No Quorum for 2 Senate Sessions

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“Mr. Pro Tempore and fellow colleagues of the Senate, having listened to the roll call, and in line with our rules, I move if I can be seconded that the 8th day sitting today be adjourned for lack of a quorum,” said Bong County Senator Henry William Yallah as he proffered a motion that was seconded by
Margibi County Senator Jim Tornolah. And with a unanimous vote of ‘Yea,’ Pro Tempore Armah Zolu Jallah announced adjournment of yesterday’s sitting.

The poor turnout of Senators for yesterday’s session was the second in recent days. On Tuesday the Senate prematurely adjourned after a few minutes of proceedings with only six Senators in attendance.

According to yesterday’s roll call, nine Senators were present, 10 distanced and 12 absent. Senators Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Morris Saytumah, Gbleh-Boh Brown, Francis Paye, Varney G. Sherman, Jim Tornolah, Henry Yallah, and Edward Boakai Dagoseh were present yesterday.

Senator Jallah, who announced the adjournment, requested the Sergeant-At-Arms to inform all Senators that there will be a session on Tuesday, February 7, and they are mandated in accordance with the rules of the Senate to be in chambers.

Senate Pro Tempore Jallah in a conversation with this newspaper said most of the Senators are in their respective counties trying to help their kinsmen and electorate to turn out and register in the nationwide voter registration drive. He said whatever the Senators are doing is in line with their duties to the constituencies they represent, but was quick to say that it is also their obligation to attend sessions for proper representation.

Southeastern Senator Albert Tugbe Chie told the Daily Observer in a cellphone interview yesterday that he was currently in his county, Grand Kru, to help his people and encourage them in the voter registration campaign, while another Southeasterner, Sinoe County Senator Joseph N. Nagbe, yesterday reportedly asked for excuse to carry out a similar campaign in his hometown.

It may be recalled that the President of the Senate, Vice President Joseph Boakai, recently wrote Senate Plenary requesting that Senators need to go to their counties for at least a few days to help sensitize their electorates on the importance and the need to take part in the voter registration process.

Unlike their colleagues in the House of Representatives, Senators are not up for re-election in October, with the Special Senatorial Election not due until 2020.


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