No Payment of WAEC Fees

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The Ministry of Education (MOE) has suspended the payment of fees for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) in all public schools during registration for Academic Year 2015.

“We want to make sure that parents focus on paying only school fees and not WAEC for now.”

According to the Assistant Minister for Early Childhood Learning, Felecia Doe-Somah, the WAEC fees will be paid based upon further consultations with Parent Teachers Associations (PTA) and school administrations, adding that “This measure is intended to afford parents more opportunity to harvest financial support for their children.”

Madam Doe-Somah made the announcement at the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs and Tourism daily Ebola press conference.  She pledged the MOE’s commitment to working with school authorities and parents for a successful academic year.

Minister Doe-Somah also told school administrators to permit students in classes with colored clothes until parents can afford to purchase school uniforms for their children.

She also called on the faculties of all public schools to restitute any money collected for registration as the ministry has instituted a no-fee policy for basic education in the country.

Somah further announced that the government is currently concluding the procurement of 15 vehicles to be distributed to County Education Officers (CEO), while District Education Officers (DEO) will be provided motorbikes to help in the constant monitoring of schools across the country.

She further stressed that the provision of vehicles and motorbikes for CEOs and DEOs is intended to equip the county education teams with transportation as they monitor the education system in rural areas.

“We want to ensure that these (officers) have access to school campuses during and after school hours to help school authorities report any campus activities requiring quick intervention. They will be working to identify and help to put into place other measures at various schools,” she added.


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