No More Sirens, Tinted Windows For Private, Commercial Vehicles

LNP Warns1.jpg

The Liberia National Police (LNP), has warned all drivers, including private and commercial, plying the streets and highways to desist from using sirens, tinted windshields and other emergency devices.
Chief of Public Safety, J. Nelson Freeman said the LNP has observed that since the emergence of the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, many unauthorized vehicles are seen plying streets and highways without flashers, which is a violation of the traffic laws of Liberia.
“All vehicles with mounted security devices are advised to remove said devices to circumvent the violation of sections 6.21 and 6.82 of the vehicle law of Liberia. Any unauthorized operators plying the streets and highways with the above mentioned security features will be arrested, vehicle impounded, issued tickets and will be made to remove said devices,” Officer Freeman said.
He said the LNP will recognize police marked vehicles, Fire Service trucks and other emergency vehicles or official vehicles approved by the Ministry of Justice as provided by the law.
He explained that the LNP has also observed with great dismay that some commuters are in constant habit of hiring services of motorcyclists to ply the no go zone areas and breaching the 10 p.m. regulation.
“The LNP will not want anyone to violate the restriction placed on the movement of motorcyclists in plying the principal streets of Monrovia and the 10 p.m. [curfew], which has successfully reduced the crime rate in Monrovia and its environs,” he said.
Officer Freeman urged the public to desist from such distasteful conduct, as it could potentally undermine the Liberia National Police’s efforts in satisfying the safety needs of the public.
He maintained that, “Any passenger arrested on a motorcycle in a ‘no go zone’ or in violation of the 10 p. m. regulation will be charged in contravention of section 12.1 ‘Physical Obstruction of Justice’ and 12.4 ‘Hindering law enforcement’ and subsequently will be forwarded to court.



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