‘No More Free Talk’

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Information Minister Eugene Nagbe: "No one is stopping them from using the law to call for the audit of the President."

— Information Minister Nagbe threatens action against anyone, including government officials, who “talk nonsense”; promises similar action against media that publish said “nonsense”

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe has threatened that the Government of Liberia will arrest anyone who makes a “reckless” public statements to politicize the current coronavirus situation in the country.

In a furious statement at the opening of the Government of Liberia’s first major joint press conference on the coronavirus pandemic, Minister Nagbe, who was not definite to name anyone involved with making a “Reckless” statement, said that there will be “no more free talk” and dared anyone to do so.

“No more free talk—and I dare that individual to come back on the radio and television to give misinformation. If you are crazy, carry your nonsense elsewhere. Politics time will come, but not now. Wait for the October election,” he added.

Min. Nagbe’s tirade came two days after Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, made a public suggestion that President George Weah should be tested for reportedly coming in contact with the suspended Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Nathaniel Blama, who health officials say was tested positive for COVID-19 two days after his return from Europe.

According to Rep. Kolubah, the President should be tested because he was one of the several government officials that came in contact with Blama during a meeting held at the President’s private Jamaica Resort.

“When he [Nathaniel Blama] came, he needed to brief the President. They had a meeting at the Jamaica Resort. So, the President needs to be tested and if he is positive, he needs to be quarantined,” Rep. Kolubah insisted. “We are talking about the Liberian people’s lives and not government officials anymore. So, there should be no pick and choose.”

According to Min. Nagbe, the fight against coronavirus is a shared responsibility that requires all hands on deck and “not a situation where someone will play politics with.”

“If he says such a thing, we will grab him, put him in jail and prosecute him under the law. It is dangerous to make a statement just because you can talk in a silly manner; and, people listen to you means you should continue talking nonsense?  We will grab you, and punish you in keeping with the law,” Min. Nagbe added.

If Minister Nagbe’s threatening statement is in reference to Representative Kolubah’s earlier statement calling on the President to be tested, critics would contend that similar statement was made by Representative Acarous Gray and some members of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) years back when they accused former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of importing Ebola to make money to the detriment of the Liberian people.  During that time of their comments on radio and television, there were no arrests or threats against any of them for such a remark.

“Today, the government has decided to go after anyone who deliberately misinforms the public, no matter whatever branch of government you are in,” he said, adding, “Nobody is above the law. So speaking foolishly is not free anymore. There will be a consequence of a foolish statement.”

To the media, the Information Minister said: “anyone who grants his or her platform to a crazy person to talk nonsense during this critical time, the person will be equally charged like that crazy person.”

“So for small-minded people who preach politics in the midst of calamity, come and talk nonsense. And to you, the media, don’t encourage crazy people to talk on your radio, let them carry their craziness different place,” Min. Nagbe further said.

Meanwhile, Minister Nagbe has disclosed that the government will not hesitate to arrest and dismiss any official of government who is caught breaching the government’s health protocols, whether at the airport or any other workplace.

The government spokesman further disclosed that the government has reinforced a “previous presidential mandate that restricts the airport VIP Lounge treatment only to the President, Vice President, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Senate Pro Tempore, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“There will be no access to and from the VIP Lounge by any other official of government besides those named. The security apparatus has been asked to enforce that. We will leave no stone unturned and we are not complacent, but resilient,” said Minister Nagbe.

The Information Minister’s statement threatening the arrest and dismissal of government officials for breach of health protocols comes after President George Weah suspended EPA Director Nathaniel Blama for allegedly breaching health protocols at the RIA upon his return from Switzerland.


  1. Request for reimbursement due to an erroneous SOC deduction in the amount of $ for the listed month and pay to the above listed. Without any SOC. Thank you.

  2. No act or acts considered by law to be criminal , even that of free speech, such act(s) cannot be transferred from the accused to that of the general public by holding them responsible or hostage for acts they never committed. This cowardly Kru Minister of blah blah blah knows who the accused is, go and make the arrest if you are really a Kru man. Whatever criminal act(s) committed that warrant arrest by the individual, he alone is responsible for what he said, did or done. So go ahead and make your example of the out of that person and not the general public. Or better, use that authority to do good for your people ravings in poverty in the Kru nation. This Kru Minister is a political eye servant . Wow ! One man threatened to arrest government officials for what they say politically negative or positive about the Coronavirus ? One Kru man with all that authority ? What kind of people are these ? Always looking and ready for a fight. Perhaps by their nature, one never be wrong about them. Wow !

    • Mr. Just to listen to yourself if what you said make sense, for the matter of fact he spoke in the interest of the nation. from your statement, I conclude you’re a complete foolish person!

      • James Davis,

        Let’s flip the script since you have made the statement by Min. Nagbe about Kru people. What is your tribe ? Who are your kinsmen ?

        It is cowardly utterances like yours that help fuel the tribal conflict in Liberia not so distant past. What is the association of Min. Nagbe’s statement to his tribe ?

        All the other self seeking stupid opposition clowns yarning for state power and wishing to score irrelevant political points for their puppet masters in the midst of a pandemic, we are not going to dignify your stupid comments.
        This is plain and simple, Do the opposite of what the government is saying at this time and bear the consequences.

        • Mr. Nelson you did asked perhaps two important questions , or three. But James Davis will only answered one . That is , whatever the Minister of blah blah blah said, what has that to do with his tribe as a Kru man ? Of course there are readers of the Observer’s comment section that are ready to read what James Davis has to say on that issue. But first, like the so-called general who wanted to form a Kru defense force to protect George, the Minister of blah blah blah blah is not far behind in that opinion. Although to the Minister’s credit , not a defense force. But to use his office in order to establish a political force of intimidation to defend a Kru President from the Kru nation. But it is the same with effective results. And here’s why. The Minister of blah blah blah has served the regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for perhaps( meaning not sure ) 12 long years in that very post or was a high ranking official of the Unity Party before becoming Minister of blah blah blah. Now here’s the point. As Minister of blah blah blah under the regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and during the Ebola outbreak that killed almost 3000 to 4000 Liberians, and a state of emergency was declared , and curfew established that led to the shooting death of a Liberian child , and the Senatorial election was suspended, the Minister of blah blah blah never with these political events taking place, never at no time did he threatened any government officials and citizens alike with arrest, if they expressed negative opinions about the Ebola outbreak. Like he is doing now. Even if officials or citizens expressed a suggestion about President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that was not politically favorable to be tested for the Ebola virus because her movements to infected areas, never did the Minister of blah blah blah spoke of or mentioned of any threats of an arrest to any government officials or citizens privately or publicly. But the Minister of blah blah blah wasted no time to threaten officials and citizens alike with arrest that will suggest an opinion that is not favorable to the regime of George. Almost like the so-called general that promised to form a Kru defense force for the protection of George Weah and the Kru nation . The public statements put out by the Minister of blah blah blah is the same as the so-called general to defend George Weah only because he is the first Kru President to be elected from the Kru nation and must be defended at all times. Why not the same threat made about arresting officials under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime that saw 3000 to 4000 Liberians died from such deathly virus like the Ebola ? Others critics openly called the former President all kinds of names and made all sorts of political statements that threatened the stability of the former regime, and as Minister of blah blah blah, no threats of arrest were made. For the Minister, that was then, and this is now, and the foolishness and craziness talks about George should stop, or else. The lawmaker who has a blah blah blah mouth and a well known critic of George is being used as an example to threaten or deal with any citizen or officials who will expressed the same opinions like the lawmaker,
          or suggest other opinions about the handling of the Coronavirus and the used its resources. According to the Minister of blah blah blah, the regime of George is fighting the Coronavirus and that no more free talks. But as Minister of the past regime that saw 3000 to 4000 Liberians died from the Ebola outbreak, there was no threat of arrest made , or that of the so-called threat of ” No More Free Talks” . So what’s the difference now ? Because members of the same tribe flocked together as birds do ? For you Mr Doe Nelson, your name says a lot about your political mindset . And your comments to James Davis is not related to the Coronavirus, but in defense of the Minister and the Kru nation he is from. That country Liberia can not continue down this road every time a new regime comes to power. Such political behavior will be unmasked and condemned by James Davis without fear. Like they say over there, James Davis does not eat crab with shame. Tribalism will be exposed, no matters who practiced it. The Minister should stop and act professionally in the performance of his duty, and serve the nation. Now you know Mr. Doe Nelson. But thanks for reading the post and asking several questions. But the truth must be told and accepted without hard feelings.

          • James Davis,

            I will give you A for effort and pivoting. I will encourage you and other readers on here to seek info from other news outlets before commenting on a sensational story and jumping to conclusion that might have the propensity to create irreparable damage.

            The Minister news conference is on youtube. Please watch it and see whether or not you draw those same conclusions about the Minister, the kru tribe and me. If you do, I respectfully agree to disagree with you.

            The Minister started his press conference with ” The President have mandated All government officials to follow the health protocols OR will be DISMISSED” where in there did he single handedly threatened his colleagues in the Cabinet with arrest ?

            Its about time Liberians get all facts on deck before making discriminatory judgments against a person. What are the benefits of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ?

            The popular opinion might not always be right and following the masses with caution is better because when the M in the word masses becomes silent, One might just be following the Asses…… Just my Saturday quote.

            Good day.

  3. Meaning that the money given to the regime for the Coronavirus can not be questioned by anyone, even if it can be proven that the money was used by the regime on personal expenses. Your better don’t talk, or else.

    • James Davis, Niamon Wuanti, Zig Johnson, etc., take this constitutional clause into account ”Article 15 a) Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being fully responsible for the abuse thereof.”

      • Mr. True Nationalist, being responsible , who is to determine that ? The Minister of blah blah blah ? James Davis ? You Mr. Nationalist ? Dr. George Weah ? Or the Court or legal system ? Threatening any government officials, including lawmakers that have the authority and responsibility of oversight of the entire government ? You Mr. NATIONALIST will threatened their authority with arrest and jail time ? Better return to elementary school and graduate before taking up on constitutional issues. The Minister of blah blah blah responsibility is to explain and expand on government information and not threatened peaceful citizens that have not committed or found guilty of violating any offenses. The regime has many constitutional authority within its political administrative powers that they can use without threatening society. The regime can declare a state of emergency if it believes that the virus will be hard to control with its limited resources. But not to threaten anyone, especially lawmakers voted by the citizens to protect their civil liberties concerning an overreaching state power.

        • James Davis, ”being responsible” is determined by the law. Neither government reminding, emboldening, nor cautioning, is ”threatening society.” Besides executing or enforcing the law, and ensuring law and public order,Its the constitutional obligation of the government and particularly the Ministry of Information or the Executive Branch in toto to caution, embolden, and or remind, the citizenry or the population of their obligations and responsibilities.

        • Mr. Davis, is the Law maker in person above the law? He will responsible for any statement made on air, so please don’t measure the issues KRU PEOPLE okay, Mr. Nagbe is doing his work…

    • At this time our country Liberia is faced with a potential outbreak of this virus and human lives are on the line, You are talking about money that have not been sent or used. We know where you and others heart is. Not about Liberia or Liberians but mostly political propaganda.

      This is why the Liberian people vote the way they do, they are tired of selfish individuals. The I, Me and Myself mentality. They can only help if the Liberian people award them the Presidency or their political party state power.
      The Liberian people are not interested in empty political talk right now but rather their health and how they are going to get through this pandemic we all are faced with.

  4. Somehow I stand with Min.Nagbe on this as many are using this situation for political means.no more free talk

  5. Eugene must be ashamed of himself in the first place. This goon of a rebel npfl who masterminded the death of sam Bockarie of the defunct RUF in Saclepea, Nimba county still has the guts to be talking crap around her, God truly god patience for this HIV/ aids patient.

    This boy is noted for instigating tension between and among his peers . he did this to the late Joe mulbah of the NPRAG press club in gbarnga during the hay days of the npfl rebel war , did to other journalist of the national pool run by Moonie Captain , the so-called and even his now same bed fellows that he resigned from few years ago. he’s nothing but a mid day hustler and a wicked kid. This failed criminal thinks he has monopoly over talking nonsense to others and don’t know his secrets deals are over the place.

    Even during his days at the LNP as Special Assistant to the Late Joe Tate, he brought confusion amongst his colleagues , hes a dead beat joker of a hustler. His days are number and soon find himself out of the corrupt gangsters regime.

  6. This good for nothing bootlicker calling himself minister is nothing by a traitor. He said nasty things about the very man he serves today and singing praises only to keep his ugly lifestyle going at the disadvantage of innocent lives. hes serious carrier of that big thing and please don’t ask me what, cuz he knows well what am talking about. Eugene has been like that for a heck of a long time surviving at the disadvantage of others .

    Eugene sought friendship with the sirleafe just to survive and the sirleafe are out, he found his way back to his once host he survived on some years back. hes nothing but a criminal. Today, he don’t even remember he once survived on the Blahs, former interim president where he supported his trio sexual habit with his likes preying on our adolescent girls. Eugene is a friend in need and indeed, hope George and his band of criminals are watching him with eagle eyes.

  7. We have to work closely together in order to defeat Corvid-19! Most of our relatives who live in the backcountry have to be told how to protect themselves against the deadly Corvid-19. I am counting on the government to act swiftly in this regard. Also, the fight to defeat Corvid-19 should be done without the involvement of politics. Lastly, Eugene Nagbe has to be careful according to how he “shuts the door” on free talk! I do not want to see a situation where the critics of the Weah government will say that their freedom of expression is being arrogantly curtailed.

  8. We know that’s what you guys are good at; mercilessly clampdown on innocent people with your heinous, vicious, devilish and mischievous faces. Your inhumanity can be seen everywhere in the country; from the destruction of the economy that was being reconstructed at a snail pace to the contamination of our innocent and impoverished people by your disgruntled and uncouth government officials.

    Dear God, what have we done so much to merit this plague called CDC? We pray that you deliver us from their immorality and waggishness.

    The logical conclusion reached by Rep. KOLUBAH should have been taken seriously to submit the president to test.
    Donald Trump came into contact with the Brazilian president who was later found to be tested positive. All media outlets and even some government officials suggested that Trump be tested. The American president or his cabinet did not put on a luciferous face to clampdown on these news outlets and people who voiced their concerns openly.

    The Canadian Prime Minister’s wife was tested positive. Everyone suggested the Prime Minister be subjected to test. He did not exhibit the lunacy Mr. Nagbe and thugs are spewing out.

    Keep threatening poor people, continue to exhibit your cruelty on the Liberian people and continue to downplay the threat your pompous and uncouth government officials pose to the general public.
    Do you guys think you are seated on iron chairs with bucklers beyond critiques and proposals? This is nothing political. It is a public concern for your immaturity and naivety in preserving public safety.

    Minister Nagbe, next time, ensure to present an undemonized face to our scary and hopeless populace. We are not assured by your capacity to secure us. Come for us and send us to jail, as you have all powers over our lives. But make no mistakes, your powers do not abound over God’s.

    A hint to the wise is quite sufficient!

  9. These useless Kru slum dwellers think Liberia is their personal property to tell people what to say and what not to say in their own country? Ask the Krahns and the Gios, they will tell you about how resilient Liberians are.

  10. The government should rather be giving the people the right information and what people should or should not do to keep safe. Using this time of national crisis as alibi to get at political opponents is ludicrous.

  11. Eugene is a rebel. He should shut up!

    Eugene and his gang of boys are the last vestige of what Roberta Sirleaf represents at MICAT. What a shame that the same mouth that supported Taylor, and Ellen is now defending Weah!!!! He is a hustler on Weah.

  12. The constitution and the laws represent the integral, organic composition of the nation state. This is irrespective of any threat, whether it is natural, man-made, foreign, or domestic. Therefore, the constitution and the laws should ALWAYS be respected at all times.

    If George Weah along with his incompetent bunch of cronies want to run a bonafide Dictatorship, they should go ahead and suspend the constitution and the by-laws as a first-step on their way to self-destruction.

    PRC v2.0 & SKD v2.0

  13. In my view, the issue of ethnicity should not be brought in this discussion. For instance, some people are very critical of Nagbe because of his Kru background. Also, if anyone dislikes Nagbe because he’s got a Kru background, Kru people in general should be left out of the equation. In other words, Kru people should not be condemned because one single Kru person has drifted off the road of reality.

    Eugene Nagbe was born in Maryland county. His dad was an educated derivative of the Kru tribe who lived in Maryland county. Nagbe’s dad graduated with a BS degree from Our Lady of Fatima College in Maryland county. Nagbe’s mother is not Kru, but rather an up interior Grebo. By the way, the Kru and Grebo people are one big family!

    How does anyone slice the ice on this one? Will you say Nagbe is half Kru and half Grebo? Or do you say Nagbe is a Marylander? Let’s get out of ethnicity! If a Gio woman makes an error in judgement, an error should be seen as an unfortunate fact of life. So therefore, it will be illogical for Gio people to be condemned just because one Gio person has made an error in judgement!

    Lots of people in Liberia live in slum areas (ghettos). It’s not only the Kru people. I disagree with Nagbe’s call for a freeze on “free talk” on logical grounds. By doing so, Nagbe has exposed Weah to condemnation. Nagbe must go!

  14. @Hney

    We have called the Kpelleh people, stupid people for generations because of the actions of a few Kpelleh people.

    We have called the Gio and Manor people, wicked people for the last 30 years because of the actions of a few of their kinsmen (i.e. Prince Yormie Johnson).

    We now have a Kru president (George Manneh “Oppong” Weah) who behaves like a fool and some of his kinsmen around him are exhibiting similar traits. WHY Should They Be Excepted?

    If you behave like a Billy Goat, You will be labeled as a Billy Goat.
    If it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck, It Must Be A Duck…!

    • Warningshot, if George Weah were a fool, as you are very stupidly spewing here, George Manneh Weah woul have never had the intellect to summon the courage and the discipline to ascend to where he is today, nor would he had have as his personal friends in in those capitals or organizations which are known as the POWER BASES of the world.

      If George Weah were a fool, he would not be the master class policy maker and implementer he is in terms of domestic politics and international business and government relations.

      If George Weah were a fool, he would not have demonstrated been the creative problem solver of international relations puzzles, domestic politics puzzles.

      If Pres Weah were a fool, the deluge of trade and investments pouring into Liberia today, with his policy of the construction of postmodern roads throughout the country would have not been a reality! George Weah is

      • Warningshot, if George Weah were a fool, as you are very stupidly spewing here, George Manneh Weah woul have never had the intellect to summon the courage and the discipline to ascend to where he is today, nor would he had have as his personal friends in in those capitals or organizations which are known as the POWER BASES of the world.
        If George Weah were a fool, he would not be the master class policy maker and implementer he is in terms of domestic politics and international business and government relations.
        If George Weah were a fool, he would not have demonstrated been the creative problem solver of international relations puzzles, domestic politics puzzles.
        If Pres Weah were a fool, the deluge of trade and investments pouring into Liberia today, with his policy of the construction of postmodern roads throughout the country would have not been a reality! George Weah is modern day King Solomon.

  15. Hney etc.etc., ALL these silly rants about ”Kru nation’ or ”Kru ths and Kru that” IS LIKE ALL THOSE STUPID COP ETC. PROTESTS, WHICH HAVE ALL TURNED OUT TO BE THE SCRATCH OF A BABY GIRL ON THE BACK OF A TORTOISE.

    In other words, one wonders why you all considered it legal and legitimate when FOR PERSONAL REASONS, President William V.S.Tubman threatened the death penalty on ”anyone who was caught with any written material on socialism or communism, or anyone caught making favorable utterances about communism or socialism.”

    Or when FOR SELFISH REASONS, President Charles McArthur Taylor warned that ”anyone caught even in a taxi saying anything about Osama Bin Laden, he or she will be arrested and jailed including even the taxi driver or the driver of whichever vehicle.”

    During this debacle of A PANDEMIC which has closed down the globe, AND WITH THE LOSERS OF THE 2017 ELECTIONS, AND A HOOLIGAN AS YEKEH kOLUBAH ABUSE OF RIGHTS CONTAINED IN ARTICLE 15 OF THE LIBERIAN CONSTITUTION, Minister Nagbe, ABSOLUTELY FOR THE NATIONAL INTEREST, is simply reminding the public of the first clause of Afticle 15 a of the Liberian Constitution which stipulates that ”Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being fully responsible for the abuse thereof.”

    Indeed, you all should bear in mind that besides executing or enforcing the law, and ensuring law and public order,its the constitutional obligation of the government and particularly the Ministry of Information or the Executive Branch in toto to caution, embolden, and or remind, the citizenry or the population of their obligations and responsibilities during such debacle as this a PANDEMIC!

    At least, Minister Nagbe’s reminder tallies with the spirit and letter of the national interest, and .first clause of Afticle 15 a of the Liberian Constitution which stipulates that ”Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being fully responsible for the abuse thereof.”

  16. James Davies

    Granted that international free speech guarantees and the 2019 Kamara Abdullah Kamara (KAK) Act of Press Freedom unequivocally forbade Hon. Eugene Nagbe from doing anything about his so-called “nonsense talk”, why did you call him a “Kru minister”? If you have a Kru phobia, or doesn’t like Kru people, that’s your prerogative. Go ahead with whatever pleases you as long as hate speech or inciting violence against them not in the mix.

    I’m particularly dismayed at the persistent public militant rhetoric of Hon. Kolubah, and concerned about his macho-grandstanding. However, I know that heresy not backed by actions to act out threatening remarks doesn’t mean conspiracy. After all, not because others disagree with government means they want to overthrow it. Maybe, to keep some of the “nonsense talk” at a minimum, our leaders should look long and hard before plunging headfirst into shallow rivers.

    For instance, one is at a loss regarding rationale in making a potentially-controversial nomination to NEC pending a major 2020 Senate election and much talked-about 2023 general election. US Presidents have depended on advisors for decision-making, but as Truman observed “The buck stops here”. It is important to anticipate reactions to Presidential decisions: With hardships and corona virus causing anxieties, our powerless have had enough of uncertainty: We can do better, folks.

    • Mr. Sylvester Moses,

      Taking in to account THE CONTEXT, the dictates of public policy, and mass communication, and indeed one being responsible for the abuse of rights such as freedom of speech, and the mandate of the Ministry of Information, HATS are lifted and bowed to the demonstrated mass communication, and public policy excellence on the part of the Minister of Information Hon. Eugene Lene Nagbe vis a vis his swift and much needed response to such lawless and abusive utterances on the part of the likes of hooligan mentalities.

      Afticle 15 a of the Liberian Constitution which stipulates that ”Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being fully responsible for the abuse thereof” IS NOT SIMPLY NOR NECESSARILY about
      ”heresy not backed by actions or conspiracy”. Nor is that provision in anyway about ”others disagreeing with government, not to talk about ”to overthrow government” as you have implied and indeed expressed here.

      That hooligan, murderer, and war criminal Yekeh Kolubah’s utterances were an absolute abuse of those rights on freedom of expression, belief, or opinion, provided in Article 15 of the Liberian Constitution. And Minister Nagbe’s was absolutely necessary and excellent. Even International law such as the ECHR at section 2 of Article 10 stipulates on freedom of speech that..

      Article 10 – Freedom of expression
      1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.
      2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES, may be SUBJECT to such FORMALITIES, CONDITIONS, RESTRICTIONS or PENALTIES as are prescribed by law and are NECESSARY in a democratic society, in the INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY, territorial INTEGRITY or public SAFETY, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the REPUTATION or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

      1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and join trade unions for the protection of his interests.
      2. No restrictions may be placed on the exercise of this right other than those which are PRESCRIBED BY LAW and which are NECESSARY in a democratic society IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY or public SAFETY, public ORDER (ordre public), the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. This article shall not prevent the imposition of lawful restrictions on members of the armed forces and of the police in their exercise of this right.

      So, Mr. Moses, in as much as you are entitled to your expression, conscience, opinion, and belief, we must tell you and others that,

      (1) contrary to your opinion that ”Maybe, to keep some of the “nonsense talk” at a minimum, our leaders should look long and hard before plunging headfirst into shallow rivers”, or

      (2) your equating Yekeh Koluba’s lawless and hooligan mentality to that of ”macho-grandstanding” or ”disagreement with government” or even anything near ”conspiracy” or overthrow of government”, taking into consideration the CONTEXT, LAW, AND PUBLIC POLICY, AND THE DUTIES OF A RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT it would have been


  17. Mulbah,
    The Kru and Grebo people are one big family. That’s the truth! If you do an ancestral DNA check between the two tribes, you will be convinced.

    Talking about ancestral DNA, one of my sons did one recently. This is hard to believe. On my dad’s side of the family, I am related to Ramses Three, an ancient Egyptian pharoah. In other words, my forebears came from East Africa.

    There’s a friend of mine that I told about my roots. When I told him about my Ramses 3 roots, I thought he would raise doubt. But instead, he said to me, “man, you look like Ramses Three”. I almost punched him In his mouth. don’t think you want such a guy to be your friend, would you?

    So why did I get into the DNA busines? Mulbah, you said earlier that “you think the Kru people are hiding behind the the Grebo people” What for? The Kru and Grebo people are one big family. But if you want to be convinced, try the DNA route.

    • Hi Hney,
      Growing up as a kid, I was told that the first Lorma person on the phase of this earth was born by a Kissi woman. That is how, I am told, that the Kissis are uncles and aunts to the Lorma people. Notwithstanding this consanguinity, the Kissis will always tell you that they are Kissis and the Lormas will tell you that they are Lormas.. They don’t need to hid behind each other for anything. There is nothing wrong with ancestral relationships; we are all beneficiary of this cultural dynamic. Now on the issue of the Krus hiding behind the Grebos and vice versa, this has become particularly overt in the reign of his “Excellency Dr Dr Dr Weah as president. The one and simple reason for this is jobs or political appointments. Although this should not be the norm as people should not be given jobs or receive political favors based on ancestral connectivity but rather competence, i will be the first to admit to you, Hney, that this is something common in Liberia because the country is consumed by tribalism. I am sure that I would probably run to someone for a job if the person giving out jobs was close to my tribe. That’s just what it is. However, let people stop giving false narratives. Whether you are kru or Grebo, take the jobs and perform to the best of your ability. Maybe for now, you’re the most qualified in Liberia.

  18. Comrade Mulbah,
    Without a shred of doubt, you’re right….. tribalism does exist in Liberia. If you consider Americo-Liberians and the Congau people to be a tribal group, you will understand that they were guilty as hell with the concept of tribalism. Example, in Tubman’s government, no native person was employed to the position of a Minister within a 15-year period. In the 1950s, a Nimbaian (Boayou) held a top-level position. Also at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, a guy named Dukuly was brought on board by Tubman, but his tenure was brief! Maybe in Tubman’s mind, a native person was ineligible to serve in a Ministerial capacity. Call it whatever you want, in my view, such a practice was tribalism at best and racism at worst. In Western societies, tribalism exists, but only alone party lines. For instance, Trump is the president of the United States. But, instead of hiring on the basis of competence, Trump did his hiring within the Republican party, only one African American cabinet Secretary. In any case, I do not covertly or overtly sanction tribalism.

    Yes. Seeking a job in Liberia is rough. A qualified Liberian job seeker is skeptically seen as a confused bat out of hell. Voodoo will not help. You have to have connections. The sad thing is this…..to have connections, you must be rooted. Without roots, you have to bribe.

    I don’t know whether the Kru people are hiding behind the Grebos. You’re saying it, not me. My only contention is this…..since Weah is a derivative of the Kru tribe, (my cousins), I would have thought that the Grebos would be hiding behind the Kru people in order to land a lucrative job. What do you think?

    Whatever the case, I am proud of all Liberians. I do not subscribe to tribalism. If I were a polygamist, I would marry 16 women, one female from each county and one Americo-Liberian female. At least doing so would have exonerated me from prejudice and tribalism. Mulbah, the number 16 cannot be compared with King Solomon. King Solomon’s cucubines were in the hundreds.

    On a serious note, I don’t think Weah is practicing tribalism. I could be wrong. When I did a fact check, no more than three top-level Kru persons were counted. If that’s true, it can hardly be considered an act of tribalism.

  19. I wish that the government will talk about how to help schools and businesses which have been closed due to this deadly virus. I wish that all government officials in all branches of government will grow up and start talking about packages for those who will go through these difficult times without an income.

  20. E.K.A,
    I don’t want to sound harsh or too defensive. However, as tough as things are in Liberia, I think it will be impossible for governmental assistance to be expected from the government.

    I do agree with you. Governmental assistance will be helpful. But, I don’t want to count on it, neither do I think anyone should be under the illusion. The government is broke. Liberia is not like the US. It will be strenuous if not suicidal for the government to issue checks to the unemployed. But on a positive note, the Liberian medical team seems to be actively engaged. I am really surprised, but more importantly, I am proud of Dr. Fallah and her staff. At least no one has gone to Ghana to get Ghanaian doctors so far. It’s all being done in Liberia by the Liberians.

    Sometimes when a person or a team of people are praised, things tend to go south. I will be cautious. But the guidelines that have been put out there are very impressive. That will help tremendously. I hope and pray that the backcountry people will be fully informed about this deadly virus. It will certainly save lives.


  21. Hey, you are probaby correct about the assistance, and 100% correct about everything else that you wrote.
    The GOL needs to put effort in in order to help schools, at least.


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