‘No Need to Re-arrest, Imprison Rep. Kolubah and Co-defendants’

Judge Roosevelt Willie

— Criminial Court ‘A’ Judge Roosevelt Willie 

Judge Roosevelt Willie of Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice on Tuesday, July 9, publicly declared that there was no legal ground to re-arrest, and subsequently imprison Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, despite the enormous pressure brought to bear on him to do so.

Judge Willie further declared that the Court was satisfied with the manner in which Rep. Kolubah and his co-defendants have conducted themselves by obeying every mandate of the court.

“We have said continuously that, as far as the court was concerned, the conduct of Rep. Kolubah and the other defendants have not affected the proceedings and so, we want to assure the parties that as far as these defendants are concerned, the court is satisfied because they were proceeding as the law requires,” Willie said, praising Rep. Kolubah‘s good behavior.

He said the court would order the re-arrest and imprisonment of Rep. Kolubah and the other defendants, only if they were in violation of any of the provisions as spelt out under the conditions of their bond.

“But as things are proceeding, I will not allow myself to be used to authorize the re-arrest and imprisonment of anyone of the defendants to include Rep. Kolubah,” Judge Willie said.

He added, “Government’s argument that Kolubah and his co-defendants be re-arrested and imprisoned is hereby denied, because the court is satisfied with the bond and their behavior.”

However, the prosecution had prayed Judge Willie to enforce his earlier decision, denying Kolubah and his co-defendants’ previous bonds on grounds that it felt short of the legal requirements and subsequently demanded them to correct those defects, else he would have ordered their re-arrest and subsequent imprisonment.

It was due to that decision upon which government lawyers were now relying  to persuade Judge Willie to enforce his orders, which he refused to accept.

Judge Willie also appeared to question whether the government had suffered any injury, for his refusal to order the re-arrest of Kolubah and co-defendants.

“Under our law,” Willie explained, “the purpose of the bail bond is to secure the presence of the accused before the court for the purpose of public justice.”

In addition to the bond, Willie said that Kolubah and the other defendants presented to the court two individuals, Richardson A.S. Kromah and Pastor Brewer K. Kolubah, to serve as their personal sureties that in case any of the defendants were to escape those two individuals would be arrested and imprisoned.

Despite the two sureties, the judge said that his court also demanded that Kolubah and his co-defendants appear every week to sign the court sheriff’s attendance book, adding, “and for two weeks this decision was made our records from the Sheriff showed that the defendants have been cooperating.”

Rep. Kolubah, together with Mohammed A. Keita, Abu Keita and Oliver C. Konneh, Joseph Kpor, Vamah Kolubah and Mohammed S. Kaba, believed to be the lawmaker’s personal bodyguards, were charged with multiple crimes that included aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit murder, kidnapping and criminal facilitation by the government.

Their charges were based on a complaint filed by one Freeman, who alleged that he was tortured and flogged by Rep. Kolubah’s personal bodyguards, as a result of which he was rushed to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital where he sought medication, a claim Kolubah has so far denied.

The incident occurred on June 5, 2019, on the Old Road in Sinkor, Monrovia where Kolubah, himself resides.

When the defendants were first arraigned before the court, their legal team immediately secured a bond intended to prevent them from being sent to jail.

But that bond was denied when the prosecution argued that it was not sufficient and therefore prayed the Court to have the defendants arrested and jailed, until they could acquire a sufficient bond.

That argument then was accepted by Judge Willie, who later asked Kolubah and his co-defendants to make the bond satisfactory, which they did to Judge Willie’s satisfaction.


  1. “But as things are proceeding, I will not allow myself to be used to authorize the re-arrest and imprisonment of anyone of the defendants to include Rep. Kolubah,” Judge Willie said”

  2. So this whole case is a political witch-hunt from dummy president weah and his bunch of hooligans who sit in the Legislature and the Executive branches of government. If Kolubah and the co-charged bonds are satisfactory to the court, then why is the judge being pressured to re-arrest and jail Kolubah and the co-defendants?

  3. Was he ever arrested before? If it did happened, was it justify?

  4. Complete nonse going on in Liberia. Had this judge accept the so say one so say all decision from higher up Rep. Kolubah was going to go to jail for foolishness. This administration is heading for total failure. Always think about where we came from during Ma Ellen administration; do not administer jungle justice.


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