‘No New Date for Protest,’ CoP Says

Henry P. Costa (center)

The Council of Patriots (CoP), a pressure group that has successfully hosted mass protests against what it considers as “bad governance” on the part of the George Weah Administration, has declared publicly that it does not have any plan yet to organize another protest after the January 6 protest that ended in chaos.

It can be recalled that influential Liberian talk show host, Henry P. Costa, has on two occasions used his radio and social media platforms to organize two mass protests drawing aggrieved Liberians from all walks of life to express their disdain of the way President George Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) are leading the country.

The first was organized on June 7, 2019, and was widely covered by international media including Al-Jaazera, the BBC, VOA and others.

“We have no new date for protest, and when we plan to have any another time in the future, we will arrange properly for security so that we will be sure of our protection, but as for now, we have no definite date for protest,” Costa said at a press conference yesterday.

He, however, said they remain consistent and resolved in their demand for President George Weah to address all their concerns being raised over the time. He called on the President to make us of the indefinite time of no further protest by the COP to address the concerns put before him.

At that press conference on January 8, 2020, COP chairman Costa emphasized that the wide coverage of the protest by some of the world’s leading media institutions alone is an achievement, because the COP has been able to expose bad governance in the George Weah Administration to the whole world by organizing peaceful protests.

Additionally, Mr. Costa said though exposing bad governance carried out in the CDC-led government does not put food on anyone’s table, it is helpful to everyone because it creates the room for people to make use of their constitutional rights to free assembly and speech.

“The presence of top world media institutions in Liberia during our protests is an achievement.  We have exposed the ills and bad governance in this country to the entire world, and it’s an accomplishment,” Costa stressed.

The COP, through its chairman, also demanded that the President relieves the Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue of his post for using excessive force on unarmed protesters who had gone to the Capitol Hill to express their constitutional rights.

According to Costa, there was a time in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration that the police used excessive force on CDC protesters and the former President relieved the Inspector General Marc Amblard of his post.

He claimed that when the police began using tear gas and water cannon on the peaceful protesters, people lost their phones, goods and other belongings, and that was the fault of the police under the leadership of Patrick Sudue.

“The CoP, in consonance with best practice, is demanding that the President relieve the Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue of his post.  Somebody should pay the consequences of what happened to peaceful protesters on Monday, and the person to bear this is the LNP Inspector General,” said Costa.

On the issue of cooking on Capitol Hill, which the Police dwelt on to justify their action taken against the protesters, Costa had this to say: “The guys were afraid because they did not expect the crowd to swell up as it was during the evening hours.  When it was evening the crowd was enlarging, and the police was afraid because we planned to sleep on the ground.”

The Independent National Commission on Human Rights has also come out with its position on the excessive use of force on peaceful protesters, calling on the Weah Administration to investigate the matter to establish the cause.



    • Its you and and your camp ants have bitten already though you pretend not to feel it. The exposure of gross corruption in our country culminating or resulting(for your understanding) to hard times never seen before under any government that ever took power in this country is a million plus bites on the “skin” of this administration. More time has now been offered yo this inept and crooked government to fix their ineptness. But I know fixing the monumental damage done to our economy is not a “culture” in this regime. Then wait and see as the ants(the poor masses) return to “bite: this regime again and again and again! You tink da y’all know country talk! Dummy.

  2. How can there be a new date after you have extorted enough and deceived stupid protesters to light fire and create mess on the door steps of the Mansion and the Capitol Building, knowing the police will disperse them upon seeing coal pots and mess on the premises!

  3. the liberian people have decided to be content in their misery. the 4th poorest nation on earth will continue down the road of destruction with a mindless and clueless leader with no economic guidance. LIBERIANS LOVE POVERTY. I have informed my relatives that i will not be sending anymore moneygram monies . since they love poverty and refused to demonstrate, THEY MUST BE SATISFIED WITH BAD GOVERNANCE

  4. COSTA dont you realize what PLO Lumumba said “the quickest road to wealth is by participating in African politics.” Weah and his cronies and bullies will continue to resist protesters to protect their road to wealth. You are a stumbling block to the attainment of wealth. Look at the Lord Mayor Koijee receiving a check for $50,000 a month. Weah has a jet, 49 condos, and mansions. they ride first class and pocket $25 million with no evidence . THIS IS THE WILD RIDE CALLED “LIBERIA”

  5. I.N.C.H,R. and all rights and justice advocates should push for a probe into this senseless provocation and bad policing by the L.N.P. Policing is a universal concept and it should be existential even its application and or practice in post-Liberia.
    As a matter of fact in Toronto a few years ago a pressure group “Black Lives Matter” staged 2-long weeks of protest calling out police carding and profiling; this took place at the main city square just a stone trow from Parliament Building where they camped day and night and put up their tents and they used mobile generators, cooking utensils, stoves, BBQ grills, microwaves etc, to prepare meal. Portable toilets and garbage bins just to name a few were also brought to the campground. And thousands of people mainly residents of Toronto visited the site daily as a sign of solidarity…
    Throughout Police reinforced its crowd control methods and tactics to keep the protesters at bay but I didn’t recall any forceful and or violent eviction on the part of the police prior to the intervention…meantime the media was on site daily for the entire protest which would have lasted indefinitely had it not been for the intervention by Provincial govt and the City’s concurrence with recommendations of the aggrieved protesters…Are you kidding me!

    • Henry J. Wallace, you are confusing a justifiable, civilized, truly peaceful, and orderly protest in Toronto with an unjustifiable, actually criminal, useless, NON PEACEFUL, and senseless, and totally disorderly protest by a group of bandits who decided to eat and pupu, and peepee, on the door steps of the Executive Mansion and the Capitol Building! This is what you should be saying below…

      Speaking earlier to their supporters, Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon, Henry Costa, Representative Yekeh Kolubah and Telia Urey assured them of all material support in order to maintain the protesters who had vowed to sleep in the streets until President Weah answered their demands. This was exactly the lead sentence of the report from FPA.

      BUT YOU SEE WALLANCE, we who have worked with the UN are aware that tear gas and water cannons are what are used in such cases. And this is why Ellen never hesitated in even using live bullets.


      Now see here under what the police does in protest all over the world…

      WORLD NEWSJULY 11, 2019 / 1:43 PM / 6 MONTHS AGO
      Police fire guns during Shi’ite protest in Nigeria capital: BUT IN LIBERIA, THE POLICE SHOULD CLAP AND DANCE FOR THE PROTESTERS!

      Senegal: Police fire tear gas at protesters! BUT IN LIBERIA THE POLICE SHOULD SING CHRISTMAS CAROLS TO PROTESTERS!

      Tear gas fired in Freetown after body left on street
      Police in Freetown, Sierra Leone, have fired tear gas as people took to the streets to complain about the authorities’ handling of the Ebola virus. BUT IN LIBERIA, THE POLICE NEEDS TO GO TO COURT TO OBTAIN ORDERS TO DISPERSE PROTESTERS!

      WORLD NEWSJANUARY 16, 2017 / 9:36 PM / 3 YEARS AGO
      Ivory Coast police fire teargas to disperse protesting students
      Ange Aboa
      3 MIN READ

      ABIDJAN (Reuters) – Ivory Coast police fired teargas on Monday to disperse pupils and students protesting at government ministries in the main city, Abidjan, as nationwide strikes intensified, police and a senior union official said. BUT IN LIBERIA, THE POLICE IS SUPPOSE TO RUNAWAY!

      Senegal: Police fire tear gas at protesters
      This video file cannot be played.
      (Error Code: 102630)
      with Reuters, AFP 19/04/2018
      Hundreds of protesters on Thursday morning demonstrated against a law to change Senegal’s electoral code due to be voted on in parliament in the capital Dakar. IN LIBERIA THE POLICE IS TO JOIN THE PROTESTERS!


      We who have worked with the UN are aware that tear gas and water cannons are what are used in such cases. And this is why Ellen never hesitated in even using live bullets.

  6. It’s good to hear that a date for Costa and company hasn’t been set for a future protest march. Knowing them, it cannot be ruled out that a protest march will not occur. Until a date is set, maybe Costa, who does not strike me and hundreds of thousands of Liberians as a beau-ideal for economic and political development, will plan wisely next time.

    A few questions: Should Costa and his comrades be granted a permit to protest next time? The clear answer is yes!

    Second- Did Costa displayed naivety as it relates to a proper modus operandi during the January 6 protest march? The clear answer is no!

    Finally, could there have been a proper method of procedure prior to and during the January 6 protest march? The answer is yes. Costa could have done much better.

    Once again for the record, it’s a democratic fact of life for a good body of people to express themselves. There are so many ways in which a person or a body of people can express themselves. From my experience, a protest organizer explains the rules of the march unequivocally. Example, in such situations, the protesters will be told “what to do, how to do it and when it ends”. Unfortunately during the January 6 protest march, the poor Liberian protesters weren’t told what needed to be done, how it should have been done or at what time the protest march could call it quits for a job well done.

    What I mean is this. It is highly unlikely that Costa and company told the protesters (approximately 3,500 of them) to break up the march at 5 p.m. or at any designated time. Rather, the poor hungry protesters were instructed to cook on the campuses of the Executive Mansion and the Capitol Hill. While such dispicable instructions were given, Costa and company did not take into account the fact that it could rain on the poor protesters at night, or whether after cooking, their dirty dishes would be thrown all over the designated areas mentioned above. Besides, the poor protesters were treated inhumanely. No water bottles were provided for the poor protesters, or ponchos or umbrellas just in case it rained.

    As ridiculous as that is, Costa and company would like the world to know that the protest marchers were tear gassed by the government of Liberia. Well, I am not one who supports the use of excessive force. But I do believe Costa and company were negligible because it was never agreed upon or discussed before the permit to protest was granted that the protest marchers would be allowed to cook, sleep and probably rape, steal or do sex at night on their selected areas. You never know. Any stupid thing could have occurred had the protesters not been forceably removed by the government. Now, unfortunately, some people are blaming the government because of the use of tear gas.

    Answer: The use of force could have been avoided if the planners had done their homework.

    It’s good to protest. But be sure to plan wisely next time. That’s it.


  7. Correction..
    A typo occurred. Should have been “display” (present form of the verb, and not”displayed”, the past tense. See the second paragraph.

    Thanks 😊

  8. My brother Zanga, Not only Millions, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is sitting right there in Monrovia and BILLIONS LD not Millions, BILLIONS LD was printed UNAUTHORIZED under her watch as President of Liberia, Millions USD went missing from the Liberian oil company that she took responsibility for but yet to remit that money to the government of Liberia, I think the inquiry should start with her.

  9. Brother Aaron Nelson,
    You’re spot on once again. So I will add a dollar to your account every time I agree with you! The investigation should start with EJS if there’s going to be one. But, Aaron, that woman has got some powerful juju. No man with his manhood can question that lady. So you see, right there we have a problem.

    Hang in there buddy.

    • Snr Brother Hney,

      Hahahahaha, looking forward to growing that account dollar by dollar. LoL.

      That oldma na easy Ohhhh, she sitting right in Monrovia like nothing happened during the 12 years she was President. Really dry faced oldma, she said she’s not going anywhere. LOL LOL.

  10. Yeh O. She na going anywhere. Who say she worrin. My people, I kiaan attribute dat to anything else. Dat oldma got some powerful juju..I mean it O. So, me Ana know what will become of us. It rough. Whole 16 billion dollar got missing and no body talking about it. Ha, it not easy.
    Y’all good nigh O mar people.


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