‘No Need for Alarm’

Korkoya assures that names of all legally registered voters will appear on final roll


By J. Burgess Carter

National Elections Commission Chairman Jerome Korkoya has assured Plenary of the Senate that names and photos of all legally registered Liberians will be on the final registration roll, therefore there was no need for alarm.

The embattled NEC boss said his commission has resolved to conduct one of the best elections in recent history and noted that what is currently happening with regard to the voters’ registration exhibition does not amount to massive irregularities as is being perceived by some citizens.

Chairman Korkoya asserted that the most important component of every election worldwide is getting voters’ registration because if the voters’ registration has a problem, it is likely the election process will also have a problem. He warned that what is happening now is not unique to Liberia. “Elections the world over are never one hundred percent problem-free, but we assure the citizenry that we will do everything to avoid errors that can undermine the credibility of the process.”

The appearance of the NEC boss in the Senate Chambers was prompted by a letter from Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper, who informed his colleagues of reports of massive irregularities in the elections process, especially the just-ended nationwide voters’ registration roll exhibition.

During the marathon hearing attended by 21 Senators, Cllr. Korkoya disclosed that the Commission has so far received 13,000 complaints from individuals whose names or photos did not appear on the registration roll; but clarified that although the names of those individuals did not officially appear, the Commission’s database has already made the necessary corrections.

He maintained that his recent statement assuring that legally registered Liberians who possess voter cards with names, not on the voters roll will be allowed to vote was made because it was not a major issue that could not be corrected.

“Let me emphasize that you will get nothing short of free, fair, transparent and credible elections; there is no problem that cannot be resolved,” Korkoya assured the Plenary.

Before being discharged by Plenary, Cllr. Korkoya further assured them that magistrates at the various NEC Centers are working around the clock to ensure that when the final voters roll is exhibited, names and photos of every registered Liberian voter will be available for the process of voting.

Meanwhile, both Senator Cooper and Cllr. Korkoya, who appeared to have kicked off the proceedings, seemed to have resolved their misgivings, with the Margibi lawmaker admonishing the NEC boss to live up to his assurances of free and credible elections.


  1. Wow! Observer, I am pleasantly surprised at your objective reporting on Korkoya. You’ve spent the last several months providing a platform to smear him. It is very important that you continue this type of objective reporting, especially concerning these elections. There is no need to raise false alarms to incite the people. It will be in the best interest of the country.

  2. Hiding under the alias AB to spew nonsense is bloody cowardice.

    Counselor Korkoya and EJS know that the purpose of the new ID system was more about disenfranchising uneducated undocumented citizens born in Rural Liberia than weeding out non – citizens who might want to vote.

    So at this stage of the preparatory process, the problem is two fold. First, how many citizens were denied identification cards by the new ID Card system (EJS created specifically for the 2017 elections in which she is not a candidate) for inability to provide proof of citizenship? Second, how many registered voters aren’t on the Voter rolls?

    Needless to say, all stakeholders should seek answers to both questions, especially the first one about those being denied the vote by deliberate trickery. It is getting that figure, and confronting Counselor Korkoya with the data which should take precedence. As for getting registered voters on the voter rolls, that’s the easier part; there won’t be elections without that.

    Most importantly, unless stakeholders get the total number of Liberians not issued ID cards based on various excuses; or carry those without (by buses if need be) to go and get theirs in order to know how many so deprived, there wouldn’t be any evidence to challenge Korkoya with.

    Perhaps, he and EJS are hoping that Liberians whose votes they plan to suppress would just accept, and shut up. The success of the whole voters suppression strategy is dependent on the presumed ignorance and gullibility of the Liberian people. She has run the country by exploitation, manipulation, and intimidation, hence, to expect virtuous leadership from her at a time she wants to select a successor to save herself is silly.

  3. The mere fact that you are impersonating as a Liberian is a cause for alarm. But I blame oppositions as the COALITION FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, ALP, and such pressure and interest groups and movements, not publicly protesting such danger to democracy!

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