“No Luck in Success and Happiness”


The head of the National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE), Mr. Eddie Jarwolo, has admonished his fellow citizens to be serious and work hard for the good they pursue without thinking that there is anything called good luck in the success and happiness they may be pursuing.

Serving as the keynote speaker at the  21st closing and graduation ceremonies for 6th and 9th graders of the Emmanuel Temple Assembly of God Mission School in Doe Community, Mr. Jarwolo advised that it is good for anyone to surround him/herself with the right types of people if he or she desires to become productive and successful. “Bad associations ruin good habits. Therefore if you want to be successful in your career, you should hang out with like-minded people,” he said, noting further that even though certain people may be admired they may not be the right class of friends to move with in life.

He called on the graduates to adopt their own mentors,  learn  everything about them and form  better relationships with them.  One’s place of birth or parents or school has nothing to do with his or her desire to become a positive and fruitful citizen, said Jarwolo.  It is about the choices you make in life and understanding why you were born.

The NAYMOTE head admonished the audience to accept the conditions in which they find themselves at a given time, but with the resolve that they can make efforts to change situations for the good. “If you are not completely happy with your life and the choices you’ve made, it is not too late to turn things around. All it takes is a change in the way you think about things and the determination to make better choices for yourself,” he suggested.

Established in 2001, NAYMOTE is a grassroots organization that promotes democracy, peace, human rights, and civic engagement in Liberia. Its mission is to strengthen and promote community engagement – especially among the youth – in support of democratic influence and sustainable development.



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