‘No Peace, No Investors’

President George Manneh Weah

— President Weah urges Liberians

By Alvin Worzi and David S. Menjor

After three years in office, President George Weah seems no longer interested in boasting about his administration but warns Liberians that the prospects for economic transformations in the country hinge on their’ attitude to embrace the virtues of peace and tranquillity.

In his New Year message to Liberia at the famous Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ on the Bushrod Island, President Weah said the development of the the country is only possible when there is a peaceful and stable environment that encourages investors to invest without worrying about their personal safety or their money.

According to him, there are lots of people waiting to invest in the country but they are waiting and assessing the peacefulness of the country before coming to invest since “a peaceful environment is conducive for investments—investments that create jobs and improve lives.”

“There are people who want to come to this country, but it depends on how peaceful the country is,” President Weah said. “I, therefore, humbly want to call on Liberians to make peace a must in the New Year.” However, President Weah has lauded Liberians for their role in maintaining the peace of the country amid a series of protests, which could have disrupted the peace and order of the country since he became President.

Although there is no civil war as it used to be in the 1990s and early 2000s, protests of many kinds have become means through which aggrieved residents or those in opposition political parties seek attention or check-mate government.

Before last year December 8, 2020, Special Senatorial Election and the national referendum, which the ruling party lost massively, the President and his officials boasted that his government was the best in the history of Liberia. The Country’s history is replete with many crises and the call for maintaining peace cannot be overemphasized, but with many of the country’s population still living below the poverty belt, peace is always threatened.

Evident to this, is the recent electoral violence Gbarpolu County, where the paramount Chief of Nomodatonau McGill Wleh, seized ballot boxes at four polling places and later put outside town’s country devil out to scare the women away and intermediate them from voting. Chief McGill’s action, which was reportedly masterminded by the county authorities has not been condemned by the President or any government officials. Also, the President has also in the past failed to public condemned electoral violence and other violence issues across the country — a move which likely contradicts the President called for peace.

The women supporting the leading female candidate are now asking the intervention of Liberia’s President, George Weah, a self-proclaimed “Feminist-In-Chief” and warrior for the rights and equality of women, to prohibit the country devil and allow for peaceful elections. Up to now, President Weah has yet to speak out on the violence against the Gbarpolu female senatorial candidate and her team.

In a related development, President Weah also hailed the people of Liberia for the resilience demonstrated in the fight against Covid-19. He divulged that Liberia is internationally recognized and commended for being among a few countries that have done so well in combating the Covid-19.

He reminded Liberians to bear in mind that Covid-19 is not yet eradicated and urged all citizens to keep heeding health protocols instituted by the Ministry of Health to fight the pandemic. President Weah added that he  visited the Church for the first time to “identify with the men and women who are praying for the peace and security of Liberia.”

President Weah also said he was exceedingly happy to visit the Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ, which he got to know since his youthful days in Gibraltar, mainly when he used to play football near the Free Port of Monrovia.

The Liberian leader further wished the people of Liberia a prosperous New Year and expressed hope that the New Year would bring good tidings of prosperity to the nation and its people.


  1. “No Peace, No Investment”.
    To some, it may not make sense to say that without a peaceful stable environment, investors will be reluctant to invest their money. But in reality, the truth cannot be glossed over.
    Investors will invest their hard-earned currency in Liberia if the nefarious drumbeat of Weah’s ineffectiveness is temporarily shelved by Weah’s political enemies. I hope and pray that the day of reasoning is coming.


  2. Reminiscent of Tolbert’s Tumultuous Years.

    When the agents are out to get you, they don’t care about the very plights of those who they claimed they are fighting for. Baccus Matthew and his followers used descriptive mechanisms to scared away investors and threw Liberia in a state of anarchy and chaos, making William Tolbert’s regime ungovernable. The message was clear: ‘Tolbert has to go’. Indeed, Tolbert left. It’s almost 40 years ago since William Tolbert been gone, and we cannot still regulate the price of our staple food: rice.
    They told us then, that the price of rice was too high in Tolbert’s time. Tolbert was killed a year later, and rice price increased to $22. USD,

    Let’s be careful people

    From Mamadu Bah ( meridian health, Adelaide, Australia)

  3. When he packs and leaves, the natural atmoshphere will attract investments.
    You cannot be an object of discord and expect a peaceful environment; darkness has nothing to do with light.
    Let him go and entertain on stage or on the football field, investors will pour into Liberia to put money in his pocket.

    • Petarus Dolo, instead of telling our democratically elected dynamic president your rudeness, you should go and tell YOUR BUTT BOY AND GAY RAPIST Alex Cummings to leave our country! And that is because neither our society nor culture accept his FILTHY LIFESTYLE OF A GAY RAPIST AND A BUTT BOY!

  4. Monseiur Defender,
    You just can’t wait to wisk Weah out of the presidency. I’m convinced that if you had your own way, you’d order the Liberian army to help Weah clean up his office at a moment’s notice. Your actions show.

    Be careful. Don’t go the Trumpian route. Let’s be Democratic for the good of the country. Liberians do not need QAnon conspiracy theories. Example, to say that Weah is a ritualistic killer or a rapist amounts to a far-fetched QAnon theory. James Davis, the gentleman who laughs 24 times in a second, believes that Liberia is a “God-forsaken land”. There’s no evidence of Weah being a ritualistic killer or a rapist, neither should it be believed that Liberia is forsaken by God. You may not have said it, but some conspiracy theorists within and out of the country make such a slipshod claim. We are too good for that. After all, Weah may not be the “pushover” some of you think he is.

    The Opposition:
    Liberian presidential aspirants just can’t wait to run. And yet, this is not 2023, but rather, 2021. In reality, the CPP/Rainbow Coalition operatives do not have contrasts.

    Once again for the record, it’s been said loud and clear: Without peace, potential investors will not invest their money Liberia. The message is fierce. The message should resonate. Believe it or not, it’s a positive Weah message!

    One of the reasons of instability in Liberia is due to the fact that the opposition politicians are super spreaders of misinformation. Patriotism is required.

  5. In the Weah’s words, “…A peaceful environment is conducive for investments—investments that create jobs and improve lives.” When did he realize this as many of the reports concerning violence and other serious human rights violations in the country have had the footprints of his CDC operatives, and in spite of the multitude of complaints brought before him, his deportment remained staid and sedate.

    Since the inception of Weah’s administration, ideations and dreadful memories of the Doe and Taylor’s jingoistic days have been felt by the citizens throughout the country. When the CDC marches in the capital of Monrovia, its followers are always garbed in full military regalia.

    In fact, the party’s top brass often wear gold insignias on their red berets to signify various ranks bestowed on themselves. Is the CDC in and of itself a military wing of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) now? If so, where in the constitution is such a right given to the ruling party? What if members of he opposition decide to organize their own para-military groups then?

    So, this kind of behavior has also helped to reinforce the stereotype that the country is ungovernable and the president is in fact an enabler of much of the fear and instability that is driving investors away.

    How prosperous can a leader be if his only concern is to build magnificent palaces for himself or herself at the expense of the people’s sufferings and yet cares less about their welfare? How will he or she live in peace after his or her term when he or she has created a hell for himself or herself? Or would his or her hope for survival after he or she had brought turmoil in the country be to live happily forever after and with impunity?

    Weah also stated once to members of his party in these words, “…you people must eschew violence.” The advice was laudable but did he press to match his words with deeds? He did not. In fact just nearing election time, they began committing some of the most horrendous political crimes ever committed in the history of Liberia.!


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