The LIP secretary general called on all Liberians, especially mothers, children and partners, to support Liberia’s immunization programs.

He disclosed that there are 18 countries involved in the global immunization initiative.

“Ghana has become a success story in the West Africa region owing to the sustained immunization of their citizens, especially children and mothers that have met the age requirements,” Mr. Ballah asserted.

He regretted that as a result of the current Ebola epidemic, LIP’s immunization program for the nation was disrupted. He said Liberians should now begin to galvanize efforts for the immunization of children.

In remarks, the interim chairman of the board of directors, George Stewart, urged the participants and partners to consider the discussions and exchanges at the seminar as critical to implementing a successful immunization program in Liberia.

In a brief statement, the program manager for the Global Alliance Vaccine Initiative (GAVI) at the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Liberia, Ms. Suene Flomo, stressed the need for the participants and partners to continue exchanging views and comments on a professional basis and thanked support partners and staff of LIP for the splendid collaborative interactions over the years.

In a statement on behalf of MOHSW’s Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), program manager Adolphus Clarke admonished the LIP staff, community chairpersons and participants to work as a united front for sustained immunization projects in the country.

Mr. Clarke underscored the need for the organizers and participants in the various communities to consider the immunization programs as top priorities for all Liberians.


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