‘No Need For Re-run Election’

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Bong County senatorial candidate, Dr. Henrique F. Tokpa, has declined to participate in the re-run election which, as ordered by the Supreme Court, should take place at three of the polling precincts in Lower Bong County.
At a news conference yesterday in Gbarnga, Dr. Tokpa said his decision not to participate in the re-run is due to consultations and advice from his supporters and national stakeholders.
He added that the pursuit of his case to the Supreme Court was in no way intended to ascend to political position, but to expose irregularities in the election process, which he observed has been achieved.
For that reason, he wants the money allocated by the National Elections Commission (NEC) for the re-run to be used for the completion of the Bong County Technical College.
He added that though many of his supporters intended protesting against the election result, he urged them to remain calm on grounds that he wanted to pursue his case through the legal means.
“Despite winning six of the seven electoral districts, it was only district seven that was overshadowed with fraudulent activities on the part of election workers in favor of the incumbent Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor,” he told a news conference.
The former Bong County Senatorial candidate added that during preliminary hearing at the commission’s headquarters, the NEC knew it was in the wrong, but could rule against itself.
Dr. Tokpa added that the Supreme Court’s ruling is a clear sign that there are laws on the book that are being followed.
Meanwhile, Dr. Tokpa has commended his supporters for the level of support given him during the course of the electoral process.
Recently, the Supreme Court instructed the NEC to conduct an election re-run at three of the polling places in Lower Bong due to fraud discovered in the mid-term election conducted in those polling places.
Since the ruling, some Bong citizens have expressed mix-reactions. Some want Dr. Tokpa to file law suit against the NEC, while others argue that Senator Taylor should not be recognized as the county’s legitimate senator on grounds that the election that saw her re-elected had huge irregularities and far from the will of the people of Bong County.
However, some believe that the NEC needs a strong overhauling ahead of the 2017 crucial general and presidential elections.
Also, at a recent press conference, Bong County Representative George Sylvester Mulbah called on Dr. Tokpa to boycott the pending re-run election as ruled by the court.
The Bong County lawmaker told reporters on Capitol Hill that it will be prudent for Dr. Tokpah to boycott the election and sue the NEC for the irregularity, or cheating, which occurred at the polling places in the county.
The lawmaker said the lawsuit against NEC was to prove to the public that the 2014 senatorial election was marked by cheating—over-stating numbers.
He said he would advise his candidate not to become part of the election, but sue NEC for the loss he and his party incurred during the electoral period.
The Bong County legislator accused NEC of lacking the will to conduct free and fair elections in the country, citing the 2014 senatorial election as a case study.
Winning the case in the court, Representative Mulbah said, clearly suggests that the 2014 election was marked by fraud instituted by NEC officials.