‘Lott Carey Campus No Place for Political Rallies’


Principal Warns Politicians

The administration of the Lott Carey Mission has warned politicians to stay off the school’s campus when conducting their political activities.

A statement issued by the school’s Principal and Superintendent Rev. Emile D. E. Sam-Peal, said on Saturday, September 9, a group of partisans from the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), including their standard bearer, Dr. Mills Jones, “illegally and without permission” converged on “our campus and staged a political rally.”

He said their presence and noise was disruptive to the staff living on the campus, and the campus was littered with trash.

“This gathering was never sanctioned, approved, encouraged, or invited on our campus. The MOVEE never sought permission from the administration to use our campus for any such gathering.  Several attempts were made by staff on the campus to reach the leadership of the party regarding their disruptive and illegal presence on the campus to no avail,” he said.

Rev. Sam-Peal said the Lott Carey Baptist Mission School has a legacy of providing the best quality education in Liberia for over 100 years.

“This institution is a private educational institution that is non-political, non-partisan, non-aligned to any political institution in this country,” he said.

He announced that “Our campus, cannot, and will not be used for any political gathering. We will not allow or encourage any political paraphernalia to be distributed or posted on, or around our campus. We admonish all political parties and various district aspirants to please take note and heed this notice.”

He said, “No individual, institution, or organization is allowed to use any facility on our campus without first submitting a written request seeking permission.”

Rev. Sam-Peal warned that “Any future such gross and vagrant breaches and disregard for private property, we will not hesitate to institute the necessary legal measures to secure our premises.”

A MOVEE spokesman told the Daily Observer yesterday that the Lot Carey School campus was not the venue of their meeting on Sept. 9. “The crowd of partisans passed through the school’s campus to meet Dr. Jones and his entourage on a nearby football field,” he said.

“We never met on the Lot Carey School’s campus,” he said. “We will not violate the rights of others nor will we use private places for political rallies.”


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